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Donald Fauntleroy Duck was a minor character from the DuckTales 1987 series, but was reintroduced in the rebooted DuckTales 2017 as one of the eight main protagonists.


Donald Duck is a caring, devoted, independent and fiery duck, who has taken responsibility for his sister's kids as their guardian. Giving them love and protection as if they were his own children, doing anything to protect them from danger.

Donald is extremely overprotective of his nephews, to the point where he feels uncomfortable leaving them alone. Before his nephews met Scrooge McDuck, Donald never let them venture far, keeping a close eye on them as they tend to sneak away; as seen in the comic "The Chilling Secret of the Lighthouse!".

Yet once when he realised how capable they were during their first adventure with their great-uncle Scrooge McDuck in the pilot episode, Donald gives them the freedom to have adventures with Scrooge, although originally on birthdays or federal holidays until his houseboat exploded because of Dewey.

Donald has an altruism and compassion for his family as well as other people, often answering requests to lend a hand. Even if either party may have treated him poorly in the past. Such as when he allowed Flintheart Glomgold's henchmen access to the submarine while Atlantis was falling apart. He does the same thing in The House of the Lucky Gander! where he tries to help his cousin Gladstone despite the fact that he despises Gladstone's smug luck and lax behavior.

Donald is honest, straight-forward, short-tempered, as when something is unfair or has angered him, he is the one to express his opinion on it in the loudest way possible. He doesn't hold back to express his fury and love, often resorting to temper tantrums as an outlet. This has gotten him into trouble, as his anger almost always leads to a chaotic rampage of quacking and a chain of comedic destruction. However, this can be used against his enemies. This is well displayed in Daytrip of Doom!, where Donald single-handedly took on two of the Beagle Boys (one being the significantly larger Bouncer) out of sheer rage for the kidnappers ransoming his boys.

He can also be quite stubborn, holding a high value to his independence and to his desires. In the Daytrip of Doom!, Donald's attitude towards Mrs. Beakley in regards to her house rules is dismissive, to say the least, as he openly opposes her for any form of assistance. This self-proclaimed competition is immediately ignored, however, after finding the ransom note tied to a brick.

Although mostly well-meaning, Donald can prove to be unpredictable, as well as a "financial risk," as put by Huey in Who is Gizmoduck?! His explosive temper can be set off in moments of frustration, impatience, and typically when nothing goes his way.

This is likely due to his outstandingly terrible luck. In The House of the Lucky Gander! it was stated by Louie that Donald was "the unluckiest duck in the world." Donald's luck has been shown to extend to various levels of unfortunate circumstances, including physical injury, property damage, vocal misunderstandings, misplaced respect from others, unintended massive responsibilities, and a bittersweet lack of previous interests.

Even though his misfortunes set him up for failure, Louie states the best thing about Donald is that he never gives up. Persistent, devoted and stubborn, Donald's misadventures make him a survivor, a quality his nephews' respect. Webby even went as far as describing him as a daring hero in Woo-oo!.

Through all of Donald's emotional tendency of affection, protectiveness, and fury, Donald has shown to be insecure, as nothing comes easy for him. The opinion of others can sometimes drag him into being depressed. This is well shown in The House of the Lucky Gander!, where Donald's bad luck brings him down while his cousin Gladstone's good luck gives him everything, causing Donald to feel like a loser. Donald is discouraged further when his nephews favour Gladstone and Scrooge more than him, making him feeling hurt and belittled. This however has been known to change over the course of the series. As seen in The Shadow War!, when asked by Webby to say one nice thing about a relative, the nephews prefer to only say nice things about Donald since after hearing about the story of what happened to their mother, they begin to appreciate how devoted he is to his family. As well as the reasoning to why Donald has always been so overprotective of them in their lives. This cheers Donald up very much, knowing his nephews meant every word and allowing him to feel achieved as a guardian to them for all these years. And when Donald's confidence shows, he shows signs of great leadership and initiative, as seen in The Shadow War! when Donald takes charge in saving Scrooge.

Despite his negative personality, Donald's positivity, loyalty, and perseverance shines when he gives his all for the ones he loves.

Physical Appearance

Donald Duck is a white anthropomorphic duck with light blue eyes and a yellow-ochre bill, legs, and feet. He usually wears a sleek black sailor shirt with a white cap to match. As shown in "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!", Donald's cap is actually an accordion.

Skills and Abilities

"You never had the common sense to give up before, why start now.?"

–Louie to Donald

Despite Donald's bad luck, his abilities are in his bravery, determination and will to fight when he has to. This usually is brought when he is protecting his family.

During these times when Donald gets angry, his abilities switch into high-gear. He becomes stronger, faster and way more determined. This is well shown in The House of the Lucky Gander! and Daytrip of Doom! This is used when his family (more specifically his nephews) are in danger, and Donald's anger trigger with his protectiveness compromise and he becomes bolder in saving those who are important to him.

And when Donald is confidence and determined, he shows signs of great leadership and intuition as shown in The Shadow War!



Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is Donald's uncle through his youngest sister, Hortense McDuck. He used to live with Scrooge inside McDuck Manor at least by his pre-teens, where they spent a lot of time together when he was younger, going on many adventures with Scrooge and his sister Della. After Della's disappearance into space on a rocket Scrooge built, Donald and Scrooge had a falling out due to Donald blaming Scrooge for the disappearance of Della, even though Scrooge spent half of his fortune attempting to bring her back. This lasted for ten years until the beginning of the series, when Donald asked Scrooge to babysit his nephews, due to almost being late for a job interview. Donald was skeptical and nervous to leave his nephews with Scrooge at first and later had his fears confirmed when he learned of Scrooge including the boys on his expedition to Atlantis. However, he eventually realised that Scrooge could also teach the boys how to survive tough situations, while admitting he was overprotective. Due to an explosion on Donald's boat caused by Dewey for keeping the engine running, Scrooge agreed to letting them move into McDuck Manor.

