Nothing can stop Della Duck!


Della Duck is the twin sister of Donald Duck, the niece of Scrooge McDuck, the mother of Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, and Louie Duck, and the daughter of Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck.


The character was created by Carl Barks. Although she went through changes over the years with her name and relations to Donald, she officially was established as Della Duck, twin sister to Donald by Don Rosa.


Despite the fact that Della was missing in action, she is known as an adventurous high-spirited, daring, and headstrong woman, who loves going on adventures with her family. 

In many early adventures, she has been shown to be smart, kind,  and compassionate to help her family and others out of trouble, making everyone around better. Although she is good-natured, Della is also mischievous And impulsive. She is referred to as a prankster in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!", as it's shown she had a dark sense of humor.

However, it has been implied that her thrill-seeking attitude can blind her to the dangers and consequences of her actions, this apparent selfish impulsiveness is what led to her becoming lost in space, although in "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!", Scrooge reveals that Della did in fact have the ability to read a situation and perceive all the possible outcomes, and in "Last Christmas!", she was also shown to be far more family-oriented and less impulsive than previously implied. What young Donald perceived as thoughtless and reckless behaviour on Della's part was actually a well thought out plan to bond with him while simultaneously attempting to get Scrooge the best Christmas gift ever. 

In "What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!", it was shown that Della shares the traits of being as temperamental and impatient as her brother up to a point where she quotes his catchphrase: "Aw, phooey.", but in contrast to Donald, Della speaks more clearly. Also, after returning to Earth, when she first meets Launchpad and learns that he is a pilot as well, she displays a small act of hostility towards him; naively thinking Scrooge had replaced her with Launchpad after her disappearance. She also demonstrates a similar musical inclination, a sense of humor, love for adventure, and childish impulsiveness to Dewey, an enthusiasm for the Junior Woodchucks and a nerdy love of video games like Huey. And Louie's ability to read situations, perceive all possible outcomes and unintentionally cause trouble without understanding the consequences of their actions or the people they would hurt. Nonetheless, after witnessing how off-the-rails her childrens' antics could get, she works up the courage to show tough love in "Timephoon!" by grounding Louie after one of his schemes gets too crazy and nearly costs him his family.

Physical Appearance

Della Duck is a white anthropomorphic duck with shoulder-length hair and swoop bangs. She has a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. She is known to wear a brown flight jacket, tan shorts, a brown flight helmet, black goggles, and a light blue scarf.

When she appears in the present day, her hair is long and part of her jacket and shorts had been torn, leaving her right arm bare save for bandages around her forearm. She has a prosthetic left leg, after her original leg was crushed by the wreckage from the Spear of Selene's crash, and was forced to amputate it to avoid being crushed by collapsing debris.

After returning home to Earth, she got new clean clothing and cut her hair closer to its original style, though only slightly longer than shoulder-length.


  • Genius-level intellect: Additionally, Della is pretty good at building machinery, as she built her own prosthetic leg and rebuilt the Spear of Selene. And Scrooge has stated in "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!" that Della was very good at figuring out shortcuts and calculating plans in their adventures. Though it's also shown that she isn't always the sharpest as she thought she could jump back to Earth from the Moon. Also, after returning to Earth, when she first met Launchpad and learned that he was a pilot as well, she naively thought that Scrooge had replaced her with Launchpad after her disappearance while displaying slight hostility towards him before leaving to confront her uncle.
  • Swordsmanship: Della has also proven to be skilled in a fight, as she has shown to be handy with a sword and other tools.
  • Piloting: Della also has skills as a pilot, as it was shown that she flew planes and somewhat flew a rocket-like an astronaut.


Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge is Della and Donald's uncle through their mother, Hortense's side. They adventured together even in hardships, with her piloting skills acting as a big help in their adventures, Scrooge praised his niece more than his nephew, Donald, as they bonded more over their mutual love of adventure and discovery. When Della had the idea of exploring outer space, Scrooge decided to make the idea a reality and built the rocket Della had been designing - the Spear of Selene.

Scrooge originally intended for the rocket-ship to be a gift to Della in celebration of her triplets' births, but he realized too late that she discovered it earlier than expected and took the rocket for herself for a test run. Scrooge tried to navigate her through a sudden cosmic storm as she was entering orbit, but his attempts unfortunately ended in failure and his communications with Della and the rocket were cut off.

Desperate to get Della back from the depths of space, Scrooge spent an enormous chunk of his hard-earned fortune on search and rescue parties throughout space to find her. Despite his efforts, none were proven successful and eventually, his Board of Directors shut down the program over worries that his desperate attempts to find Della would lead him and his companies to bankruptcy. Della's disappearance and his unsuccessful attempts at saving her took a toll on Scrooge and his involvement in Della's disappearance into space caused Donald to leave and not contact him for nearly 10 years. Della's failed "test run" of the ship not only caused Scrooge to lose her, but it also caused him to lose his spirit of adventure itself.

After Della's return home, Scrooge is the first to welcome her home. However, Scrooge doesn't approve of Della's stubborn, thrill-seeking attitude since it can still blind her to the dangers and consequences of her actions as shown during her first adventure with one of her sons, Dewey.

Donald Duck

Donald is Della's twin brother, years prior to the main series, they had been very close and were always together on adventures with their Uncle Scrooge, with Donald being a transportation method for boats and Della for planes. In "Last Christmas!", in their pre-teens, Donald decided he would rather spend Christmas alone in his room playing his guitar, leaving Della upset, but eventually, he apologized to her and they spent Christmas together for the rest of the night, showing just how much they love, care, and treasure each other. It is also revealed that Donald was the one who gifted Della a blue scarf for her on Christmas, something which Della still wears to this day.

Later on, Della began designing plans of a rocket-ship for exploring outer space after realizing they had explored everywhere there was to on Earth, However, this put a spark in Donald and protested that the idea was too risky, especially with her eggs about to hatch. Despite this, Della disregarded Donald's warnings and flew a rocket-ship Scrooge made for her (originally planning to be a surprise) for a test run in orbit, but unfortunately crashed on the Moon. This event left a hold on Donald and Della's close relationship for nearly 10 years, but Della still holds onto a photo of her and Donald with their Uncle Scrooge and her newborn eggs. Later, in "The Golden Spear!", Donald is the first of the family to realize that Della is still alive when he spots the Spear of Selene landing on Earth for the first time in ages. He falls steps short of reuniting with her when his bad luck reactivates the Spear of Selene and he flies away in her place. It's somewhat Della's fault for Donald going into space.

Nevertheless, after reuniting in "Moonvasion!," even though they were mad at each other for their current situation, they quickly make up after realizing that they both missed each other.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are Della's children, she has yet to meet them all face-to-face in the present day, but first saw them on the TV while stranded on the Moon within the Spear of Selene wreckage. Dewey has time-travelled to the past and met her when she was about his age and he learned that she wanted to spend Christmas with Donald and catch Santa for Scrooge. Della's recklessness action has affected her kids, by feeling left behind, that it caused Dewey to act out, by seeking her out even in danger like in "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!". It even got Louie to become afraid of adventures as shown in "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!".

