Burger Beagle is one of the recurring Beagle Boys. After Bigtime, he is the Beagle Boy to appear in the most episodes.

His plate number is 761-176.



Burger is one of the most dimwitted Beagles of the group, and he is constantly hungry. He has a one-track mind when it comes to eating, and his desire for food often makes it easy for his opponents to manipulate and guilt trip him into being honest with the promise of food as a reward. As a result, his own siblings can be caught off guard while trying to tend to him. Burger is also prone to terrible hunger tantrums. Burger will often start going on about his favorite foods out of the blue, and will frequently mishear random words as the names for foods.

Burger is also the 'friendliest' of the group, and is slightly more laid back in comparison to many of his brothers. Burger tends to remain unfazed, even when all hope for their plans is lost.

Like all of the Beagle Boys, he cares deeply for his mother, and will do anything for her.


Burger is a very hefty, even obese, Beagle Boy with a double-chin and two buckteeth and is one of the shorter Beagle Boys, being taller than only Bigtime and Babyface. His face is covered in stubble. He has a big bite out of his prison plate, which corresponds with his ravenous appetite. Like all Beagle Boys, he wears a red shirt, blue pants, yellow gloves, and a green cap.


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  • Out of all the main Beagle Boys, Burger has the highest voice.
  • In The Robot Robbers, Burger speaks with Bouncer's voice. Both characters are voiced by Chuck McCann.
  • In Beaglemania, Burger plays the electric guitar.