Dingus McDuck, also known by the nickname Dirty Dingus, was a member of Clan McDuck - the father of Fergus McDuck and thus Scrooge McDuck's grandfather.

He was the brother of Quagmire McDuck, worked as a coal miner, and had difficulties paying taxes.[1]



Dingus' name and silhouetted image first appears on Webby's conspiracy board, near pieces of paper reading "Scrooge's Worst Nightmare" and "Friend or F.O.W.L."; it is also visible in subsequent episodes.

The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!

Dingus is among the McDuck relatives whose portraits hang in Castle McDuck; he is specifically noted as Fergus' father. Scrooge and Fergus later discover that Dingus' relationship with Fergus was not unlike their own. As such, Dingus hid the Treasure of the Knights Templar, leaving a note for Fergus challenging him to find it.

Behind the scenes


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