The Beagle Boys are a group of criminals frequently hired by Flintheart Glomgold or Magica De Spell to steal Scrooge McDuck's fortune or Number One Dime. Sometimes, they break out of jail of their own accord and attempt to steal Scrooge's fortune alone. They are also brothers.


Beagle Concept Art

Concept art of the main Beagles

The Beagle Boys were given names and different personalities. The usual character combination is Big Time, Burger and either Bouncer or Baggy (sometimes both of them). Babyface, Bugle and Bankjob appear throghout the first season, either replacing one of the others in the main group or appearing as their own seperate trio.

Their leader is usually Bigtime or Bankjob, although when their mother, Ma Beagle, appears she allways take charge, and is often the only Beagle to escape successfully.

In addition to the main branch of the family, there are several Beagle Boys who only appear in one episode, and even more who only make a non-speaking appearance, or are just mentioned in the dialogue.

The Beagles

Main Beagles

Guest Beagles

Cameo Beagles

Image Name Notes
BombshellBeagle Bombshell Beagle Bombshell (number 677-767) only appears as a non-speaking cameo on the TV show "Duckburg's Most Wanted" in "Beaglemania", which also mentions Brainstorm Beagle and Bankroll Beagle.
Boomboom & Banzai Beagle Boomboom & Banzai Beagle These named Beagle Boys are among the mass attack on the Money Bin in part one of the four-episode serial "Catch as Cash Can".
Buckaroo, Beanball & Blitzkrieg Beagle Buckaroo, Beanball & Blitzkrieg Beagle
Bifocal Beagle Bifocal Beagle
Bumpkin Beagle Bumpkin Beagle
Butterball Beagle Butterball Beagle
Bullseye Beagle Bullseye Beagle


  • Despite his name and methods, Bully Beagle does not share the Beagle Boys mask or other common treats, neither does he appear along side any other Beagles, and are thus not regarded as a Beagle Boy.
  • During the time of DuckTales and the popular Disney Afternoon block, the Beagles occasionally appeared as meet-and-greet characters, as well as taking part in some special promotional material involving other park characters. However, as of 2011, the Beagles are not seen in the parks.
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