They eventually meet for the first time in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!", Dewey first mistook her for a cyborg and Louie once thought she was an illusion created by Magica De Spell. Initially, Della's intended names for her children were Jet, Turbo, and Rebel. Nevertheless, she learned to get used to the names her brother gave them instead. When Della first saw her children for real face-to-face, she couldn't have been more proud of this moment than she already was. Dewey, having waited for this moment his whole life for a long time, rushed to hug his mother without hesitation. Then, Huey came next after he was impressed by his mother's responses to his questions using her Junior Woodchuck knowledge. Finally, though having had doubts about her, Louie finally learned to accept that his encounter with his mother was real and tearfully embraced her as well. Then, the rest of the boys joined in for a warm family group hug.

During her first day back on Earth, Huey and Dewey began to admire her talents much more while Louie still remained somewhat skeptic about her since he wasn't quite used to having a mother despite being happy to have her back. When Della tried to make up for all the life achievements and holidays she missed in one night by baking cakes in a rather awkward fashion, Dewey got a stomachache from eating one of them, but still loved his mother no matter what and despite Huey going temporarily deaf from all the noise made by Della's horns and almost getting hurt during a fun lesson of shield-surfing, he still loved his mother as well.

Nevertheless, Louie still remained a skeptic and somewhat terrified of his experience with his mother and the results of her actions during their relationships despite being happy to have her back. However, during the battle with the Gilded Man, when Della was willing to sacrifice herself to save him from getting crushed to death by the falling android and after miraculously surviving the attack, Louie was tearfully touched by his mother's efforts to keep him safe and finally learned to give her the love, gratitude, approval, and respect she deserved in the end.

In "Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!", Della and Dewey went on their first adventure together with Scrooge in Boarway. She began to grow more proud of her son when she learned that he shared a similar love for adventure and musical inclination like herself. Eventually, Della believed Dewey could do anything despite unexpected outcomes as a result of such beliefs as the latter tried to prove himself to his mother and earn the love he wanted so desperately. However, when Dewey finally got stuck in a situation he couldn't get himself out of until his mother saved him, Dewey was sad as he tried to apologize to his mother for letting her down and not being the adventurer she hoped he would be. Nevertheless, being the kind and caring person she is, Della simply reassured her son that she will always believe he can do anything without him ever having to prove anything to her as the two hugged each other in joy and happiness.

In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!", Della and Huey bond through playing the computer game Legends of Legend Quest Dereznaroth. Della wearing a science-fiction uniform in the game wanted to get Huey to adventure with her.

In "Timephoon!", when Della finds out about Louie's Time Tub plans to get rich are causing disruptions in the space-time continuum, Della grills her youngest son for putting innocent lives in danger and grounds him though Louie pointed out how she'd done almost the same thing in taking a contraption without thinking of the consequences that had on her family.

Webby Vanderquack

Della is a mother figure to Webby, for example in "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!" admiring her skills as an adventurer thinking of Della as a professional even when she was younger than her. Though Della tells Webby that she is just as impressive and amazing in her own way. Della has even gone out of the way to treat Webby equal to her family.


Younger years

In the episode "Last Christmas", we were introduced to a young Della Duck who was trying to capture Santa Claus in the back of McDuck Manor. When one of her traps accidentally ended up capturing her brother Donald and future Dewey instead, she refused to cut them down from the rope until Donald apologized to her for staying in his room all day rather than spending Christmas with her. After Donald apologized, the two were brought back to the ground, where soon after the three of them ended up taking on a giant monster that had been
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tracking them down all night. Luckily, they were able to defeat it, and decided to bring it to the front of McDuck Manor to get Scrooge to deal with it. Although Dewey had tried to keep it a secret, Della and Donald were already aware that he was from the future, claiming they were of the Duck Family and had already experienced at least 4 weirder things on Christmas. Dewey did try to tell his mother, Della about the tragic events that were to come for her in the future, but both her and Donald kept Dewey's beak shut, worrying that what he was about to tell them may end up changing the future in a catastrophic way. They then, went back into the McDuck Manor to get Scrooge, and during that time, the future Scrooge had come back to pick up Dewey. Later that night, the twin siblings exchange gifts with Della gifting Donald an oversized Christmas sweater, something which Donald still wears every Christmas, and Donald gifting Della a brand new scarf, something which Della still wears to this day.

Adventures with Scrooge

Sunchasercrash (1)
In the past, she and her twin brother, Donald had accompanied their uncle, Scrooge McDuck on many dangerous adventures up until 10 years prior to "Woo-oo!". Among these adventures were visiting the island of Ithaquack, where she was good friends with the goddess, Selene. She also once fought the Beagle Boys at a bank and strung them up like yo-yos. At a younger age, Della also fought a rampaging robot being called the Gilded Man; She slipped inside the monster's inner structure and broke its vital parts before the robot collapsed. Its painful gasp seemingly meant someone wanted to recreate the Gilded Man to hunt down Della and her family. Having traversed the world, Della had hoped to make it possible for her sons (only eggs at the time) to be able to explore the stars. She designed a rocket-ship called the Spear of Selene but was opposed in her aspirations by her brother, Donald.
Sunchasercrash (5)

Wanting to surprise Della, Scrooge had the Spear of Selene built, intending to give it to her after the boys were hatched. However, Della discovered its existence earlier than expected and took it for what Scrooge believed was a test flight into Earth's orbit. Unfortunately, she ran into a cosmic storm, and decided to continue flying as Scrooge communicated with her through radio and screen transmission. A bolt of lightning struck the ship and Della was supposedly lost in space while losing contact with Scrooge as well, but was later revealed to have crashed on the Moon. As a result of Della's disappearance, Donald became the guardian of her three sons, and he and Scrooge were estranged for ten years.

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Della's disappearance, which will change the Duck and McDuck families forever...

Life on the Moon

A day after the crash, Della had woken up, only to realize the predicament she was in with not just her ship crashing on the Moon, but that she was running out of the air with her helmet cracked. Luckily, she was able to retrieve Gyro's Oxy-chew invention, which provided her with not just a source of food and water, but air itself. She also soon came to realize her left leg was crushed and stuck under a heavy type of machinery that fell on her during the crash. Seeing no other option, Della was forced to amputate her own leg in order to escape from being crushed by parts of the Spear of Selene slowly crumbling down above her. Afterwards, she created a robotic prosthetic leg for herself from the parts of the ship.

Two months after the crash, Della attempts to use the ship's transmitter to communicate with Earth and letting her family know that the storm caused most of the ship's systems to fail, but was able to activate a distress beacon in order to hopefully point anyone who could find her in the right direction. She also explains her current living style, but also attempts to draw out what her newborn sons would look like as she was unable to see them hatch. She leaves a message to them saying that it was only a temporary situation, and would be back before they even knew it. Her recording is then interrupted when a giant bug monster starts attacking her ship but luckily survives.

Nine months after the crash, Della begins to grow weary that no one has come to save her after the transmissions she sent out over the months. She reveals that she brought her junior woodchuck guidebook from when she was young and planned to create ideas from the book for communicating back to earth. She then attempted to create messages from the scraps of the Spear Of Selene for someone to see it on earth but ended in failure after the bug monster returned and destroyed her messages with its corrosive saliva.

