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Miss Wackadoodle Miss Wackadoodle 9 December 2021

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Woo-oo! #7 on the Leaderboard! Also, as of today, I've got more edits than posts (though that may be short-lived.)

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 23 November 2021


  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Cast
    • 3.1 Authorized
    • 3.2 Unauthorized

A dangerous enemy finally locates Adriana and the gang.

Adriana, Luz and Anne hangout together and having a great time playing around. They have so much fun, until a secret has revealed. Amity and Edalyn worried about the danger will unexpectedly happen and Adriana couldn't keep her bad secret anymore so she decided to tell her friends for her move.

Adriana leads everyone into the living room to finally explain what is happening, when Poe suddenly arrives in front of her house. It attacks that terrorizing Adriana in the process and the girls run upstairs into the exercise room, only to find that it had been converted into a shrine of sorts for Adriana. She notices that Poe is targeting Adriana, …

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Miss Wackadoodle Miss Wackadoodle 2 November 2021


I just found out that the AboutYou template for my profile doesn't have the feature to change the background colour. Sure would be nice to have the background colour of my AboutYou box to be #c90225.. Update:- November/22/2021 Found a way to change the source code, and now BGColor is now a part of the AboutYou2 template, along with Borderline colour, and fontColor, et.

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Disneysaurus Disneysaurus 26 October 2021

Quack Pack is a BAD episode

Blossom: Don Cheadle?

Buttercup: But that’s impossible!

Bubbles: He just spit out his voice box!

 Sally: That sounds faintly familiar. I remember how Mr. Turner screaming like nothing but a girl in more than one episode of Fairly Odd Parents. That was the worst TV show of my life.

I wish Quack Pack should be banned once it for all.

Mrs. Puff: I can't believe you Banned Quack Pack episode!

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Miss Wackadoodle Miss Wackadoodle 23 October 2021


This whole time I thought that the DisneyTVA stood for Disney Time Variance Authority, so I searched Google, wondering why a twitter account for Disney XD shows would have a Marvel reference.

Now I know that it's Television Animation.

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Wb18368 Wb18368 11 October 2021

William McBuehler

William McBuehler is a kid created by my. It is me in Duck Tales. He loves basketball and Wants to impress Gosalyn Waddlemayer

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Miss Wackadoodle Miss Wackadoodle 8 October 2021

Patricia Patrykovski

This is the first OC I've created. She's a good person.

is an experimental clone of Black heron, ( created before Webby,) who created her to see if cloning was possible, but then abandoned her when she was still a baby, saying it was a waste of her talents (so, Patty doesn't know who is her 'mom'. Yet.). She then grows up in an Orphanage in Duckburg, which she hated, and she's trying to find out where she came from. I thought she could be a female counterpart of Louie's persona. I made a doodle of her (I'm not that well-versed in the art of cartoon drawing, so I don't know if it's good or bad.), based on what I think looks like her in the infobox.

I'll explain it in a future fanfiction I write.

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Miss Wackadoodle Miss Wackadoodle 3 October 2021


It's kind of sad that Louie doesn't have a person like himself, other than Goldie.. Both his brothers have people almost like them (Dewey has more, though).. Poor Louie.

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Wb18368 Wb18368 30 September 2021

Gosalyn Waddlemayer

She is the coolest female duck on Duck Tales and the coolest kid too

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 17 September 2021

The Perfect Family Board

Adriana Pendleton built her greatest family board that she had arranged and branded all the main characters from DuckTales 2017, Amphibia and The Owl House that they know her and created together as a supported team. They are all belong in the Heavenly Circle and that is an authorized arrangement. This is really helpful to defeat the Dark Lord that endangers and targeting Adriana.

According to Adriana's notice, all the characters are likely to appear in the intro of the second trilogy part of the Heavenly Circle.

  • 1 Cast and Characters
    • 1.1 Original
    • 1.2 DuckTales (2017)
    • 1.3 Amphibia
    • 1.4 The Owl House
  • 2 Total

  • Taylor Louderman as Adriana Pendleton
  • Noah Baird as Dawlyn Duck
  • Paget Brewster as Dumbella Vanderquack
  • Mandy Moore as Madeline Winter
  • Laura Bailey as Clara Heave…

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 11 August 2021

Adriana Pendleton's Secret Past

In Adriana's secret past, she and Poe firstly met each other without reason and they are being together as they become enemies all the time, until she suddenly discovered that he was a villain all along. He was a threat and he attempted to eradicate her. He have his members, Black Heron, Steelbeak, Falcon Graves, Taurus Bulba, Gabby McStabberson, Hack and Slash Smashnikov.

