Seaman Donald Duck, USN, is the uncle and legal guardian of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck on DuckTales 1987.


While a central Disney character, Donald's role in the original DuckTales is downplayed. The five part pilot episode, "The Treasure of the Golden Suns", begins as Donald is about to leave Duckburg to join the US Navy. Whith his nephews living with Donald's wealthy uncle Scrooge McDuck throughout the series, Donald makes occasional appearances throughout the first season, meeting up with his relatives on various remote locations, as he serves under Admiral Grimitz.

In "Till Nephews Do Us Part", Donald returns to Duckburg for his final appearance on the show, to serve as bestman at his uncle's wedding to Millionara Vanderbucks.


Season 1

Video games


Donald's role in the series was downplayed due to Disney executive Michael Eisner and the show's writers agreeing that his voice, which tend to be hard to understand, would make him too diffucult to use in an action-adventure series, in contrast to the animated shorts, where physical comedy served as the main plot device. [1]



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