The Canadian Beagle Boys are minor DuckTales 1987 characters, appearing in the episode "Ducky Mountain High"


The Canadian Beagles area trio of Beagle Boys who encounters Scrooge in the Ducky Mountains.

  • They are led by Backwoods Beagle, the only Beagle who wears a full moustache. Backwood has a strong Canadian accent and wears a Davy Crocket-like trapper's outfit.
  • Binky Beagle is notable for not speaking. He is roughly the same size as Baggy Beagle, wears a lumberjack outfit and has a full beard.
  • Bacon Beagle is a non-antropomorphic pig. When Glomgold asks how Bacon could be a Beagle Boy, Backwoods explains that Bacon had a bad case of the swine flu as a child. Bacon cannot speak, but his oinks and grunts are interpreted by Backwoods.


Season 3


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