Adriana Pendleton and Poe De Spell were great enemies as they are capable of battling against each other. For a long time, she is definitely Poe's true captive and currently in his mainframe, was in guard of him. She hated being under control of Poe's actions and putting her into any trouble.

In "The Hero Legacy", Poe and the Dark Lord were all defeated and her secret past…

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 24 July 2021

Cruciatus Curse

"Very well, the Cruciatus Curse might ought to loosen your tongue!"
—Catherine threatening Adriana Pendleton with the curse

In this point, Adriana was very scared that she was forced to confront her high nyctophobia and claustrophobia before she was about to be tortured.

Catherine Beagle, slaps Adriana's face, in a last-ditch effort to draw information from Adriana Pendleton, almost used the curse on her, certain in the belief that she would not be called upon to answer for it due to the only witnesses to the act being Adriana, and that she would be able to avoid punishment for the curse due to the political climate either way. However, she was dissuaded from using the curse by Gandra Dee, who gave Catherine a false story in order to save Adr…

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 13 July 2021


Occlumency is the act of magically closing one's mind against Legilimency. It can prevent a Legilimens from accessing one's thoughts and feelings, or influencing them. Anyone who practises this art is known as an Occlumens.

"I told you to empty yourself of emotion! ... Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily — weak people, in other words — they stand no chance against his powers! He will penetrate your mind with absurd ease, Adriana!"
—Zeus to Adriana Pendleton on the difficulty of learning Occlumency

The most basic form of Occlumency, judging from Zeus's early lessons on the subject to Adriana Pendleton, involves clearing…

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Spacevpopcorn129 Spacevpopcorn129 23 June 2021

Lady Duck News

Hello, you can refer to me at lady duck. I run the Weekly News platform on the Ducktales fandom page. Weekly News is when I ask questions to the Ducktales community about this amazing show. Also no, I do not work here or help on making the show but I try my best to make make people smile. If you have a friend please recommend this Ducktales 2017. I hope you have a good day and stay tuned for Weekly News.

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 4 June 2021

Administration Patronage Notice


Please read carefully... are you ready to gain patronage?

We have a lot of big courage to protect our greatest lives from tragic danger.

The DuckTales 2017 Reboot will no longer crossover or mashup with the outdated depiction collection permanently which means it will be separated completely away from the content and media including first-invented franchises are made since below 2017 and become untouchable forever. Joining or combining each other would be potentially harmful and would truly bring a threat to our kingdom, so that has to end right now, once and for all. It was released in 2017 and already deserved a high-critical rating and doing excellent that it appreciated the audience for more great times to enjoy the highe…

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MarcusBeaksPew MarcusBeaksPew 26 May 2021


Uh idk what is this.okay Beaks Out!

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BlackLicorice1234 BlackLicorice1234 21 May 2021

Morgwing vs. Drakepad

So, in both versions, fans get in fights over Drakepad or Morgwing. Here’s the pros and cons to each.

  • 1 Morgwing
    • 1.1 Pro:
    • 1.2 Con:
  • 2 Drakepad
    • 2.1 Pro:
    • 2.2 Con:
  • 3 Solution

-They’re hilarious

-They’re pretty much canon in the old one

-they don’t have a very healthy relationship

-Morgana doesn’t seem like she’s great with Gosalyn

-She really only wants him for Darkwing, not Drake

-They already live together

-They already co-parent Gosalyn

-Disney had enough trouble with Ty and Indy

-Morgana would pretty much have no purpose if Drake already had L.P



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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 15 May 2021

Legendary Trio

The Legendary Trio is a very popular name in the whole Disney universe, given to three best friends of Adriana Pendleton, Luz Noceda and Anne Boonchuy of the main group. They are all American girls and their great relationship and an unbreakable friendship are both very strong.

They are all very confident and fearless at adventuring and magic, especially challenging some hard work or a quest that they have to complete.

  • Taylor Louderman as Adriana Pendleton - The only brilliant-clever heroine girl in the world! An incredible, legendary, courageous, famous warrior in the world, the extraordinary, mighty, big top pro Disney fan of all time and a leader of the trio.
  • Sarah Nicole-Robles as Luz Noceda - Adriana's best friend. She is an experienced-p…

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 15 May 2021

Born and Bred in a Briar Patch!

