It's I who leads this fearsome crew with dagger, swagger and daring-do.

For the version of this character from TaleSpin, see Don Karnage.

Captain Don Karnage is a crossover villain who originally was the main antagonist of the Disney television series TaleSpin.


In TaleSpin, Don Karnage is a wolf and the cunning leader of a band of villainous Air Pirates, and frequently crosses paths with Baloo. His goal is to plunder Cape Suzette. His secret hideout, Pirate Island, is located inside a volcano somewhere near the coastal city. In the Disney comic Rise of The Pillager Queen, it is revealed his deceased uncle was also an Air Pirate, suggesting he had a pirate upbringing.

Physical appearance

Don Karnage is a wolf with his left ear bitten. He wears a blue captain's coat with red and gold accents, light blue pants, and black boots. He carries a sword (presumably a cutlass) alongside him.


He is an expert sword fighter, claiming in Gates of Shambhala to be a black-belt in it. He is also a skilled pilot, and is very clever, often devising a large array of plans with varying effectiveness.


Don Karnage is a narcissistic, arrogant, flamboyant, and cunning, yet absent-minded pirate who loves to steal treasure but he loves to be the center of attention more.


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Behind the Scenes

DuckTales - Jaime Camil INTERVIEW

DuckTales - Jaime Camil INTERVIEW


Ducktales Clip- Don Karnage Song

Ducktales Clip- Don Karnage Song


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Curse you Dewey Duck!


  • Don Karnage, the Iron Vulture, and the Air Pirates were all featured in the 1990s Disney Afternoon shows TaleSpin.
  • On TaleSpin, Don Karnage was voiced by Jim Cummings, who also voices/has voiced many other Disney characters.
  • When asked about Karnage's nationality, Jim Cummings said: "He's got some Cuban and some Spanish and a little Ricky Ricardo". He also later in the same interview stated Karnage also has a little French in him.
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