At times, Donald and Scrooge have shown to still care for one another deep down, as seen in The Most Dangerous Game...Night! when Donald and Scrooge share a brief hug over winning, but try to shrug it off as nothing with a handshake soon after. Scrooge then admits he considers Donald a moocher that lives in his pool and eats his food, even though he's assisted him on a few profitable adventures. He and Scrooge mostly have a love-hate relationship, for example in The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! when he consistently hesitated to give Donald money to impress his friends, but also refused to lose Donald after learning he wanted to bring the band back together. Also in The 87 Cent Solution! when the fake funeral was being held for Scrooge, Donald was the only one who wasn't told about the setup, leading him to believe he actually was dead. He can be seen mourning in front of the casket and even fainting at the sight of Scrooge still being alive, showing how much he truly still cares about his uncle's well-being.

Della Duck

Della is Donald's twin sister who isn't currently around, he does her the favour of being her children's guardian. Not much is said about Donald and Della's relationship, but based on Donald's behaviour in The Spear of Selene!, it's shown that Donald is very sensitive about her disappearance. In Last Christmas! Donald was going through a punk rock phase, and try to become mature and independent in the process, but, he ends up leaving Della behind upsetting her. Yet he sees that later and is genuinely sorry about it that he apologize for and promises to stick together from then on. Before the events of Woo-oo!, Donald and Della were very close, as they traveled the world and went on adventures with their uncle Scrooge. Their relationship however had ended on a sour note for more than 10 years, as explained in The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!, when Donald was seen yelling at Della in a flashback about the risks of the outer space expedition she was intending on achieving. It is unknown whether or not they had another conversation before Della stole the Spear of Selene. At the end of The Golden Spear!, Donald is the first of the family to realize that Della is still alive when he spots the Spear of Selene landing on Earth for the first time in ages. He falls steps short of reuniting with her when his bad luck activates the Spear of Selene and he flies away in her place.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are Donald's nephews and as well as being their uncle, Donald is also their guardian. Even though they can troublesome Donald loves them unconditionally as if they were his own kids, and ten years with them has brought him to the point where Donald has become an overprotective father-figure to the triplets. In the events of Woo-oo! his protectiveness had gone to a ridiculous extent, and as seen in photographs Donald helps Dewey take his first steps while being surrounded by pillows, and when Donald is shown to have Huey wear football fatigues just to be the water boy. Yet even if he goes overboard his parental nature is in the right place. As shown time and time again that he will risk his own life to rescue his nephews.

Gladstone Gander

Donald and Gladstone are cousins, and as they grew up they spent a lot of time together. However, even though he's family, Donald always had a strong dislike and even envy of Gladstone's luck. During their time growing up together, whenever something good happened to Gladstone, something bad happened to Donald; this irritated Donald making him feel insignificant. Yet despite their stark difference in fortune, he would still help him out because Donald is always there for family. This is shown in The House of the Lucky Gander!.


Mrs. Beakley

Donald Duck knew Mrs. Beakley when he was younger during his "better" time with his Uncle Scrooge. At the end of Woo-oo! when Beakley talked to her granddaughter Webby, and allowed her to continue to go on adventures with Scrooge, her influence lead to Donald giving his nephews more freedom and permission to continue to go on adventures with Scrooge. However, in Daytrip of Doom! Donald and Beakley got into a fight over house rules, with Beakley getting into an argument with Donald about breaking fire laws, and using up the water bill. This, in turn caused Donald to order multiple generators for his boat, with Beakley making the remark "He is going to kill himself." They finally worked together when Donald showed her the ransom note left by the Beagle Boys. When they go up against the Beagle Boys, Beakley was impressed how tough Donald was and by the end of the episode, Donald and Beakley were talking and appeared to be getting along better than before.

Webby Vanderquack

Very little interactions are shown between Donald and Webby, but Webby is known to be a fan of Donald and similar to Scrooge, idolises him as one of the greatest adventurers of all time. As seen in The House of the Lucky Gander!, when he won, she hugged him. Then, in The Shadow War! when Donald said "Get away from my kids" as he was fighting off Magica's shadow army, there may be implication that Donald has accepted her as his honorary niece (although he has not given her to call him Uncle Donald yet, like Scrooge did). Like his nephews, he also wants to protect Webby, for example in The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!, when she was tied up by a plant tentacle he rescued Webby along with his nephews. And in The Golden Spear!, in the nearly end she gave him goodbye hug when they send him to the vacation.

Panchito Pastoles & José Carioca

Panchito and Jose are Donald's best friends from college, with who he made a band with named The Three Caballeros.



Jones used to be Donald's anger management counselor. A short time after Donald's nephews hatched, Donald wanted to try and be a good and responsible parent for them, so he decided to go to Jones to find a way to relieve his anger and sudden outbursts. Although Donald spent most of his time punching bean bags, Jones was able to teach him to form the anger he had inside him into a protective instinct. This allowed Donald to take his anger out at the most convenient times to protect his family, as the thought of someone or something intending to put harm on his family would send him into an infuriating rage. Nevertheless, Jones and Donald's relationship remains negative due to Donald's inability to pay the bills for Jones' time with him.


Flintheart Glomgold

Glomgold first starts out as Donald's employer while the nephews are under the care of Scrooge. Having been used to get to Atlantis, Glomgold tries to leave him to die when the old city begins to flood.


Lunaris and Donald start off as immediate enemies, after Lunaris arrests Donald when he unexpectedly arrives on the Moon. With Donald imprisoned, Lunaris shows a more crueler side to Donald by shutting his beak with a muzzle-like goldpiece and threatening to place him in the gold mines for being unruly. Later, when Lunaris announces his intentions to kill the nephews to weaken Scrooge's resolve, it only fuels Donald's rage to fight him. Donald then escapes on one of Lunaris' test rockets back to Earth, while Lunaris has no intention of stopping him because of his assumption that no one could survive the ride. Nevertheless, Donald and Lunaris encounter each other one last time to put an end to one another's plans. Lunaris almost gets the angle on Donald and his family during their spaceship battle, but Penumbra saves him and disables Lunaris' ship, putting an end to Lunaris' threats on Donald and his family.