"Born and Bred in a Briar Patch!" is a song from the 1946 Disney movie soundtrack from the movie, "Song of the South". Brer Rabbit sung this song after he tricked Brer Fox from throwing him into the Briar Patch before he was about to kill him.

Brer Bear swung his club, trying to know Brer Rabbit's head clean off, but Brer Fox shouts and runs to the edge of the cliff while he's holding Brer Rabbit. Then he threw him into the Briar Patch, just where he wanted to be. Brer Rabbit hollered and hollered as Brer Fox could heard it... until he landed on the ground quietly, holding the flower. Brer Fox and Brer Bear holding their hats to pray, until... Brer Rabbit shows up at the top of the Briar Patch and told them that he was born right there! What …

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BlackLicorice1234 BlackLicorice1234 6 May 2021

Gyro and Della theory

So, if you read through the discussion “who is the triplets father” you probably know that I have the theory that it’s Gyro Gearloose. Here is the theory.


• We don’t know who the triplets dad is

• We don’t know what happened in gyro’s life before his first episode

• Huey is smart and scientific and has a little of gyros crazyness, and his occasional evilness . He wears red. (No idea where the red came from)

• Dewey is loud,adventurous, and is possibly a pilot like his mom. He wears blue like his mom.

• Louie can see the angles like his mom, and is a little power crazy like gyro. Also, they both wear the same shade of green, although that is probably coincidence.there hair is also sort of similar.

• the Antagonism could be from breakup…

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Xixix2x2x3x3x4x4 Xixix2x2x3x3x4x4 1 May 2021

(REMADE) Season 3 Explanation

The Last Adventure! has 3 parts instead of 2 because Season 3 is the final season or the creators forgot to put credits(Final Version, not normal) on part 2. I hope I get this right

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Akirbymain33333334 Akirbymain33333334 5 April 2021


We can make a custom cusor like the Disney Wiki.

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Lightning Maniac Lightning Maniac 15 March 2021

My opinion on "Last Adventure!"

I think it was a really good finally Steelbeak got away which can let to a Darkwing Duck Reboot and they might have countunied the story arc with the other villains and as Bradford becaming a vulture on Magicas shoulder Bradford could be like the original Poe from 1987 it was a good finally I wonder wich show Im gonna wacth next.

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 12 March 2021

Five Things I Would Have Liked to see in the 2017 Continuity, Part 5: All the Rest

And now to the remaining sources, including the classic DuckTales series.

1. Merlock the Magician

Most of the memorable classic DuckTales antagonists, to my mind, have been reimagined in the reboot series, or have had their roles filled by new characters. Why add new versions of Ka-hoo-fu, Sarkus, and the Priestess of Garbabble when we've got Toth-Ra, Sabaf, and the other Living Mummies? However, there is one DuckTales villain who has yet to appear in the 2017 continuity, though he has been referenced at least once. His absence is all the more glaring in the face of the the fact that he is one of only two characters introduced in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp not to be reintroduced. Given that Faris Djinn is a drastically reimagined…
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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 10 March 2021

Five Things I Would Have Liked to See in the 2017 Continuity, Part 4: Darkwing Duck

Next up, we cover elements from Darkwing Duck.

1. The Muddlefoots

For fans of the classic Darkwing series, it's impossible to forget the Muddlefoots, next door neighbors to Drake and Gosalyn Mallard and Launchpad McQuack following the events of "Darkly Dawns the Duck". The family of rotund duck Herb and his thin-as-a-rake goose wife Binkie provided a full spectrum of experience for their crime-fighting neighbors. Herb and Binkie were themselves primarily a well-meaning but oblivious annoyance, never quite processing how much Drake seemed to despise them and their obsession with the Pelican's Island television show with every fiber of his being. For animation fans in the know, Drake's disdain for Herb was all the more humorous, given that they wer…
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Hiromichi Hiromichi 9 March 2021

Guest voices I would have loved to hear in DT2017

Steven Jay Blum: He would have made a good villain in this series.

50 Cent: He could be a rival ganglord to the Beagle Boys.

Richard McGonagle: He was in Uncharted, so he would have made a good competitor for Scrooge.

Nina Franoszek: She would make an interesting villainess for Della.

Tom Fisher: He would have been a slight ally for Scrooge.

Wallace Shawn: He could be a pig crime boss.

Anne Heche: She could have been a college roommate for Della.

Ray Chase: He could have been a leader of the teenage wolf counterparts to the triplets.

Arnold Vosloo: He could have an interesting villain for Della and Donald.