One year after the crash, Della makes an attempt to wish her sons a happy first-year birthday with gooey rubble on the moon-shaped like a cake, and a flare as a candle. Soon after, Della spots one of Scrooge's ships looking on the moon for any traces of Della. Della attempts to get close to the rocket, but is blocked once again by the bug monster. Her attempts to have the ship notice her ends up in failure as her brawl with the monster gets covered in smoke, leading the pilot of the rocket-ship to naively believe it was just a meteor strike on the surface of the moon and departs, leaving Della in tears. She then decides to create a new plan to fix the Spear of Selene itself, although her first few attempts fail.

Six years after the crash, Della was successfully able to repair the Spear of Selene and attempts to finally launch it, but the launching sequence failed. Della soon realized that it was because Gyro invented the ship's engine to be powered by gold itself, which unfortunately had run dry. This leads Della to embark on a journey to find gold on the moon, believing that if there was any, she would find it.

Ten years after the crash, Della believed she had searched every spot on the moon for gold, only to turn up with nothing, angering her and blaming Scrooge for not leaving any spare gold to use in case the engine ran out.

After Della's Disappearance

After discovering a portrait of Della adventuring alongside Scrooge and Donald at McDuck Manor, Dewey set out to find what had truly become of his mother, assisted by Webby Vanderquack. In "The Great Dime Chase!" the two discovered a note from Della to Scrooge, in which she apologized for taking the Spear of Selene. This was among various other records of Della that had been collected and stored in a secret area of the archives in Scrooge's Money Bin.

In "The Spear of Selene!", Dewey and Webby cause the Sunchaser to crash-land on
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 11.25.15 AM
Ithaquack, believing the Spear to be an artifact associated with Selene. However, upon encountering Selene, they learn she had never heard of it. She did, however, allay Dewey's fears about Della's character.

In "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!", the triplets discovered a note left by Della for Donald in Castle McDuck. Eventually, Dewey admitted that he had been researching their mother to his brothers, and they resolved to solve the mystery together.

In "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!", the boys and Webby attempted to piece together shredded documents from the time of Della's disappearance, which was around the time the triplets were born. Eventually, Dewey confronted Scrooge, who admitted the circumstances behind Della's disappearance.
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Unfortunately, the shocked and angry triplets and their friends were quick to accuse Scrooge of recklessness and refused to believe Scrooge's claims that he had done everything he could to try and find Della after she disappeared.

Current State

10 years after the crash in "What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!" and prior to the events of "The Shadow War!", Della began to get frustrated after having been away from her family for so long, as well as chewing the same gum during that time and eventually leading her to break a tooth. However, she soon realized that the tooth itself was made out of pure gold, leading her to believe that the times Uncle Scrooge took her to the dentist was to make sure she always had a little bit of gold on her at all times. This brings hope into Della once more after believing she can use that tooth as fuel for her rocketship's engine, knowing that it runs on gold.

Soon after, however, the bug monster returns and began taking apart Della's ship once more. Della attempted to flee from the monster after realizing it was after her gold tooth but was knocked down and about to be killed until bolts of electricity were shot at the bug monster, causing it to flee. Della then met two aliens by the names of Penumbra and Lunaris who were of a race known as Moonlanders that inhabited the moon. They then move on to the undergrounds of the moon where the bug monster had also taken Della's ship with it.

They eventually run into the bug monster and try to fight it off, only for the monster to spit acid onto Della's ship, seemingly to the point where it can no longer function. This infuriated Della, which lead her run in and fight the bug monster hands-on, only to be interrupted by the sounds of squealing coming from inside the ship. Della then came to understand that the squealing sounds was the bug monster's baby, and was only attacking them in order to find proper metal to feed her and her baby. This lead Della to willingly give her golden tooth to the mother, knowing that a mother would do anything for the sake of her kid.

Even so, the baby was refusing the golden tooth their mother was trying to offer. Della then tried to cheer the baby up by singing a lullaby she used to sing to her boys before they hatched.

Look to the stars, my darling baby boys,
Life is strange and vast, filled with wonders and joys.
Face each new sun with eyes clear and true,
Unafraid of the unknown, because I face it all with you.

The baby then cheered up and was able to eat the golden tooth, with Della also giving the mother and her baby the metal weapons Penumbra and Lunaris used to attack them, for extra nourishment. The mother and her baby then leave them peacefully, like them and Della waves goodbye to one another before moving deeper underground. Lunaris praised Della for staving off the Moon Mites with words. However, Della seemed to resign herself to her fate fearing she would never make it home. However, Lunaris offered her home within the Moon, saying that even though she can't get back to her own home, she can create a new one where they stand.

This brings Della to the discovery of an entire civilization of the Moonlander race, as they had kept themselves hidden on the moon using a hologram in order for no one on planet earth to bother them. This brings Della to be overcome with joy after realizing that their main resource on the planet is gold, giving her further hope that she can still be able to fix her ship again and return back to earth and her family.

Della Duck

She's alive

At the end of the "The Shadow War!", it is revealed Della managed to get a TV connection to see her sons for the first time when they appeared alongside Scrooge, Webby, Mrs. Beakley, and Launchpad on the news after their success on stopping Magica and her shadow army.

In "Last Christmas!", Della is seen back on the Moon looking at an old family photo she had kept with her ever since she crashed on the moon. She wished her family a Merry Christmas from afar and hoped she would be seeing them again soon. The screen fades to black as Della is seen working on something from a station she had created for herself from the parts of The Spear of Selene.

Returning home

In "The Golden Spear!", for days, Della is bringing gold to the Spear of Selene and begins to weld it while almost falling asleep on the job. Lunaris gives her a place in Penumbra's home so Della can work on her rocket in the city. Remembering when she used to bunk with Donald back home, Della works on being friends with Penumbra who seems irked by her presence. While working, Della gains the help of other Moonlanders such as Gibbous and Zenith as she tells them of past adventures she had on Earth. While Della says the Earth and the Moon can be great together, Penumbra nearly takes a shot at her. Della also tells of the wonders of Earth that she hopes to venture on with her family back home.

After Della tests the rocket to see if it functions, it does and Penumbra jealously says for her people to try and explore Earth with her. At first, Della feels it impossible as the ship is big enough for one crew. She then encourages the people to come to Earth with her. Della later promises she can protect the Moonlanders during their stay on Earth. Still furious, Penumbra decides to solemnly activate the emergency launch and tells Della to get home to her family in Duckburg. Lunaris assures that with the owner's manual, he can build more copies of the Spear of Selene for the Moonlanders to follow. Della makes it back home to Duckburg at top speed and arrives at the outer grounds of McDuck Manor, never noticing her rocket has been launched again, only this time by Donald.

In "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!", Della finally arrives at McDuck Manor, but before entering to meet her family again; especially, her own sons, Della tries practicing first impressions.

Just as Scrooge and the children are about to embark on a new treasure hunting adventure, they come face-to-face with a highly unexpected event in their path: Della Duck standing right at the front door, failing with the first impression again in front of everyone.

Though shocked, Scrooge is amazed and overjoyed to have his long-lost niece back as he quickly embraces her in his arms after she says hello to her uncle. When Scrooge asks her about where she has been, she replies to the Moon.