Years ago, Donald and Della hatched from the same egg. At a younger age, the twins went to live with their uncle and Hortense's brother, Scrooge McDuck.

Some emo kid

Young Donald meeting Bluey

One fateful Christmas, Donald in his pre-teens locked himself away in his and Della's room entering a grungy punk-rock phase. Only that night, Donald encountered a strange boy who entered the room uninvited. When Donald approached him and demanded to know who he was, the boy claimed to be Bluey, his fifteenth step-cousin on his great-grandmother's niece's side from Canada. Donald would've been more skeptical of his sudden appearance if he wasn't aware of how complicated his family tree was, but nevertheless shrugged it off.

Where’s Della

Young Donald discovering the unfinished camping tent

When Bluey asked about his sister Della's whereabouts, Donald stated how she was camped behind the manor trying to capture Santa like she did every year. Although Donald wasn't willing to follow him on the search for Della, he was forced to go after Bluey stole his guitar and jumped out the window. When they approached her camping site, they noticed an unfinished camping tent and stains on the tree which turned out to be jelly. While they continued following her footprints deeper into the forest, Bluey asked Donald why he wouldn't have wanted to go on a Christmas adventure with her, with Donald replying how he believed to be too mature for silly adventures with his sister.

Kid Della (2)

Della accidentally capturing both Donald and Bluey

Once the footprints stop, Donald discovered a scarf he gave to Della last Christmas, but was interrupted when a large creature known as a Wendigo began to chase them through the forest. Just as they were about to get away, Donald and Bluey suddenly set off a trap that left them hanging from a rope net. Immediately after, Della appeared from above them and was disappointed that she didn't catch the real Santa Claus. Donald was angry at Della for her recklessness in setting up all the traps out alone in the forest, while Della was more surprised that Donald even decided to show up.

Dellahero (3)

Della freeing the boys just as the monster arrives

Knowing that the monster would be closing in on them soon, Donald demanded that she cuts the rope faster while also referring to her as Dumbella. However, Della refused to continue cutting the rope until Donald apologized, but Donald was originally unsure of what he had to apologize for considering he hadn't seen Della all night. Bluey then pointed out that his decision to do nothing with her may have been the reason she was so upset, as she might not have cared much about capturing Santa Claus, but rather she wanted to spend Christmas having fun with her brother. After Donald apologized for ditching her on Christmas, Della then freed them from the trap just as the Wendigo had arrived.

Last Christmas (10)

Donald promising to Della that they never spend another Christmas apart

As the three tried to fend off the beast, Donald was thrown to the ground and got his guitar smashed, which lead him to ragefully attack the Wendigo. He was able to push him towards the new netting trap set up, as both Della and Bluey successfully tied the monster up and later brought it over to the manor to let their uncle Scrooge deal with it. Once the monster was placed by the entrance, Donald apologized to Della once more for having left her without anyone to hang out with, and promised to never spend another Christmas apart from one another.

Last Christmas (24)

Donald and Della giving their presents

After Bluey decided to give Della a hug without warning, she and Donald revealed they were already aware that Bluey was actually a relative from the future, noting that it was only the fourth weirdest thing that happened to them on Christmas. But just as Bluey was about to warn them about an event that was going to happen in the future, both Donald and Della kept his beak shut, worrying that whatever he was going to say could affect the time stream. Donald and Della told him to wait as they went back into the Manor to get Scrooge, but that was the last time they saw Bluey before he left to go back to his own present. Later that night, Donald gifted Della a new scarf, and Della gifted Donald a new Christmas sweater, clothing which both of them continue to wear into their adult years.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 11.40.52 AM

Donald exploring with his sister and uncle

For untold years, Donald, Della and Scrooge went on amazing adventures; Some of which Donald was an unfortunate victim. During most of their adventures, Donald specialized with boat transportation as they made numerous discoveries of lost locations, mystical artifacts, and barrel loads of treasure all throughout. However, there eventually came a time where their worldwide adventures had become so successful, they had begun to run out of new places to search and explore.

Sunchasercrash (6)

Donald's fight with Della

This gave Della the idea to explore outer space, knowing it was the most uncharted territory in history. However, Donald protested because of the risks in the mission with the three child eggs recently conceived by Della about to hatch. Nevertheless, Della disregarded Donald's warnings and carelessly chose to hijack the rocket ship dubbed the Spear of Selene. She had already deduced that Scrooge wanted to keep it from her as a surprise, but it inevitably lead to her mysterious disappearance in an unpredictable cosmic storm, seemingly killing her.

Donald leaves Scrooge

Donald leaving the mansion to raise the triplets on his own

Angry at Scrooge, Donald placed the blame on him for the accident. Although Scrooge spent much of his fortune to find Della, many of the rescue attempts failed, which lead Donald to walk away on his uncle and move out of the mansion with Della's eggs. Soon after the departure, the eggs hatched and instead of the names Della suggested of Jet, Turbo and Rebel, Donald instead decided to name them Hubert, Dewford and Llewelyn, but short for Huey, Dewey and Louie. During which time, he either bought or built himself a houseboat and remained at the docks of Duckburg to raise his triplet nephews. Over the next ten years, Donald struggled every day to raise the triplets as a single guardian and parent figure. During these years, he constantly tried to keep the boys out of the most miniscule of trouble, knowing the dangers they could face if they ever thought about following their mother, uncle, or even his own footsteps of adventure.

Current state

The trip to Atlantis

Pilot (11)

Donald getting ready

During the events of "Woo-oo," Donald had planned to go in for a job interview, but knew it was unsafe to leave his nephews alone due to their ongoing mischievous behaviour. Instead of leaving them back at the houseboat, he decided to take them to McDuck Manor with the hopes that his Uncle Scrooge could watch over the boys, but was hesitant on the idea due to their past and minimal contacting over the years. However, Donald unluckily ran into Scrooge just as they were arriving at the mansion simultaneously, leading to some back talk on both ends, but with Scrooge assuring Donald he could handle the job.

