Beagle family photo

The main Beagle members.

The Beagle Boys are a group of criminals frequently hired by Flintheart Glomgold or even Magica De Spell to steal Scrooge McDuck's fortune or Number One Dime. Sometimes, they break out of jail of their own accord and attempt to steal Scrooge's fortune alone.

The Beagle Boys were given names and different personalities. The usual character combination is Bigtime, Burger and either Bouncer or Baggy (sometimes both of them). Babyface, Bebop and Bankjob would sometimes take the place of one of the other members in earlier episodes before becoming a trio of their own. Other known names are Bomber, Blitzkrieg, Bombshell, Bankroll, and Brainstorm. Their leader is usually Bigtime, Bankjob, or their mother, Ma Beagle. In other words, the letter B is the first initial of all Beagle Boys' handles except Megabyte, the brains of the bunch. An interesting note regarding Ma Beagle is: whenever she is involved, she is often the only Beagle to escape successfully.

Ma Beagle has a previous generation of sons that appear in Once Upon a Dime. Their names are Butch (Chuck McCann) and Wild Bill (William Callaway), and the third one is unnamed (Michael Rye). These are the first Beagle Boys Scrooge McDuck meets on his adventures.

In the episode The Status Seekers, there are three Blueblood Beagle Boys named Bonaparte, Bicep, and Bearnaise, staying at the posh Club Fed Penitentiary. Interestingly, the three have striking resemblances to Bigtime, Bouncer, and Burger. They assist Charles Upstart III in seeking out the Mask of Kufululu.

The Beagle Boys also have three female cousins, the Beagle Babes, and several young nephews called the Beagle Brats. 

Disney Parks

During the time of DuckTales and the popular Disney Afternoon block, the Beagles occasionally appeared as meet-and-greet characters, as well as taking part in some special promotional material involving other park characters. However, as of 2011, the Beagles are not seen in the parks.


Main Beagle Boys

Image Name Placard Number Characteristics
Goldsun bigtime02 Bigtime Beagle 167-671 Bigtime is the usual leader of the group, and is distinguished by being rather short for someone with the word "Big" in his name. He often has to correct his companions whenever they get something wrong and mishear his directions. Voiced by Frank Welker.
BurgerBeagle Burger Beagle 761-176 As his name suggests, Burger has a large appetite, although it is for more than just hamburgers. He has a habit of rambling about food no matter if any of the others are actually talking about it. He also isn't very bright. Incidentally, his comic counterpart (who had the second placard number) is known for a special appreciation for prunes and his curious culinary tastes (i.e. catsup on ice cream or peanut butter pizza with gravy). Voiced by Chuck McCann.
BouncerBeagle Bouncer Beagle 716-167 Distinguishable for his teeth, one of which is missing, Bouncer is the strongest Beagle after Bankjob. Voiced by Chuck McCann.
BaggyBeagle Baggy Beagle 617-716 Baggy is distinguishable for his silly grin as well as his loose-fitting clothing. He's probably the least intelligent of the Beagle Boys as well. Voiced by Frank Welker.
BankjobBeagle Bankjob Beagle 671-167 Bankjob usually leads the group in episodes where Bigtime isn't present. He is the largest of the seven main Beagles (by comparison, he is about the same size as Launchpad), and the strongest, complete with a Jay Leno-esque chin. Voiced by Peter Cullen.
BabyfaceBeagle Babyface Beagle 176-167 As his name suggests, Babyface is the youngest of the primary Beagles, as evidenced by the fact that his own clothing matches those of a baby, including a propellor beanie in place of the usual hat. Like Bigtime, he's also rather short. He is also the only Beagle who hasn't a beard. In spite of this, his voice, provided by Terry McGovern (who also voices Launchpad), sounds more manly than that of Burger. Strangely, one particular comic story in Disney Adventures prominently featured Babyface, wherein he infiltrated Webby's class. But he looked different from how he did on the show, and he also had a conscience, as he ended up rebelling against his brothers during a field trip to Scrooge's Money Bin. (He still ended up being arrested along with his brothers, though.)
BugleBeagle Bugle Beagle 671-761 Bebop, or Bugle, depending on the episode, is the poetic member of the Beagle Boys (despite the fact that the comic Beagle with this character trait corresponds by placard to Babyface), and even dresses in a jazz-styled outfit. Voiced by Brian Cummings.

Other Beagle Boys consisted of:

Image Name Placard Number Characteristics
MegabyteB FullMetalDuck1 Megabyte Beagle 716 The mechanical genius of the clan, and the only one whose name doesn't begin with the letter "B". He appeared in the five-part serial Super DuckTales, in which he made a remote control with which to take control of GizmoDuck. He has a habit of confusing his companions with his technobabble, forcing them to make him "say it in Beagle talk!" Surprisingly, he didn't seem to have a comeuppance. Ma Beagle comments that she paid for him to go to college with stolen money. His voice was done by Frank Welker.
BomberB TopDuck1 Bomber Beagle 117-671 Looks a lot like Bankjob because of his large size and similar jawline. He is a skilled pilot, and seems to be more intelligent than most of the other brothers. His voice was provided by Robert Ridgely.
BackwoodsB DuckyMountainHigh2 Backwoods Beagle The only Beagle who wears a full moustache. He has a strong Canadian accent and is the twin brother of Binky Beagle and Bacon Beagle. The fact that he actually believes this is true could make him the dumbest of all Beagle Boys. Backwoods wears a Davy Crocket-like trapper's outfit as opposed to the normal jailhouse outfit of the Beagle Boys. He is also the only person who is able to understand Bacon Beagle. He was voiced by Danny Mann.
BinkyB DuckyMountainHigh1 Binky Beagle Probably the only Beagle Boy who is never seen speaking. He is roughly the same size as Baggy Beagle, wears a lumberjack outfit and has a full beard. He lives with Backwoods and Bacon Beagle in the Ducky Mountains.
BaconB DuckyMountainHigh Bacon Beagle 167 Bacon is, in fact, a pet pig, hence his name. When Glomgold asked how he could be a Beagle Boy, Backwoods explains that Bacon had a bad case of the swine flu as a child. Bacon cannot speak, but his oinks and grunts are, instead, translated by Backwoods Beagle.
BombshellBeagle Bombshell Beagle 677-767 Bombshell only appears as a non-speaking cameo in Beaglemania. He appears to be one of Ma's older children, and his clothes suggest he's involved in warfare or the military.