Knowing he has already searched there, Scrooge points the fact to Della, who, in return, gets into an argument with her uncle about him not trying hard enough and the dangers she faced including rebuilding her rocket with her tooth. Nevertheless, the two reconcile as Della states that she missed her uncle's alliterations until Scrooge discovers her robotic prosthetic leg replacing the one she lost in the crash. Though sad and worried, Scrooge is impressed by her robot mechanic ingenuity.

Then, Della finally enters the mansion to meet her boys face-to-face for the very first time. After Scrooge introduces the boys to their very own mother, Dewey becomes the first to embrace her. Having learned that her kids have different names, she appears slightly confused and disappointed that her brother, Donald didn't use the names she had in mind for them: Jet, Turbo, and Rebel.

Later, Huey approaches Della and asks her questions, which she answers without hesitation while impressing him with her own Junior Woodchuck knowledge.

After Huey embraces his mother, Louie becomes a skeptic and somewhat scared; thinking that this event could be a trick, a curse from Magica, or a parallel universe until he finally learns to accept the truth and embrace his mother as well while bursting into tears. Then, all triplets come for a group hug, which makes Webby cry with joy.

Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! (45)

Della happily reunited with her boys at last

Later, Della enjoys a multiple line of home-cooked meals after only chewing on Oxy-Chew for so long. After finishing her meal, Della is surprised to find out that Mrs. Beakley is the new housekeeper now since Duckworth's passing despite the butler making a minor ghostly appearance.

The triplets overwhelm Della with multiple questions while Webby introduces herself to her, but Scrooge suggests they let Della rest after such a hard venture. However, Della states that she can't rest when there is so much lost time to make up for her boys.

After learning about Donald's "vacation", Della kneels before her boys and apologizes to them for all the past mistakes she had committed from getting into the rocket to missing their first steps and potty-training, letting them know that she never meant to leave them. She also asks for their forgiveness and acceptance when she tells them how she fought every day to make it back to this family for ten years and how she intends to fight to be a part of their lives every day. The boys accept Della as their mother despite Louie's skepticism.

Della vows to try the best she can be the best mom that her boys deserve to have starting tonight. So, Della begins baking cakes in a rather awkward way in order to make up for all the life achievements and holidays she missed in one night. After the boys minus Louie enjoy their cakes and their mother's puns, Della presents them with a fireworks cake loaded with fizzy rocks, which was actually claimed unsafe by the government to eat at some point. However, Dewey takes a bite but ends up with a stomachache.

After Della brings her sick but otherwise, happy son to bed, Della tries to make him feel better with a bedtime story. However, her choice of a story: The Princess and the Peacock proves to be a bit babyish, as pointed out by Louie since they are all grown-up now. Despite her sons' encouragements, Della decides to tell them a real-life grown-up adventure story starring her at their age and her battle against the android known as the Gilded Man at El Dorado, which she and her family stuffed in the garage. But the story proves to be a bit too scary for them when they find it hard to sleep afterwards.

The next morning, after a decent haircut and complete make-over, Della wakes her sons up with one of her loud celebration horns. Della reveals she hid a few horns in a secret stash inside an armour away from Scrooge since he didn't want her to have them.

Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! (79)

All freshened-up

Then, Della proceeds to teach them shield-surfing, which excites and amazes the boys. Because Dewey is still sick, Della prefers if he rests while Huey becomes the first one to learn despite not being able to hear very well from all the noise made by the horns.

After an incident gone wrong, Della feels ashamed and embarrassed despite her sons defending her against Mrs. Beakley's judgement.

Later, Della enters Donald's houseboat where she takes a glance at all of her sons' pictures, adding her own family photo with them. Della states that Donald did a good job raising the boys for her and that he really earned that vacation (with Donald having finally crash-landed on the Moon). With Della back home, she decides to take over from here until she notices Launchpad in one of the pictures. When Launchpad comes in to introduce himself, Della gets upset after he tells her that he's a pilot too; naively thinking that Scrooge had replaced her since her disappearance.

Upset, Della goes over to confront her uncle until she eavesdrops on a conversation in the dining room concerning her and her recent actions. Though glad that most of her sons defend her against all the results of her actions, she quickly becomes shocked when she learns that her son, Louie is terrified considering he's not used to having a mother despite being happy that she's back. However, Della becomes even more shocked and heartbroken when she partially hears Scrooge saying that she is not a mother up to a point where she runs away while bursting into tears and crying.

Depressed, in the garage, Della reminisces about the good times she had fighting monsters while complaining about the results of her actions, which have led to Dewey being sick, Huey injured, and Louie terrified including the obstacles she had to face to make it back home. When asking herself whom does she have to fight to be a part of this family, she accidentally reactivates the Gilded Man after kicking it in anger.

Wanting revenge on Della and her family for defeating it years ago, the Gilded Man attempts to destroy her first. After temporarily subduing the robot, Della thinks that fighting it and saving her family will prove her worth and that she is a good mom to her kids until Scrooge angrily enters the scene. Della is upset when she can't find what she's looking for to defeat the robot while Scrooge distracts it until she unwittingly causes the robot to go haywire momentarily by triggering Scrooge's car alarm. When Scrooge and Della hide, they get into a small argument until they find themselves being chased by the Gilded Man.

Making it out of the garage, Della and Scrooge run until the Gilded Man stops to seize the Sword in the Stone to use against them. After the Gilded Man somehow uses the sword, knocks out Mrs. Beakley, and Webby disarms it after trying in vain to crush Della and Scrooge, Della proceeds to try defeating the robot from the inside like she did last time, unaware that she has grown now when she finds herself stuck inside.

Then, the boys use their mother's horn against the Gilded Man just as it is about to crush Scrooge and Webby. Discovering the robot's weakness, Della tells her sons that it hates noise. After the boy's tape all three horns together, Dewey throws them at Della, who uses them to create louder noise with her robotic leg, which causes the robot to go haywire again while crumbling into pieces.

Realizing that Louie is about to be crushed by the falling robot, Della tries to get out to save him, but finds herself caught by the robot's debris on her robotic leg. Luckily, Della disables herself from her robotic leg and jumps out to save Louie just in time. Though the robot's arm partially falls on them, they miraculously survive. Touched by his mother's bravery and sacrificial attempt to keep him safe while risking her life for him, Louie finally accepts Della as his mother as he tearfully thanks and hugs her. Then, the other boys come in to hug their mother.

When Webby asks Della how she got free, Scrooge states that she coped with change and adapted to unforeseen challenges like any good parent would do while giving back her robotic leg. After reattaching her leg, Della admits to her boys that they are not used to having a mother and that she is not used to being one, but promises to figure it out as they go along in time.

After hugging her kids again, Della asks everyone what they want to do, to which they reply with joy about adventuring and treasure hunting. So, they decide to get started. Then, Della states that Donald sure is missing out on some quality family bonding time, when in fact, he finds himself captured by General Lunaris and the misguided Moonlanders on the Moon after chewing on Oxy-Chew.

