Captain Peghook (voiced by Keith Ferguson) is the ghost of a pirate that was sealed away in the McDuck Manor Garage years ago.



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In Webby's attempt to prove that Scrooge and Donald's adventures aren't fakes, she opens a treasure chest, which releases the ghost of Captain Peghook. Dewey, now believing of the stories, grabs the Deus Excalibur, which tries to slay Captain Peghook. In the scuffle, the Gong of Pixiu is slammed, and Webby warns the nephews not to let it happen 2 more times, or it will unleash a great evil. Louie then trips over the Headless Man Horse, and awakens him.

Scrooge arrives, sees the mess, and takes immediate action. With Captain Peghook wanting Scrooge's head before he will rest, Scrooge tricks him into slicing the head off a statue of himself, and hands it to the Captain. With his "wish" complete, Captain Peghook fades away, lamenting that he should have been more specific. Webby and the triplets also discover a painting that depicts Scrooge, Donald, and Della Duck in battle against Peghook and his crew in a previous adventure.


Captain Peghook is a ruthless pirate who will stop at nothing to destroy the one who imprisoned him.


Captain Peghook is a stocky parrot skeleton with a black beard. He is missing his right foot and has a hook in its place, hence his name.



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  • Peghook shares his name with a pirate boss from the video game Disney's Magical Quest 3; however, that version of Peghook is a dog and is missing a hand and a foot.
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