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 8 March 2021

Five Things I Would Have Liked to See in the 2017 Continuity, Part 3: TaleSpin

In light of the recent premiere of The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!, it's only natural to consider characters from TaleSpin who failed to make an appearance in DuckTales. The series has featured new versions of Don Karnage and his Air Pirates, Kit Cloudkicker, and Molly Cunningham, but that's about it.

1. Baloo

Baloo got a namedrop/cameo in Lost Cargo, which is more than can be said for many characters from TaleSpin. He is also noted-at least by Kit-as being the founder of the 2017 version of Higher for Hire, whereas the original version was an unwilling employee of that company. While Kit seems to have become a second edition of his Papa Bear, one has to wonder what's become of 2017 Baloo, and why he's apparently not involved with the business…
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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 5 March 2021

Five Things I Would Have Liked to See in the 2017 Continuity, Part 2: Duck Comics

Well, after starting things off with Mickey and friends last time, my next entry dives into something particularly significant to DuckTales 2017: the Disney Duck comics.

1. "Mr. Duck"

In a DuckTales series that has been so much about family, and particularly about the animated debut of Huey, Dewey, and Louie's mother Della Duck, one character is conspicuously absent. That's not entirely surprising, given that in over eighty years of Disney comics he's never made an actual character appearance, at least so far as we know. We've heard speculation from fans and creators alike, seen a handful of headshots (obscured or otherwise) but never truly met this most obscure of individuals. I am referring of course to Huey, Dewey, and Louie's biological f…
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Webbigail Vanderquack Webbigail Vanderquack 5 March 2021


I have recently found out that DuckTales may be ending and I don't think that I am strong enough to take all of it,so if you are going to message me please make sure that it isn't upsetting or offensive because it won't help me at the moment but make me even more sad.

Thank you

BTW this is my first blog so sorry if this isn't what it is meant for.

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 3 March 2021

Five Things I Would Have Liked to See in the 2017 Continuity, Part 1: Mickey and Friends

With The Last Adventure! coming up in just under two weeks, we prepare to say goodbye to the series we've all been enjoying for the past four years. It's been a wild and bumpy ride, but I think it's safe to say that we've had some good times along the way. Now as we approach the end, there is a bittersweetness that comes not only from seeing something we love conclude, but also perhaps from certain hopes going unfulfilled. In a series that brought together so many characters and concepts from Disney's past, along with new ideas that enriched its lore, there sadly are a few that didn't get the chance to join in.

While I'm holding out hope for a spinoff or two that may give us more, I think it's safe to say that certain beloved elements from …

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Ginnyharry4ever Ginnyharry4ever 9 February 2021

A Ducktales Fanfiction-II

Second installment of A Ducktales Fanfiction.

  • 1 Author’s Notes
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Chapters
    • 3.1 Chapter One

  • Della and Gyro have a specific dynamic to their relationship in the fanfic.
    • Gyro and the boys have a specific dynamic to their relationship in the fanfic.
  • Webby is two years younger than Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
    • Lena is three years older than Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
    • Violet is a year younger than Lena, and Gosalyn is a year older than Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • Dewey is more emotionally attached (sometimes literally) to Della than he is in the show.
    • He’s also more emotionally attached (sometimes literally) to Scrooge than he is in the show.
  • Upon Webby’s request, Scrooge honored his promise to Lena, and moved her into the manor.
    • Scrooge has officially adopted L…

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Liza. Apenova Liza. Apenova 16 January 2021

Duck tales 2017.

Привет всем , и сегодня я расскажу вам грустную новость . Короче , официально Утиные истории 2017. года. Типо проект переносят на Disney +. И это. ужасно 😞 и плачевно . Наш любимый 😍 мультик закроют. навсегда. А в 2021 году. будет классный финал , ждём.🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭🤯🤯😡😡😡🥵🥵😰😰😰😰😳😳😳😒😒😒🥰🥰🤩🤩🤨🤨🤨🥲🥲🥲

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Icequeen NinjaWarrior Icequeen NinjaWarrior 4 December 2020

The Big Bye-Bye

As we know now, Ducktales (2017) is ending at the third season.'s on its own terms and not canceled without warning. Which means that like Gravity Falls and Adventure Time, it's going to go out with a bang. How do you think Ducktales is going to do its final battle?

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Dorkwing Dorkwing 3 December 2020

Revenge of the Nerds!!

