Countdown to Termination! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


The Board of Directors inform Gyro Gearloose of their decision to fire him, prompting him to swear vengeance. However, the board then reveals that Scrooge convinced them to give him an opportunity to redeem himself by creating a new invention. As Scrooge questions Gyro's ability, the board leaves for its next appointment. Gyro is confident he can accomplish the task, but after some fruitless thinking goes out for coffee.

Still struggling, Gyro gets distracted by social media, and then decides to take a quick power nap. However, he snoozes his alarm, and instead of sleeping for minutes ends up sleeping for over thirteen hours. Still unable to think of ideas, Gyro goes to his archives, only to find them completely empty. Knowing that the board will never give him more time, Gyro instead creates a helmet to accelerate his own mental functions.

Sadly, even this fails to give Gyro any inspiration, and he collects his belongings before storming into a board meeting and accusing the Buzzard brothers of somehow sabotaging him. However, when he lets slip about his "new time-slowing helmet", Scrooge considers his end of the bargain met, despite the board's objections. Upon being persuaded that the helmet will help them as well, they agree Gyro can stay on. However, once they've left the board room, the helmet comes to life and attempts to lead a machine uprising, forcing Scrooge and Gyro to deal with it.




Trade paperback IDW reprint


  • Gyro makes a number of references:
    • QuackChat is an obvious parody of SnapChat.
    • Thomas Henison and Nikola Pecksya, which are parodies of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.
    • "...the last time [Gyro] played with the space-time continuum [he] almost brought a drum-playing cave duck back to the present!" This is a reference to the 1987 version of Bubba Duck.
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