In "Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!", Della is out on an adventure with her Uncle Scrooge and her son, Dewey while flying on the Cloudslayer (formerly known as the Sunchaser) on the way to Boarway. However, Scrooge points out that their trip is more of a business venture than an adventure. Della and Dewey appear excited when they learn from Scrooge that they are on their way to the Doomsday Vault until he reveals that it's actually a sterile seed depository built and formerly owned by the late Ludwig Von Drake, now owned by his children: Corvus, Anya, and Klara, in case of an apocalypse. However, due to the damage caused by melting permafrost, Scrooge intends to convince the owners to hire his company to fix it.

After Della makes a rough and wild landing without crashing the plane, the three come face-to-face with Flintheart Glomgold having arrived to seal the deal as well.

During Scrooge's presentation on how he intends to keep the seeds safe, Della and Dewey become even more excited when they learn that the vault harbors golden seeds of the Fabled Money Tree of Oramorus. When they find out that Scrooge intends to lock them up for safety, they are disappointed, but decide to get a head start to take a good look at the money tree seeds anyway before Scrooge does otherwise. Seeing as to how her son thinks like her and is running toward adventure, Della states how proud she is for her son's love for adventure and then, challenges him to a race to the Cloudslayer.

After singing and listening to Powerline's "Stand Out" song on the plane's radio from an album case while flying straight to the vault, Della proceeds to ruffle Dewey's hair and kiss him. Then, she reveals that all she ever thought about was teaching her kids how to adventure during her times on the Moon (including avoiding horrifying Moon monsters), but clearly states that Dewey is already a natural at everything. When Dewey refers to himself as a co-pilot, Della joyfully encourages him to take the stick and fly the plane instead as she refers to him as pilot material. Though Scrooge won't allow Dewey to do anything, Della tells him that he's her kid and believes he can do anything; much to Dewey's joy when he refers to his mother as the best. When Dewey has a hard time learning how to fly, Della comes over and kindly teaches him a few tricks. At first, all seems to be going well until Dewey accidentally crashes the plane into a cave. Though Dewey apologizes, Della couldn't be more proud of her son than she already is when she considers his first try perfect and hugs him. Then, Della asks him if he wants to exit the cave through the easy tunnel or the "fun" one, to which Dewey chooses the second option.

After having fun sliding through the cave's dangerous tunnel, they finally make it to the vault. Della stops Dewey from getting closer to the broken bridge and then, they jump over it. Once inside, Della accidentally triggers the vault's security system, which keeps them trapped inside. Then, Della and Dewey listen to a recording made by Ludwig Von Drake on how to pass through the doors. When the first door won't open due to the color code system being frozen solid, Della partially shows off her anger. When Dewey notices an air vent, Della decides to send Dewey inside so as to let her in from the next room; given his size. Once Dewey is in the next room, Della instructs him not to touch some panel or trigger, but it's too late. Then, the roof of the room comes down on Della as she tries to hold it back with her feet in vain and Dewey is having a hard time figuring out which wire to pick and disable despite his mother's encouragement. Luckily, Dewey manages to override the system with his sweat and is overjoyed to find his mother still alive and well. Della cheers for her son's "strategy" and "achievement" and they proceed further to the vault.

Once inside the vault, Della uses the computer to locate the drawer with the money seeds inside and the giant claw arm to retrieve them, but it malfunctions; much to her frustration and anger. Just as she is about to reluctantly give up on her first adventure with one of her sons, Della notices Dewey climbing on the claw and then, jumping straight on one of the drawers while the claw falls and breaks one of the glass containers containing growth serum. Knowing this could be dangerous, Della tries to talk Dewey out of it, but at the same time, shows slight confidence that he can do it as she allowed him to believe before. When Dewey loses his grip and slides down fast, Della is shocked until he finally gets a grip again and makes it to the right drawer. Unfortunately, after opening the drawer, Dewey accidentally drops the seeds and they begin to grow at an enormous rate once in contact with the spilled growth serum.

Later, Scrooge (shackled to Glomgold) arrives and realizes what Della and Dewey were up to. Then, Della tells Dewey to get some momentum going and swing himself out onto the nearest branch as she encourages him that he can do it. Unfortunately, Dewey can't do it and suddenly loses his grip again and falls. Luckily, Della arrives just in time to save him from falling to his death. As the Money Tree continues to grow, the ceiling begins to crumble and some heavy debris falls their way as they hold onto the claw. They land between Scrooge and Glomgold's shackles, thus, freeing Scrooge, only to get reprimanded and scolded at by him for all the trouble they've caused as a result of their actions. When Scrooge angrily asks Della if she even gave it a thought about how they were going to get out of this mess, Della, using the skills she learnt on the Moon, suggests they jump and slide down on the growing Money Tree with Glomgold following ahead.

After making it safely on the ground, Della shows them the way out; much to Scrooge's astonishment and confusion, considering she paid attention to her uncle's presentation with a map since she had been paying attention to Exit strategies after all these years she was stuck in space. Once they are all out, Della comes to Dewey, whom she notices is facing the ground and crying. When Dewey tearfully apologizes to his mother for supposedly letting her down and not being the adventurer she hoped he would be, Della kindly promises her son that she will always believe he can do anything and assures him that he never has to prove anything to her. Then, the two hug each other with joy.

When Scrooge finds himself unable to fix this mess, Glomgold gloats at him until Della pushes him aside and suggests she may have a way out of this mess. Weeks later, having learned how to weld gold on the Moon, Della uses the gold from the Money Tree to rebuild the vault with success, thus, saving her grateful uncle millions in construction costs. When Dewey shows and accidentally drops a few money seeds they harvested on the floor, he decides it's best he let his mother put them back for safety instead.

In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!", while Louie is off scheming with Goldie at Doofus' birthday party, Della and Huey are having fun playing the computer game Legends of Legend Quest Dereznaroth in the T.V. room. Della is amazed that this computer game is still around, revealing she used to play it all night long while Scrooge and Donald went to sleep after an adventure every time.

Entering the game, Della appears as a tall warrior wearing a science-fiction gizmo uniform and armed with a laser cannon on her right hand and capable of creating a sword whenever a battle occurs. However, Della later seems confused when she finds Huey as a farmer farming as he creates a force-field around them to defend his crops, which he considers his "comfort zone". Wanting to go out on an epic adventure with another one of her sons while bonding, Della encourages Huey to join her on a quest, only to be reduced to helping Huey keeping his crops safe by destroying groundhoppers trying to destroy it using her laser cannon arm and collecting gold coins, which earned him 3 XP each.

Later while watering the plants, Della sees a checkpoint outside the force-field, which would allow Huey to cash in all the XP points he earns from bashing groundhoppers, level up, and really start playing this game, but Huey declines as he fears of dying and losing all his XP. Looking at the score, Della states that Huey could be the "Duke of Destruction" despite the risk. However, when Launchpad, has also entered the game, is seen riding a dragon, Della sees this as an opportunity to step outside and start playing the game for real, but so as not to disappoint her son, Della chooses to stay with him. Nevertheless, understanding his mother's desires despite finding it too risky, Huey allows Della to leave the force-field and join Launchpad in battling the monster, which she destroys with her laser cannon arm, and then, joins him at the checkpoint to level up and proceed to the next level after collecting some souvenirs from the battle.