Pilot (334)

Donald's new job

Donald then drove to his job interview for an accountant opening, but was instead hired as a sailor for Glomgold Industries by Glomgold himself, as he asked Donald if he knew anything about Atlantis. While watching an employee training video along side fellow workers Hack and Slash Smashnikov and Gabby McStabberson, Donald continued to phone Scrooge to assure himself that the triplets were not running into any trouble. However, as Donald was travelling with his fellow workers and new boss towards the supposed underwater location of Atlantis, he also noticed that Scrooge and the boys had already gotten there before him, infuriating Donald.

Pilot (467)

Donald protecting Dewey

While inside the temple, Donald secretly followed the family around the temple in order to make sure they wouldn't be harmed by the death traps, or Glomgold and his henchmen. Eventually Donald and his group ran into Scrooge and Dewey in the treasure room, with Scrooge questioning Donald as to why he was working for his sworn enemy, and Donald in defense saying he couldn't keep track of all his sworn enemies. This, however, lead Glomgold to use Donald as a hostage in order for Scrooge to back off from attacking him, as well as sealing Scrooge, Donald and Dewey inside the treasure room for him to take off with the jewel of Atlantis.

Pilot (551)

The real jewel of Atlantis

As the room began to flood, Donald blamed Scrooge for having gotten into the situation in the first place, believing it to be the "Spear of Selene" all over again, to which Scrooge retaliated by saying he wasn't responsible for that incident. Once Dewey realized that the true jewel of Atlantis was above them due to the fact it was an upside-down temple, Donald, Scrooge and Dewey pulled the real jewel out from the statue. Because of the Jewel being the main power source for the temple, the water then began to drain from the room. The group then reunited with the rest of Scrooge's group as they were fighting off Glomgold's henchmen, only for them to realize that Glomgold had abandoned his henchmen and took off with the submarine on his own.

I may have left the engine running in the houseboat

Dewey's mistake

This forced Gabby, Hack and Slash to beg Donald to allow them to come on Scrooge's submarine, to which Donald reluctantly complied. Once up to the surface with Scrooge presenting the real jewel of Atlantis to the news reporters, Donald admitted to Scrooge he was a "Little" overprotective with the boys. Knowing that his nephews were bound to get into more trouble, Donald believed Scrooge could teach them how to get out of trouble instead. Donald initially had the idea that Huey, Dewey and Louie could visit Scrooge once in a while on special days such as birthdays, But as he was saying that, Donald's houseboat exploded in the background, leading Dewey to realize he had accidentally left the boat engine running. This gave Scrooge the opportunity to offer Donald and the boys a temporary stay at his Mansion, with Donald accepting the offer. While the boys, Webby and Scrooge were sorting things in the garage, Launchpad assisted with placing the houseboat in Scrooge's pool as a new residence location for Donald.

New Life and New Adventures

Daytrip of Doom Tittle Card

The house rules meeting

A little while after Donald and the boys had moved in during "Daytrip of Doom," Scrooge had begun to get frustrated with the new lifestyle, specifically because of Donald using his bathroom as his own personal laundry room. During the meeting to discuss the house rules, Donald was the only one against the rules, believing them to be unnecessary and also refusing to obey any commands set out by the housekeeper Mrs. Beakley. Later as Beakley was vacuuming, she noticed an enormous amount of chords and extended outlets all leading to Donald's houseboat.

Keep your water

Keep your water

Following the chords outside, Donald stated that he decided to live on his houseboat in the pool rather than within the mansion, believing he could stay out of Beakley's way if doing so. On the contrary, when asked by Beakley about splitting the water bill, Donald retaliated instead by clogging up the garden hose, sending a burst of water through the pipes and flooding the bathroom. Donald also attempted to further keep to himself by buying his own set of portable generators, and that way he wouldn't need to use any of McDuck Manor's power in the process. However, his idea was not well thought out, as many of the fuel tanks and generators began leaking gasoline into the pool, and soon after igniting a large fire which brought damage to both the surface of the pool and the houseboat.

Donald was eventually able to put out the fire with the pool water, but just as he finished, he was hit in the head with a brick thrown by one of the Beagle Boys. Once he regained consciousness, he read the ransom note attached to the brick and soon realized the Beagle Boys had captured Webby and his nephews, and was holding them hostage at Funso's Fun Zone. Donald attempted to warn Scrooge, but he was too busy sulking in his money bath, so instead he was forced to turn to Mrs. Beakley for help.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.50.51 PM

Donald prepared to fight

Once they drove over to the location, Burger and Bouncer were blocking their path, leading Beakley to believe they required a certain strategy to fight them off. But much to her surprise, Donald's rage from the demanding of his boys also proved him to be a better fighter than Beakley had originally thought, leading her to believe that Donald really could take care of himself. Once the Beagle Boys were dealt with, they made their way into Funso's, only to realize that Webby and the boys had already successfully taken down the remaining captors Big Time and Ma Beagle. Once they returned home, Beakley showed Donald how to properly manage the boat's power with the mansion's circuit breaker, to which Donald thanked her for. He also questioned Beakley as to how a housekeeper like herself knew so much about electricity and taekwondo. Beakley simply replied she was a spy, as she began laughing with Donald joining in, but it soon turned into an awkward moment with Donald looking at Beakley in confusion.

Screenshot 20181104-162925

Donald hesitant on coming along

Some time after in "The House of the Lucky Gander," Donald decided to join the gang on the trip to Macaw, in order to help his cousin Gladstone Gander after a call for help was recently sent to McDuck Manor. Although Huey claims one of Donald's mottos is family always helps family, Donald was still hesitant in helping due to his jealousy of Gladstone's supernatural good luck ever since they were young. They then land by the docks in front of a hotel known as The House of the Lucky Fortune, where they entered the building and took the elevator up to the penthouse. Although they heard cries for help at first as Donald and the gang enterd the room, they soon realized it was just Gladstone enjoying a massage from one of the panda employees.


Donald and Scrooge arriving at the penthouse

Donald then began to question Gladstone about the assistance he claimed he needed, but Gladstone shrugged it off by saying he wanted some people to help him share his winnings from the casino. Scrooge then decided to leave and continue his search for the Golden Cricket along side Dewey, Huey and Webby, but Louie wanted to stay and have some fun with Gladstone. Gladstone pleaded to Donald to let him come along, and Donald eventually agreed, but on the condition that he would tag along to make sure Louie wouldn't get himself into too much trouble.

