A Viking at My Door! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story, and the first of four prequel stories focusing on the adventures of Donald, Scrooge and Della prior to the triplets' birth.


Scrooge, Della, and Donald-the latter encased below the neck in a block of ice-are aboard a McDuck Enterprises yacht transporting a magical sheep to Iceland. A flashback shows the trio in the desert of Doom Valley, investigating the mysterious appearances of Icelandic sheep in various refrigerators in Duckburg. As a wheeled Viking ship was also spotted, Scrooge suspects that it may be tied to the legend of the Viking crew of Hilarius Goosesson. After passing through a set of sand falls, they discover a village full of Viking geese, who quickly set upon the intruders. Della proves more than a match for the warriors, even when Hilarius' descendant Hilda Goosedottir joins the fray.

Della soon convinces Hilda to explain herself, and she reveals that the Vikings' existence in the inhospitable desert has only been possible due to magic cold-producing sheep. As the sheep have nearly run out of magic, the Vikings placed them in refrigerators attempting to recharge them, but Scrooge realizes ordinary refrigeration isn't enough. He soon has a number of industrial freezers-previously used at his Money Bin to preserve bonds and cash from the 1800s-flown in. The Vikings and Ducks enact a ritual to recharge the sheep, but when they find themselves one short of the 100 necessary Scrooge throws Donald in instead. The Vikings, now once again able to survive in the desert, gift Scrooge one of the sheep and Della a helmet, while all Donald ends up with is his icy prison.




  • Doom Valley
  • Iceland

Trade paperback IDW reprint

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