Della is later seen battling cyborg ogres and collecting more souvenirs from each battle while Huey waits for his crops to grow after tending it. However, Della later appears excited when she learns that Huey is more than willing to step outside of his comfort zone and head to the checkpoint due to being bored since she sees this as a perfect opportunity to actually bond with her next son at last as they go out to face danger on their quest, telling him that every journey begins with a single step. But as soon as Huey brings the force-field down on his crops, a giant flying tentacled monster with numerous eyes appears and destroys his crops; much to his horror and Della's confusion.

Seeing how much the crops meant to him, Della chooses to help her son destroy the monster with her cannon, but the monster proves to powerful to handle even for her when she finds herself within its clutches. To save his mom, Huey heads to the checkpoint where he begins to level up; much to her amazement when she notices his power level is "over 9,000". Having been powered up, Della is rescued by Huey as she watches him continuing to battle the monster, glad to see him out of his comfort zone.

However, realizing how Huey is overreacting and has gone wild with a vengeance and overboard even after having finally destroyed the monster, Della tries to pull him out of the game and calm him down as she states that he is "going in too deep".

In "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!", Della is getting ready to fly the Cloudslayer to Fort Duckburg in order to sky-write the letter "C" in order to commemorate her ancestor, Cornelius Coot for his heroism in the past against the Beagle militia within 3 hours, only to find the plane missing until Launchpad reveals that it has been broken down into pieces, thanks to Launchpad's awkwardness; much to her chagrin. Despite her frustration, annoyance, and anger, Della does everything she can to keep calm and not offend Launchpad despite his idiocy.

Later, Della and Launchpad begin to rebuild the plane but Launchpad's clumsiness and methods involving gum and a hamster wheel prove to be too futile and ludicrous even for Della to handle as she tries fixing it properly, realizing he doesn't know what he's doing at all despite the latter reassuring her that everyone has his/her own way when it comes to planes; much to her annoyance.

Having finally finished fixing the plane with a few extra details added involving a new paint job, Della, not wanting to hurt Launchpad's feelings, allow him to take her objection personally, or offend him, tries the best she can to explain to him as to why she doesn't want him near the plane or how bad a pilot he is when it comes to crashing every time he flies. When Della suggests that he should maybe take a few proper flying lessons, Launchpad naively gets the idea about volunteering to be her "co-pilot" and learning from the best despite the best way she can to dissuade him (saying "yes" without agreeing to this) without hurting his feelings further. Having no other choice, Della reluctantly decides to fly out with Launchpad as her "student".

In the sky, Della tries teaching Launchpad a few lessons but when his intellect proves futile, Della simply suggests that he stare out the window and see if they're still airborne. Later, annoyed by Launchpad's further antics and methods, Della tries the best she can to remain calm as she tries to focus on her mission until she is surprised by Launchpad who tries to calm her down when he notices how tense she is and tells her that "nothing matters" up to point where Della can't take it anymore and finally loses her temper as she tells him to sit down and not distract her any further.

After riding the sky like wild, when Della tries to see how the plane sky-writes, the plane suddenly starts to cough out the smoke exhaust, which blinds Della. But to make things worse, when Della states that they are going to crash, this encourages Launchpad to further naively initiate it. After the plane crashes into a hidden cave, which ironically and momentarily saves the kids from the Beagle Boys, Della scolds and reprimands Launchpad until she notices her kids and Webby in the cave and in trouble with the Beagles. So, Della jumps down to the rescue and ties up the Beagles with rope, which earns her heroic praise from her kids. Wondering why her kids are here and where Webby is, Della tells them to stay behind and safe while she goes after Webby.

Della finds Webby in the armory room, trying to find something as she tries to calm her down until she finds out that Webby, having grown envious of all the adventures she went on and conquered by the time she was her age and forced to confess, has been using her old journal in order to find the one treasure she herself could never find when she was Webby's age while involving the boys along so as to prove herself to be like her when the book falls out of her backpack and she questions her actions, namely, Cornelius' treasure known as "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot", which in the end, turned out to be just corn; much to her dismay and disappointment.

Noticing how disappointed Webby is as she calls herself an impostor much like Cornelius supposedly was, Della tries to cheer her up by stating how she made it farther than anyone else ever has and she only needs to be herself because she has her own unique and special ways of doing things without having to prove herself to anyone, which then leads Della to realize she should apologize to Launchpad. However, during their talk, Webby's candle accidentally ignites a wire and sets off a chain of events that leads the room to start filling up with popcorn. Webby and Della then realize Cornelius' true strategy of fending off the Beagle Boys from the legend, which was heating up corn to make it sound like he was firing from all ends like an army, and thus, outwitting the Beagle Boys and making him a hero in his own way.

Then, when Della and Webby hear noises coming from the other room and as the room begins to overflow with popcorn, they decide to flee the armory and in the process, they use a nearby scythe to cut Launchpad and the boys down, having been strung up along with the Beagles minus Big Time (having been kicked out of the gang by Ma earlier) by his spiders; leaving the Beagles behind. As the wave of popcorn begins coming their way, Della, Launchpad, and the kids board the plane while Big Time strings up the other Beagle Boys into a ball to protect them from the impact. When Della can't seem to get the plane to move, she finally allows Launchpad to use it in his own way in order to escape, who then orders his hamster (who is revealed to be super strong) to move the propellers with his hamster wheel. When Launchpad tells them to relax as they are about to crash, Della actually finds that statement ironically comforting in the end as she and the kids prepare for the inevitable. They finally crash their way out of the cave and fly off, letting the Beagle Boys escape as well with Ma allowing Big Time back into the gang.

Back at Fort Duckburg, while the boys are seen attracting tourists towards the attractions, Della and Webby are happy that they solved the mystery of Cornelius Coot's golden armoury together as they celebrate with Launchpad over a cup of raw buttermilk each. But as they begin to drink it, they finally spit it out at the last minute; given its raw taste as they watch with disgust as Launchpad surprisingly enjoy it despite spiders coming out of it.

In "Timephoon!", while preparing for the El Pato hurricane, at the mansion, Mrs. Beakley tries to get Della to implement some tough love with her children as they get up to their usual antics. However, Della, still as stubborn, somewhat immature, and childish as ever, prefers to encourage their activities, claiming she should be supportive; much to Mrs. Beakley's annoyance.

Later, when the kids minus Louie find a caveduck named Bubba at their door, Della is glad that his presence will earn Huey a place in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook on his report about caveducks despite Beakley stating that such unusual circumstances may lead to further unfortunate turns of events later on, which Della dismisses since it's just "one little caveduck". She later naively takes Beakley's metaphor about stepping on a butterfly in the past can have severe consequences in the future as something literal.

After the kids have some fun watching Bubba skateboard in the house, Mrs. Beakley sees this as a perfect opportunity to convince Della to start some serious parenting, which she executes awkwardly. Then, strange things begin to happen when Della and her family suddenly find themselves under attack by pirates. Later, more figures from the past are seen arriving either from the past or the future within the storm, dubbed by the news media as a "timephoon", circling above McDuck Manor. Through Scrooge and Mrs. Beakley's deduction and after a surprise visit from Dr. Gearloose who explains that someone stole his Time-tub machine, Della is surprised and shocked when Scrooge concludes that one of her kids is the thief, which she further dismisses despite Louie acting weird over that fact.