So. Ducktales, possibly the greatest reboot in the HISTORY OF ALL ANIMATION, has been struck dead in it's tracks by the mouse. No season 4, No more beautiful character growth, no more world building, NO MORE DARKWING DUCK!!!! But, i'm handling it like a completly rational person.

I've decided to Overthrow Disney. Anyone here intrested in joining my army? I'm going to sharpen my Keyblade, don my dipper hat, cue up a Background of Ready as I'll ever Be, and.... well, i don't really have a plan after "Spreading fear and Chaos in the minds of all disney executives", but i'm sure i'll think of something. you know, maybe cosplay would be better for the rebellion, i'm not sure. let me know if you're intrested!

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LeCosmicCherry LeCosmicCherry 29 November 2020

Webby's Parents

Does anyone know about Edna Beakly? Well like any Ducktales fan I searched up Webby's parents and this is what I got!

Apparently Webby's mom's name is Edna Beakly, which means Webby's dad's last name is Vanderquack!And then I went on Frank Angones and Suspenders of Disbelief-and I found this!

The person asked: "How much can you tells us abt webbys parents without spoilers?"-

And Frank says: "Like nothing."

Am I the only one thinking that Webby's parents are probably FOWL?-I mean, what about the episode-Escape from the ImpossiBin!? There was one part when Beakly actually cried at what…

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Mr. Toons Mr. Toons 20 November 2020

Disney's characters that absolutely must appear on Ducktales! (Ducks)

In this post I want to list characters from Disney comics and cartoons (mostly ducks) who deserve and must appear in this Ducktales reboot:

BONKERS: The protagonist of the homonym show, in the "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" style, Is an actor who, after being fired, becomes a policeman by accident until he becomes one; I think it can also be successful in the Ducktales reboot; the plot will be the same and will have Officer Cabrera as a partner.

GRANDMA DUCK ELVIRA COOT & GUS GOOSE: These 2 characters are very famous in the comics and it seems strange to me that they haven't appeared yet, as they are also family members

ALBERT QUACKMORE or BAPTIST: This is Scrooge McDuck's butler in the Italian comics instead of Duckworth; Perhaps in the series h…

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Invader Sklir Invader Sklir 19 November 2020

Darkwing Duck reboot

I am very excited about the upcoming Disney+ reboot of Darkwing Duck. My hopes are that it is set in another universe because that way Negaduck can be from the Negaverse and the Fearsome Four can be from the same reality as Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck the way they should be. Considering that there is no indication for either of those to be true in the 2017 continuum maybe the reboot is its own continuum. I really want it to be honestly so that there can finally be a Posiverse story. Multiverse stories are some of my favorite stories in any media. Darkwing only recently became something that I got interested in because I am into more current shows, I know that this sounds crazy but I feel as though Launchpad introduced me to the Darkwing Du…

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Mechajohn77 Mechajohn77 16 November 2020

Darkwing Duck Reboot !!

BIG NEWS! Darkwing Duck is getting a reboot for Disney+, but Seth Rogan is attached to the reboot which got a lot of fans speculated that it may or may not be attached/connected to the Ducktales 2017 series, we don't know yet the project is still very early in stages of development so things could change (Like how Disney did for the live action Rescue Rangers Movie, they change their directors). and also there is no writer for the project yet so its still possible for Frank Angones to be attached to the Darkwing Duck reboot as a writer but its still early regardless i'm am excited about this and hopefully Frank and his Ducktales 2017 crew will have some invovlement in the reboot they did amazing for this and put a lot of effort into making…

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FTVAOfficial FTVAOfficial 3 November 2020

And It's Over 9,000! (More or less)

I can't believe that I've made almost 1,000 edits in 3 days. I guess I have been working hard this week.

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Hiromichi Hiromichi 24 October 2020

Guest star Krystal

I wonder how things might be if DT2017 got maybe a four-part special guest starring the Star Fox vixen Krystal?

First it might start with Glomgold in a science lab preparing a special transportation technology with which he hopes every maniacal scheme will be foolproof and as an added pleasure, he would banish Scrooge to the planet Pluto forever.

Then Scrooge and his family receive a false invitation to a science exhibit by Glomgold. Della, Donald and the kids fight Glomgold's henchmen when... one of the henchmen spills his coffee on the transporter technology. It sends a beam not at Scrooge's family but out deep into space. Minutes later, while Scrooge and the kids try to decipher where the beam went, the transporter brings in Krystal in h…

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Oxlord Oxlord 19 October 2020

Board of Directors in Disney Wikia

Hello everyone. I have an announcement for all users. It's about the three vultures. So far the three vultures are the only characters that do not have a page within Disney Wikia. And I have little knowledge of creating pages. So who will create an article for the three vultures in Disney Wikia?

