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Daniel Mark "Danny" Pudi is an American actor, voice actor, and comedian who played the role of Huey Duck in the DuckTales reboot. He is also known for various other television and film roles.

While Pudi has appeared in films, his notoriety comes from television in shows such as:

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  • Pudi recalls that he initially recorded his lines alongside Ben Schwartz and Bobby Moynihan, but they were separated due to him and Schwartz goofing off too much during the recording sessions.
  • During a 2020 interview on Larry King Now, Pudi was asked about any luxuries he couldn't live without. He responded coffee and socks, but was told by King that these did not count as luxuries. When King suggested a private plane was more of a luxury, Pudi incredulously stared at King for a moment before responding, "Larry, I'm on DuckTales." This exchange resurfaced in December 2020 when it was shared on TikTok, and quickly went viral.
  • In the Season 1 finale of Pudi's Apple TV show Mythic Quest, his character Brad Bakshi asks Rachel (Ashly Burch) if she is familiar with DuckTales before launching into an extended monologue about how he wants to be like Scrooge McDuck, a meta reference to Pudi's role in the DuckTales reboot.

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