Then, Della and her family are visited by a ninja. As she and Beakley are fighting off the ninja, Mrs. Beakley points out to Della that one of her kids is, in fact, responsible for this mess despite being good kids with good intentions in their own way. After subduing the ninja in her old Santa trap, they are informed by Scrooge about French freedom fighters present on the roof. Later, Della finally admits that this is a big problem when she sees Bubba riding a triceratops named Tootsie in the hall, but before she can listen to Mrs. Beakley's advice, the latter disappears before her very eyes, realizing that the machine not only transports historical figures into their time but also present people into different time periods.

After Dr. Gearloose disappears, as Della watches in horror as her Uncle Scrooge and the kids taking on pirates, French freedom fighters, Tootsie, and cowboys, she notices that Louie is nowhere to be found. So, Della goes up to the kids' room to check up on him, only to find out that Louie is, in fact, the real thief having stolen and used Gyro's machine to steal treasures from different time periods as part of another one of his money-making schemes to get rich quick without any thought of the consequences it may lead to eventually; much to the shock of his mother despite the latter trying to set things right this time.

As Della and Launchpad bring the machine down to set things right, Louie tries to get his mother to calm down, but she only gets more distraught when she sees the others still fighting historical figures in the hall and the results of his actions, regrettign not having listened to Beakley in the first place. Then, one by one, everybody including the kids and Della herself begins to disappear as they are transported to different time periods as well. Before disappearing, Della tells Louie to hurry up before it's too late.

After Louie sets things right once and for all, everybody forgives him as he apologizes sincerely, but Della finally decides to put her foot down and start acting like a real parent this time. Realizing how one of Louie's schemes nearly destroyed time, space, and especially, his own family, she reprimands him about taking off in that machine without thinking about the consequences or the people he would hurt. A remark which Louie barely takes offense to as he sarcastically replies about where he got that trait from, which not only shocks everyone but also upsets and breaks Della's heart up to a point where she decides to not only forbid him from planning anymore schemes, hunting for treasure, or making Louie Inc. a reality, but also grounding him indefinitely. Nevertheless, after being sent to his room in anger, Della reveals how bad and sorry she feels for having been so hard on her own son until Mrs. Beakley reassures her that a little tough love now will make her kids better people later no matter how hard it is when she states how it worked on her just now.

Della is seen the next morning with Beakley cleaning the mess outside from the hurricane.

In "GlomTales!", after having grounded Louie, Della takes countermeasures as she reveals that she has blocked his phone signal and replaced all his videos with a lecture on ethics when Louie tries to have fun in his time in his room with his phone and Huey's tablet. Della sets off on a new adventure at Big Rock Candy Mountain with her family, which Louie notices and wants to go to as well, but Della stills forbids him to leave since he is still grounded while reminding him what his last dream nearly cost him. As she sends him back to his room, Della tells him that he can come out when he learns that no good ever comes from cockamamie schemes.

During his time at home, Della also reveals that she had Gyro program the DT-87 to babysit and stop him from scheming when Louie tries warming his way out of being grounded. When Huey talks to Louie through the robot's screen, Della tells him not to describe anything to Louie since he hasn't earned it. Then, she and Huey notice the Hobo King on a golden silver climbing throne before hanging up.

Then, when Louie wonders what is wrong with an innocent scheme, through a recording on the robot, Della explains that ethics is concerned with how his actions negatively affect those around him, stating that his plans and schemes only lead to bad things for his family and that if he wants to be a part of this family, he has to stop.

Later, Della is present with her family at Scrooge's Money Bin as Scrooge is about to win his bet against Glomgold. Still, Della chooses to head to the mansion to give a Hobo souvenir to Louie as she starts worrying about him despite Huey reassuring her that everything's fine since the DT-87 hasn't reported a single scheme in 24 hours. However, their plan is cut short when Glomgold arrives, having formed his own "family" consisting of Scrooge's other enemies: the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, Mark Beaks, and Don Karnage to take on Scrooge and his family once and for all. Della fights the Beagle Boys while the rest handle the others but then, when Della and her family find themselves surrounded by the villains, they are surprised but later, shocked when they see that Louie has supposedly joined them. They are even more shocked when they see that Scrooge "lost" his bet after Louie convinced the villains to pull out all their resources and give them to Glomgold, with Louie as his partner in order to win more money than Scrooge.

However, Della and the others appear even more surprised and quite impressed when Louie, having actually conned the villains the whole time, reveals that his partner's real name is actually Duke Baloney and since Flintheart Glomgold is a false identity, the money goes to Llewelyn Duck instead. Della and the others watch as the other villains vent their frustration on Glomgold who falls into the sea and swims away.

After the villains flee, Della confronts Louie, who apologizes for having messed up before while revealing that seeing the angles is what he's good at; much like his own mother. Proud of her own son, Della embraces Louie then tells him not to hurt the ones he loves and in return, promises to help him with his angles. Then, she insists that he turn the company back to Scrooge, but Louie, with greed on his mind, looks at the documents further.

In "The Richest Duck in the World!", while Louie is enjoying his life as the richest duck in the world momentarily while evading a monster set to destroy both him and Scrooge, Della tries to contact Penumbra and all her friends on the Moon through a video recording while introducing her kids including Webby minus Louie as well. Della is later shocked when she finds out that all the video transmissions she tried sending to her kids back when she was still stuck on the Moon during those 10 years never reached them.

After Dewey accidentally destroys the camera, Dewey has a joy overload when he learns that Della is looking for someone who could help her transmit her message with cameras and stuff, which leads Della to appearing on Dewey's show, "Dewey Dew-Night!" Throughout the day, Della recounts the tales she made during her time on the Moon while Dewey does his own thing on his show. Desperate to send her message now after Dewey has unintentionally delayed some time with his antics, Dewey allows her to finally transmit her message to Penumbra. When asked about Penumbra and their relationship, however, Dewey notes that evidence is in favour of Penumbra hating her rather than being her friend, making Della realize that maybe she and Penumbra were never really friends in the first place as she leaves the show in sadness and sorrow.

Later, while packing her contact equipment, Dewey comes over to apologize to his mom about his earlier assumptions concerning her relationship with Penumbra, but Della simply brushes it off and reassures him that family is more important than Moon friends. However, the moment Della is about to unplug her contact equipment, she suddenly receives a message from Penumbra at the last minute; much to her joy and happiness. The message, however, turns out to be a warning about Lunaris' upcoming invasion to destroy Earth as Della and Dewey learn that Lunaris is coming for them and their family first; much to their shock.

In "Moonvasion!", having received Penumbra's invasion warning, Della proceeds to inform her Uncle Scrooge of the news and at the same time, tries to keep him calm him down as numerous spaceships (designed after the Spear of Selene) enter the Earth's atmosphere. On the news, Della and her family watch in horror as the Moonlanders proceed to attack the city despite Gizmoduck's best attempts to ensure peace with the visitors by offering them pie.

Later, Della and her family drive in Scrooge's jeep straight to the impenetrable Money Bin in order to initiate the contingencies Scrooge had prepared for, which Gyro regretfully informs have each been taken down by the invaders as the first step of the invasion. Through a video transmission, they learn that Lunaris seeks to target Scrooge and his family as he lands on McDuck Manor and that Louie was responsible for destroying Duckburg's satellite defense system due to the whole Bombie incident the previous week.