Img 6509

Donald trying on some outfits

At the clothing store, Gladstone and Louie were luckily able to get their suits for free because of Gladstone's famous reputation among the hotel. But as for Donald, he was forced to pay up so he instead bought a cheaper shirt. Even so, he was tackled by the panda guards because the security bracelet was still attached to his shirt. As the games proceeded, Gladstone had luckily been winning the grand prizes, while Donald was losing all of his chips due to his bad luck to the point where a slot machine fell on him, and he made a spinning wheel lose control.


What was really going on

Eventually Donald decided to give up, believing he had shown enough embarrassment to Louie. But Gladstone claimed he wasn't attempting to embarrass him, as he merely wanted to invite them to try and have a taste of the "good life." As much as Gladstone pleaded to Donald to keep playing, Donald still insisted on leaving and walked off, much to Gladstone's annoyance. Just as Donald and Gladstone were reaching the exit with the rest of the gang, it was revealed that Gladstone was actually trapped within the building as a prisoner.

XCYAF1wt 260x170 7

Building breaking into pieces

The walls then began breaking apart, and everything else within the building (including Donald and Louie's bought clothing) turned into cards, as the mastermind of the building revealed himself to be Liu Hai, an ancient spirit of chance and fortune. Gladstone then went on to explain that Liu Hai was considered a "Luck Vampire," whose held him captive within the building to feast off of his natural good luck. He had also hoped that Donald in particular would come to save him, as because of Donald's natural bad luck, he hoped it would break his winning streak so Liu Hai could let him go.

Donald and Gladstone

Donald angry at Gladstone

Scrooge then challenged Liu Hai to one game, where if Scrooge lost then they would be trapped there forever, and if Scrooge won then they were all allowed to leave the building. Liu Hai accepted the challenge, and set up and obstacle course where the first to cross the finish line would be the winner. But because Liu Hai was the one in charge of the game, he not only picked Gladstone to be his champion to run the course, but Scrooge was also forced to have Donald as his champion instead of himself. Donald then showed his anger at Gladstone for their willingness to come help him, only to put the entire family in danger in the process.


Donald screaming away a tiger

Gladstone did apologize, but still proceeded to play as he wasn't willing to sign up for a life of servitude. As the race went on, Donald was running into numerous bad luck situations as he attempted to speed his way through the course, but Gladstone was confident in his luck to the point where he casually walked through the course while still being ahead of Donald. Donald was about to give up once more, but Louie encouraged him from afar to keep going, which allowed Donald to have just enough strength to beat Gladstone from crossing the finish line first.

The rest of the family was now allowed to leave the building, but Liu Hai still had full control over Gladstone. Scrooge then suggested to Liu Hai to take Donald instead, believing he was now the luckiest duck in the world considering he won the race. Liu Hai agreed, and instead took Donald as a prisoner while magically transporting the rest of the group back outside. Louie was outraged by Scrooge's choice to give up Donald, but Scrooge knew what he was doing as ten seconds later, Donald was also thrown out of the building. Due to Donald's bad luck, Liu Hai had most of his power drained from him, as he then decided to beam himself and the building away.

Ducktales s1e06

Donald having been freed from Liu Hai

Louie praised Donald for his heroic effort at the end, and the kids also gathered around him for a group hug. They then made their way back to the plane, with Gladstone still shrugging their victory off as his own responsibility for his natural good luck, but Louie in return believed luck to be overrated. The gang then finally made their way to the mountain where the Golden Cricket was rested, but everyone including Donald had already passed out from their recent adventure, with Scrooge also feeling underwhelmed at the sight of the cricket, and thus decided to go back home.

Storkules pounces

Storkules and Donald's reunion

Donald followed the group once more on a flight to Greece in "The Spear of Selene," but during a storm their plane was struck by lightning and they ended up crashing down on the island of Ithaquack. After realizing where they landed, both Donald and Scrooge demanded they should leave immediately, but Launchpad said it would take time before he figured out what the problem was with the plane. Meanwhile, the kids opened the cargo carrier and hopped onto the island, much to Donald's annoyance. He then attempted to carry Huey and Louie back, but was instead ambushed by a man who was revealed to be an old acquaintance of Donald's, Storkules.


Scrooge and Donald after having been called out by Zeus

Storkules introduced himself as one of the greatest heroes of Greece, as well as one of Donald's bestest friends, which he also considers to be his proudest accomplishment even though Donald still considered them acquaintances. Scrooge then called out to Donald to hurry up with gathering the kids so a certain someone wouldn't figure out they were there, but was soon after approached by the man himself, Zeus. Zeus then went on to explain about how Ithaquack used to be a great vacation area for gods to rest and enjoy themselves, but then Scrooge came along and ended up out besting Zeus in events including monster slaying, treasure finding, and sand castle building. During which time, Donald had also just met Storkules and even had a pot painting created to show them as BFF's.

Donald and Storkules reunion

Storkules suggesting to Donald they throw a feast to celebrate

Zeus claimed there was no one around because they didn't want to party with a god who was beaten by a mortal, but a pot painting Scrooge showed to Zeus said otherwise, as it showed Zeus kicking everyone out with lightning out of jealousy. Storkules continued to go on about his excitement with Donald and Scrooge's presence, but when Storkules questioned Donald as to why Della was nowhere to be found, Donald took a small glance at the boys and left his head down being unable to answer the question. Nevertheless, Storkules suggested they should embark on another amazing adventure to honor her, but Donald instead claimed he was no longer a man of adventure. Even so, Storkules still managed to convince his father that they should throw a feast in honor of their guests.