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FTVAOfficial FTVAOfficial 16 October 2020

My Opinion on Scrooge

So, my second favorite character of DuckTales is Scrooge. The main reason I like him is because of his old voice, mostly the one Alan Young provided. Scrooge is starting to drop a little low for me now, because his new voice is not like his old. It's completely different from his regular voice in other media, so I don't prefer his new voice. Nevertheless, his character and personality still pleases me.

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Sophie938 Sophie938 22 September 2020



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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 6 September 2020


Well, as I've had a number of people asking about it, here is the link to our official Discord server:

There's not much to it at present; I'm not very fluent in Discord myself. However, I figure the first step to getting things going is to get people on there. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you can reach out to StevenL92.

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 24 August 2020

Main Cast

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
    • 3.1 Protagonist Cast
    • 3.2 Main Cast
  • 4 Season 4
    • 4.1 Protagonist Cast
    • 4.2 Main Cast

  • Paget Brewster (22 episodes) as Dumbella Vanderquack
  • David Tennant (20 episodes) as Scrooge McDuck. Also voiced Hat Pirate.
  • Danny Pudi (21 episodes) as Huey Duck. Also voiced Pirate 1.
  • Ben Schwartz (22 episodes) as Dewey Duck
  • Bobby Moynihan (21 episodes) as Louie Duck. Also voiced Mummy, Bro-y Dude, Bro 3, and Pirate 2
  • Kate Micucci (19 episodes) as Webbigail Vanderquack. Also voiced Mummy.
  • Beck Bennett (16 episodes) as Launchpad McQuack. Also voiced Aquarioon Announcer and Jr. Woodchuck 2.
  • Toks Olagundoye (10 episodes) as Mrs. Beakley. Also voiced Server.
  • Tony Anselmo (10 episodes) as Donald Duck

  • Paget Brewster (24 episodes) as Dumbella Vanderquack
  • Davi…

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FTVAOfficial FTVAOfficial 22 August 2020

Why I Like DuckTales

This is my first time making a blog post. I'm nervous, but here goes...

Why do I like DuckTales? Whelp, mostly because of the characters that are in there. In addition, the plot and humor amuses me.

Which version do I prefer? I prefer the 1987 version. It has the characters classically designed, and has a sharp nostalgic feel. Another reason why is how it's more family-friendlier than the new one. The new one has a bit more frightening moments, and extremely demented moments, unlike the old version. Listening to the original characters voices leaves me in a world of peace. However, I also kind of like the new one, too. One of the very few reasons why is because how they go deep into story within characters. Also, how they managed …

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Jada Patterson Jada Patterson 19 August 2020

Who your favorite Ducktales 2017 Characters?

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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 4 August 2020

Della's Success Becomes a Betrayal

  • Della had worked together with Cavendish, Dakota and Bob until they betrayed her due to they’ve been brainwashed by Glomgold.
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MasterLink324 MasterLink324 4 August 2020

Della's Safety Reason

  • Having decided that Della would be safer if she didn't know what Dakota and Baljeet were going to do, while Stacy doesn't hesitate to use the Alien Amnesia Device.
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Ginnyharry4ever Ginnyharry4ever 2 August 2020

Random Facts

Random facts about the universe of A Ducktales Fanfiction.

In the fanfic, McDuck Manor has twenty-one bedrooms.

  • Scrooge’s bedroom
  • Huey and Louie’s bedroom (formerly used by Della and Donald in their childhood)
  • Della and Dewey’s bedroom
  • Lena and Webby’s bedroom
  • Elvira and Ludwig’s bedroom
  • Beakley’s bedroom
  • Duckworth’s bedroom
  • Donald’s bedroom
  • Guest bedroom #1
  • Guest bedroom #2
  • Guest bedroom #3
  • Guest bedroom #4
  • Guest bedroom #5
  • Guest bedroom #6
  • Guest bedroom #7
  • Guest bedroom #8
  • Guest bedroom #9
  • Guest bedroom #10
  • Guest bedroom #11
  • Guest bedroom #12
  • Guest bedroom #13

Launchpad has an apartment above the garage. Donald’s Houseboat is in the harbor.

  • In Launchpad’s apartment, there’s a foldout sofa, a television set, an armchair, a table, a bathroom, cabinets, and a sink…
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