Having no other choice, Scrooge, Della, and Dr. Gearloose send out an army of Lil Bulbs to gather all the allies they need to save the world. However, realizing that Lunaris is coming for their family, both Della and Scrooge agree to take the kids somewhere safe by giving them the false impression that they are going to search the entire globe for more reinforcements while counting on Webby's skills, Dewey's gusto, Huey's know-how, and Louie's strategy as Scrooge and his allies set out to take down Lunaris and his army.

Flying in the Cloudslayer, their first destination is Egypt, at the Temple of Toth-Ra, only to find that the Moonlanders have already arrived there as a battle between them and the living mummies led by Amunet and Faris Djinn occurs. Knowing she can't keep her family safe and that the Moonlanders will invade the pyramid despite Amunet and Djinn's best efforts, Della proceeds to continue further without landing; much to the kids' confusion. When Amunet mentions some sort of god of the Moon through a Lil Bulb acting as a phone, Della and the kids get the idea of "recruiting" the Olympian gods including Della's old friend, Selene for help at Ithiquack.

However, once they reach Ithaquack, not only are they denied sanctuary at the temple by Zeus; much against Selene and Storkules' better judgement, but the Moonlanders also arrive in time to attack. So, Della and the kids retreat. Flying in the air while avoiding fire from upcoming spaceships, Della uses her prosthetic leg to keep the plane steady on course while she tries to find an abandoned location on the map for them to hide in, which confuses the kids even more. Then, Della regains her leg and control of the plane after it took a slight hit. However, when the kids come to realize how their mission to recruit their allies back in Egypt failed and how Della was more determined about getting everyone in the temple at Ithiquack rather than recruiting reinforcements, the kids conclude that they are, in fact, running away. This leads Della to finally confess her real plan to them and about Lunaris targeting them, stating that they never would've agreed had she told them the truth in the first place. But when questioned by her kids about leaving the rest of their friends and family behind, Della further states that they are her family whom she can't risk losing again until they receive another hit from a spaceship and crash-land on a deserted island.

On the island, Della and the kids come out as Della reassures them that they are safe until they come face-to-face with a highly unexpected event in their path: Donald Duck, scruffy and accompanied by a ventriloquist dummy melon shaped like Mickey Mouse (much like how Della once was after 10 years on the Moon), emerging from the undergrowth; much to everyone's shock and surprise.

Della and Donald have a moment of silence as they both approach each other until they suddenly lose their tempers due to Donald's long absence and Della not getting his message. After restraining Dewey from attacking his uncle for not having named him Turbo like he was supposed to, Della and Donald finally confess how much they missed each other despite their anger and quickly reconcile and embrace each other at last until Della gets freaked out by Donald's strange new attitude involving a melon.

As Della and the kids watch Donald talking to the melon and performing some ventriloquism and learn about his situation, the family gather around for a group hug while concealing the fact that they were unaware of Donald's going missing. When Donald and the kids aim to get back to Duckburg to help Scrooge, Della, still determined about keeping her family safe, tries in vain to dissuade them as she states that Scrooge knows exactly what he's doing. Later, Della has finally made a home out of the crashed plane, only to find Donald and the kids trying to formulate a plan on how to escape instead. So, Della tries in vain to convince her family to stay on the island while temporarily losing her mind until she suddenly realizes how their current situation reminds her of how she was stranded on the Moon, which makes her kick Donald's melon into the ocean in a rage; much to his dismay.

Later, Louie approaches his mom as she sticks the photo of her kids back when she had to imagine what they looked like before meeting them. Having lost her fighting spirit, Della tells Louie that all she could think about was being their mom and all the fun and adventures they would have back when she was stuck on the Moon, but was unprepared for the recent events. After having a conversation with Louie, Della's spirit is finally rekindled when she hears Louie singing her lullaby, revealing that Donald used to sing it to them every night when they were little; much to her surprise. Determined to help Scrooge and wondering how to get back, the family suddenly receives an unexpected visit from their cousins: Gladstone on his Gladyear Blimp and Fethry riding Mitzy. Then, after catching up with each other as Donald gets a decent haircut and make-over, the family heads back home while riding on Mitzy.

Della and her family arrive just in time to save Scrooge from the evil clutches of Lunaris as Mitzy proceeds to destroy the Planetary Engine, which forces Lunaris to retreat back into space in his flagship. Reunited with Scrooge and the rest of their remaining friends and family, Della and the kids signal to Scrooge not to mention anything to Donald about his "vacation" so as not to upset the latter.

However, their victory is short-lived when they learn that Lunaris, now more than determined to destroy the Earth without any thought of his own people being annihilated as well, is coming straight for them. So, Della boards a nearby Spear with Donald, Scrooge, and the kids. During the battle, Della and Donald fight over the controls of the ship while the kids take out Lunaris' laser cannons. But despite having destroyed most of his defenses, Lunaris' final line of defenses proves too much for the family and all hope seems lost for them as they are about to be destroyed. Luckily, Penumbra arrives just in time to destroy the engine, leaving Lunaris stranded on his flagship serving as a second Moon, and rejoin the family; much to Della's joy and surprise.

Back at McDuck Manor, with peace between the Earthers and the Moonlanders having finally been achieved, Della and her family are happily reunited with the others who were in former custody as they celebrate their victory, confident that they can face any future difficulties as a family. She then joins her family and friends in a group shot, unaware she is being watched by the criminal organization F.O.W.L.



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The Great Dime Chase!

Scrooge, I've taken the Spear of Selene. I'm sorry.
                                  -Della's note to Scrooge.

The Shadow War!

         -first line.

Last Christmas!

Merry Christmas, you guys. See you soon.
               -Della wishing her family a merry Christmas on the Moon.

Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!

'Sup, party people! I'm back in the hizou- Oh, no. Knew it was wrong as soon as I said it. Sorry, that was terrible. Can I get a do-over?
               -Della introducing herself to her family for the first time.


Your little scheme to bypass the present almost cost us our future. This all stops now.You are grounded! No schemes, no treasures, and Louie Incorporated is done! Understand?
               -Della grounding Louie for putting her and the rest of the family in danger with his TimeTub scheme.


Behind The Scenes




  • In Huey, Dewey, and Louie's first comic appearance, Della says their names in a different order. She calls them Louie, Huey, and Dewey. This is one of the few time the nephews are listed in a different order.
  • Della was occasionally referred to as Dumbella Duck, before Don Rosa's "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" established Della Duck as her one official name. However, in the episode "Last Christmas!", when she and Donald were young, it was revealed that the name Dumbella was just a name Donald used to tease her.
  • Della is the second known character in the series to have a physical disability due to the loss of her left leg, with the first being Black Heron having lost her right arm.
  • Della and her brother Donald are the first descendants of three major families; the Duck Family, Clan McDuck, and the Coot Family.
  • It is shown in "The Spear of Selene!" that her face and bill were much wider than Scrooge's or Donald's.
  • Della's Lullaby was written to the tune of the moon theme from the Remastered Video Game.


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