During the feast

But as the feast progresses, insults begin to be thrown back and forth by Scrooge and Zeus, and so Zeus decides they throw a new competition between both families in order to prove who is the superior party hounds. As he went on to explain, Scrooge and Donald attempted to sneak away once more with the boys, but they were halted when Zeus created an electric forcefield that trapped them within a dome-styled spot. With no other choice, Scrooge unwillingly allowed his nephews Louie, Huey, and Donald to participate in the challenges. After changing into their tunics, their first challenge was to be the first to grab Aeolus's bag of wind, but Donald instead turned away from the race and refused to participate. Even so, Huey still managed to win for his family by using the bag's power and his tunic to his advantage, and was able to fly over to touch the bag before Storkules could.

Donald Duck statue

The better sculpture

The next challenge involved frisbee distance, but even though Donald lazily threw his frisbee, he still managed to win because Storkules had thrown his frisbee so far, it managed to fly around the world and back, but just a little bit behind Donald's. The next challenge was horse racing, in which Donald also won without trying as he crashed into a rock, which caused the carriage to fly him ahead of the others and land straight on the finish line. The next challenge was to create the best clay sculpture of themselves, but even though Storkules' sculpture was the best, Donald still won because Storkules made his Sculpture's face resemble Donald.

The Spear of Selene 20

Donald refusing to participate

The final challenge was to steal a golden fleece from an innocent looking young girl, but this time Donald simply walked away refusing to do the challenge. When questioned by Storkules, Donald once again stated he was through with adventure, knowing through experience that someone always gets hurt. Later into the challenge, it was revealed that the little girl was actually a mythical creature known as a Siren, whose singing acted as a mind-controlling enchantment to anyone who listened to it. Storkules ended up being the only one effected by the enchantment, leading Zeus to forcefully command him to destroy Scrooge and his family.

Donald you have saved me oh come here

Storkules hugging Donald after being saved by him

Meanwhile Donald made his way back towards the plane, but was still unable to make it no matter how hard he tried to get through the forcefield. But once he heard cries for help from the boys, Donald returned to the playfield to fight off the mind-controlled Storkules from hurting his family. Scrooge then stepped in to help Donald fight, but the hypnosis eventually wore off on Storkules after Louie managed to convince the Siren to stop singing. Storkules praised Donald for having saved him while in his hypnosis state, but Zeus was still not satisfied, leading Scrooge to suggest they do one final challenge to decide it all.

Spear of Selene 22

Dewey accidentally winning and angering Zeus

Knowing that Zeus would arrogantly force him to continue with the challenges until he proved victorious, Scrooge chose to throw the final game, which Zeus celebrated to by deciding to deactivate the forcefield and allowing the family to leave. With parting words, Storkules explained to Donald that he may be through with adventure, but adventure will never be through with him, and that he considers him a hero whether he wants to be or not. Donald in return finally decided to call Storkules his friend, leading Storkules to hug him tightly as he proclaimed that day to be the best day of his life. As the family proceeded to leave, Dewey and Webby returned to the group, only for Dewey to accidentally beat Zeus at the final challenge. This lead the gang to hurry back to the plane before they got another taste of Zeus's wrath, only for them to realize that Launchpad hadn't repaired the plane one bit.

Tumblr inline p9bpv4IamO1t4gtop 400

Donald running off

Later during "McMystery at McDuck McManor," Donald is briefly seen running out of the mansion and driving off with his car. knowing that it was Scrooge's birthday, he refused to get tied up in a string of conflicts once again, considering Scrooge despised the day that reminded him of how old he truly was.

Beakley's strength

Beakley coming to assist

In "Jaw$," Donald was seen sitting beside Lena in the living room while they were waiting for the rest of the family to return from their adventure. Once the boys and Scrooge entered the mansion, Donald walked over to the entrance and attempted to help the boys lift a large golden plate they recovered among their other treasure discoveries. Although they had trouble lifting it, Beakley came in to collect the new treasure and was able to lift the plate with not only Donald and the boys still holding on, but also with just a single hand.


Donald asleep while Launchpad is taking the boat

Later that night as Donald was sleeping on a beach float in the pool, Launchpad used one of Scrooge's helicopters to carry Donald's houseboat over to Scrooge's money bin. This was due to the Money shark incident that was happening within the bin because of Lena's cursed gem that was placed inside of it, and the gang required a boat to assist them in the hunting for the shark. The next morning, Launchpad returned the boat to the pool while waking Donald up in the process, only for Donald to realize the severely damaged state the boat had suffered from the bin.

Donald tied up

Donald accidentally tying himself up

A little while after in "Who is Gizmoduck," Donald accompanied by Huey tried to make a case for himself for a loan from the bank. However, he was ultimately denied due to the bank considering him a financial risk, leading him to have an outburst on one of the pens attached to a string. While Huey attempted to convince the bank teller into providing a small business loan, the bank had also begun to get robbed by the Beagle Boys. When Bigtime, Burger and Bouncer approached Huey, Donald attempted to defend him, but was unable to because of the string knot he accidentally tied himself up with during his outburst.

Screenshot 20181104-172113

Roxanne interviewing Huey

Luckily during the robbery, McDuck Enterprises intern Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera was also present, and was able to gain access to his experimental robotic suit he was carrying with him. Once he was equipped into the suit, he was able to thwart off the Beagle Boys from robbing the bank, but he accidentally caused mass damage to the bank itself. Reporter Roxanne Featherly gave an interview to Huey to describe the events, while Donald was seen beside them trying to put out the flames from any of the burning money.


Donald's painting in Castle McDuck

Donald does not make an appearance in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck," but he was mentioned all throughout the episode. Donald was first mentioned by Huey about him and the gang having gone behind Donald's back for the destination they were heading towards. While inside Castle McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie were laughing at a framed painting of their uncle Donald when he was their age, only for them to discover a riddle that was placed behind the frame which they presumed to be a clue to the Knights Templar treasure.

