Black Arts Beagle (stage name Nik Nokturne) is an anthropomorphic dog from the DuckTales reboot and a member of the Beagle Boys.


Black Arts is a solo Beagle Boy who works as a stage magician under the alias Nik Nokturne. Unlike his brothers, he has gray fur. He makes the classic villain mistake of blabbing all of his plans in monologue.


McMystery at McDuck McManor!

Black Arts Beagle took magic lessons in an attempt to impress Ma Beagle. This came in handy during Scrooge McDuck's most recent birthday party, when he disguised himself as the illusionist Nik Nokturne, and claimed to be helping Ma Beagle in her efforts to steal the deed to Duckburg. In reality, he sought to eliminate all of her enemies and then Ma herself by summoning a demonic spirit. Unfortunately for Black Arts, the ghost he summoned was Duckworth, who was more interested in freeing Scrooge from the box in which Black Arts had trapped him. Black Arts was chased out of the manor soon afterwards by a disguised Duckworth.


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  • Black Arts is the first Beagle Boy in the new animated series to appear outside of a themed trio of Beagle Boys. Other apparently solo Beagle Boys have appeared in the comics, including Broadway Beagle and Backfield Beagle.
  • The script for "McMystery at McDuck McManor!" refers to Black Arts as "like Criss Angel, but somehow worse."
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