Screenshot 20190403-220520 VLC

Launchpad pretending to be Donald

Meanwhile during dinner with Scrooge and his parents Downy and Fergus McDuck, Scrooge tried to act like he had become more of a family man by dressing Launchpad into Donald's clothing, and making them believe he and Donald have had a close and healthy relationship for a while. During the dinner, Fergus began to grow suspicious of "Donald's" backstory and new appearance, but immediately dropped it after Launchpad's performed outburst similar to Donald's. Meanwhile with Huey Dewey and Louie, the path they discovered from the riddle lead them to the final resting place of all their ancestors. Because the riddle was on the back of Donald's painting, they decided to enter Donald's tomb to search for more clues. After fending off a demon dog lurking around the tunnels, the boys then discovered one of Donald's blue sailor hats stuffed inside a bag found in his tomb. They then came to the conclusion that considering the "borrowed crown" from the riddle was actually Donald's hat, the riddle hunt was just an elaborate prank Donald's sister Della set up for him a long time ago.

Donald carrying logs

Donald preparing to make his final repairs on the houseboat

In "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser," it was revealed that Donald and the triplets had been staying with Scrooge for the past six months. Donald was the only one among the Manor inhabitants to back out on the trip to Monacrow because of his nearing completion of repairing the houseboat. However, while Donald stated to Huey that the boat would be ready to get back to the Marina in a couple days, explosions were seen in the background near the pool. This left Donald with doubts in his mind about completing the repairs fast enough, but still proceeded to get to work while the others took the Sunchaser for the trip.

Fully restored boat

Donald announcing the boat's complete reparation to the boys

By the next day, Donald was luckily able to fully restore the houseboat faster than he imagined, as when the boys returned he was seen making the finishing touches for the paint job. Donald was skeptical about why they had returned so early, but nevertheless announced to them the good news about the boat being fully restored. Seeing Huey, Dewey and Louie upset even over the news, Donald asked them about what happened on the trip. When Dewey claimed they found out about the Spear of Selene incident, Donald became dispirited, as the boys then boarded the boat and requested that they leave the mansion and go back to the Marina.

Carrying boxes

Moving back to the Marina

Three days later in "The Shadow War," Donald and the boys were back on the Marina and had just finished moving their belongings back onto the boat with Webby's help. Noticing the boys still feeling gloomy over their departure from the mansion, Donald tried to cheer the boys up with some fish and crackers. While Webby was the only one willing to eat them, Donald noticed Dewey's absence and was about to run over to the steering wheel, only to find him by a staircase as he claimed he wasn't stealing the boat this time. Donald continued to notice the boys' upsetting state, as he saw them throwing away all the artifacts they had collected on all their adventures with Scrooge.


Donald showing the boys the brochure

This encouraged Donald to move the boat to the city of Cape Suzette for a fresh start, as he announced to the boys that he intended to move there first thing tomorrow, much to their excitement. Later while Donald was placing back the kitchen equipment, Webby and Launchpad barged into the room and began setting food around the counter. When Donald demanded to know what was going on, Webby informed him that she and Launchpad were throwing him and the boys a "heartwarming farewell dinner," to which Donald reluctantly allowed.

The feast

Webby making a toast

Once the dinner was set up, Webby showed them to the dinner table where she intended to have the theme of the feast being "culinary journey through Duckburg," in the hopes that Donald and the boys would change their mind about leaving. Once everyone was seated with Mrs. Beakley also having showed up for the boat party, Webby gave a toast and suggested to everyone that they say one nice thing about a relative. Dewey decided to pick Donald because he began to realize how devoted he was to his family over others, with Huey, Louie and Launchpad also complimenting Donald in the process.

Apple shortbread pie with a scoop of sea salt ice cream

Beakley introducing Scrooge's favorite dessert

Webby tried to imply to the boys to say something about Scrooge, but when Dewey began to question why they were acting strange throughout the dinner, Launchpad inflated a bounce house inside the houseboat to change the subject. This was when Beakley had started to catch on to what Webby and Launchpad were attempting to pull off, but instead of making them come clean, she decided to join them in convincing the boys to stay. Beakley then approached the boys with one of Scrooge's favorite desserts, but also proceeded to guilt trip them about their decision to leave the mansion. She went on to explain about Scrooge's search for Della almost leaving him bankrupt and broken on the inside from her disappearance, and how it was illogical for them to shove Scrooge out of their lives when they had already lost a family member dear to them in the past.

Family hug

Donald and the boys agreeing to go back to the mansion

Even so, Dewey decided to call out Mrs. Beakley and the others on their attempt to guilt trip them into going back to the mansion, claiming they had already made up their minds about going to Cape Suzette. Donald, on the other hand, decided to reject the idea of leaving, believing what Beakley was saying about Scrooge to be true. He also believed that Scrooge truly needed them in his life, as did they with him, stating that their family had been apart for too long and it was time for all of them to come back together. Eventually all three boys joined Donald in a group hug, having come to the conclusion that they should return to the mansion.

Aw phooey

Donald and the boys witnessing the attack at McDuck Manor

But just then, an explosion was heard outside as Donald and the others ran out to see what was happening. As they gazed upon the McDuck Manor, they noticed an enormous surge of power swirling around it, with evil sorceress Magica De Spell revealed to be the main cause of it. As Magica made her way towards Scrooge's Money Bin, she casted a spell on the city of Duckburg that caused everyone's shadows to come to life and turn against them, with Donald and the others included. Just as Beakley was about to suggest a plan to save Scrooge, another group of Gyro Gearloose, Lil Bulb and Manny had also met up with them after their own shadows wrecked their laboratory.

Voice modulator

Donald talking normally

Donald tried to suggest a plan to save Scrooge, but no one could fully understand what he was saying. This prompted Gyro to force Donald to swallow a voice box he invented, which allowed Donald to speak with clear enunciation. Donald proceeded to announce to the group that it was up to them to save Scrooge, as he encouraged them by quoting "these ducks don't back down." Although Beakley was about to suggest a plan, Donald cut her off and devised his own plan. He ordered Gyro, Manny and Bulb to charge the bridge to distract Magica's shadow forces, Launchpad to fly with the Sunchaser in order to catch Magica's attention, and Beakley and himself to sneak around the back of the bin using his houseboat.

I am the storm

I am the storm

Webby, Huey, Dewey and Louie wanted in on the action as well, but Donald ordered them to stay on the docks, believing Magica to be too dangerous of a foe for them to take on. Beakley initially wanted to take control of the wheel, but Donald disagreed, claiming it was his boat and thus his rules. However, as they were making their way towards the bin, Magica and her shadows had already begun attacking the boat, and eventually the boat engine overheated. Seeing no other option, Donald was forced to abandon his boat and swim the rest of the way towards the money, while Beakley was left to guard the boat from the shadows.

Fighting the shadows

Donald fighting the shadows

Once he made his way into the bin, he noticed the kids had already made their way into the bin, and defended them as they were about to be cornered by Magica's shadows. When Donald finished dealing with all the shadows, he revealed to the kids that he intentionally told them not to come as he already knew they were planning to get into the bin their own way. But as more shadow reinforcements were incoming, Donald decided to fend them off while the kids went to save Scrooge from Magica in the vault (which had already been broken into). As the fight proceeded, Donald was successfully able to fight off the shadows, but ran into some problems of his own as the voice box began to cause electric shocks to his body, and a shadow with a Gizmoduck suit was about to attack.

Victory against Magica

Donald celebrating the victory with the others in the bin

Once all the shadows were dealt with, Donald and the rest of the group still standing entered the vault to assist the kids with the fight against Magica. As Scrooge had flicked Magica's staff towards the vault entrance, Donald tried to grab it, but he instead slid down onto the money pile as the magical orb on the staff fell on his head and broke. This caused all the remaining shadows disappear, along with Magica losing all her powers once more to Scrooge and his family. With the battle won and Magica having fled, Beakley informed Donald about the sinking of his boat, and Donald himself coughed up the voice box and reverted back to his normal voice. Scrooge then offered everyone a swim in his Money bin of coins, As a way of celebrating for not only defeating Magica, but also bringing the family back together once more.

The Return to McDuck Manor

Game night

Scrooge announcing game night

Four months later in "The Most Dangerous Game Night," Donald and the boys were reinstated back to McDuck Manor along with the other workers of both the household and Scrooge's businesses. One day after another gruelling adventure for Louie, he suggested to Scrooge that they do something simple such as game night. This excited Scrooge so much, he announced game night surprisingly to everyone, including Donald who slipped and fell into the pool. When Scrooge ordered everyone to partner up, Donald was selected by Scrooge to be his partner. Scrooge also threatened to Donald that if they lost, he would take him out of the will, with Donald more surprised that he was on the will in the first place.



During the game of charades, Donald was the one acting out the thing they were supposed to be, while Scrooge was able to guess the answers faster than anyone originally thought. This eventually lead Webby and Dewey to realize that Scrooge chose Donald as a partner because of their expertise in non-verbal communication. Even though Donald and Scrooge had some minor bickering with the last guess, they easily beat Dewey and Webby because Dewey was unable to guess what Webby was on the first try.


Donald and Scrooge during Jenga

During the game of Jenga, Donald started to become impatient on Scrooge's slow steadiness with the blocks, with Scrooge retaliating by recalling other past experiences of reassembling. Luckily he was able to take the block out without the tower tumbling, and Scrooge and Donald shared a brief hug in celebration, but both of them immediately shrugged it off and shook hands instead. When it was Dewey and Webby's turn, the block tower immediately fell over as Huey and Louie began to freak out all of a sudden. Donald and the others were suspicious about Huey and Louie's odd behaviour, so they decided to move forward to the next game in the dining room.


Donald and the group playing Scroogeopoly

The final game was a game known as Scroogeopoly, but some of the group had their suspicions that the game was rigged considering Scrooge was the one who made it. As the game proceeds, Dewey and Webby ended up losing their money to Scrooge because of rental debts and tax fees, while Donald continuously landed in jail. However, the game was interrupted when a shrink ray carried by flies shrunk Donald, Scrooge, Webby, and Dewey as they then landed on the game board. They were then confronted by a miniature race known as the Gyropuddlians, who had also captured Launchpad and Gyro earlier that night.

Duck4 orig

Fighting against the Gyropuddlians

Louie (who was still normal sized) then strategized a plan for everyone to defeat the Gyropuddlians, as he ordered Launchpad to crash his way out of his trap, Donald and Scrooge to fend off the Gyropuddlians from attacking anyone else, Huey to tie up the Gyropuddlian they had accidentally increased in size, and Dewey and Webby to get up to the flies holding the shrink ray. During the fight, Dewey and Webby thought it would be better for Donald and Scrooge to do their job because they assumed them to be more in sync, judging from the previous games they played. Scrooge disagreed, stating how he was a billionaire while Donald was a moocher who ate his food and lived in his pool.


Everyone reverted back to their normal size

He also stated that driving each other crazy but still caring about each other more than anyone else doesn't make you friends, it makes you family. This filled Dewey and Webby with motivation, as they were then able to use a leaning card as a launchpad to reach high enough towards the flies. From there, they were able to lower the shrink ray for Louie to retrieve it, as he then grew everyone who was shrunken back to their normal size. But although they had just finished the massive fight, Scrooge was still more concerned about proceeding with the board game.

Screenshot 20181027-210202

Donald warning the boys about Fethry

Later in "The Depths of Cousin Fethry," Donald was assisting Scrooge in reorganizing his office with Huey and Dewey present, when suddenly a radio transmission began coming in on Scrooge's desk. Scrooge requested that the boys do not pick up the call, as he knew it was their cousin Fethry Duck calling from a secret deep sea laboratory. While Donald added that Fethry was "cuckoo bananas," Scrooge explained that every time they responded, it only ever ended up being a fools errand while embarking on a needlessly dangerous adventure. Donald also placed emphasis on all the explosions that occurred, while also stating the adventures to be a big waste of time in the end. But even when learning about Donald and Scrooge's history with Fethry, once they left the room the boys immediately responded to the call.

The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! 3

Panchito and Jose's introduction

Donald later accompanied the family on a trip to Brazil in "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice," where they planned to attend the blooming of a large and rare flower known as the Drosera occidendum. Donald, however, had his own plans for the trip, as it gave him the chance to reunite with his friends Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. When the kids questioned who they were, Scrooge revealed they were Donald's college buddies and had also formed a band together known as the Three Caballeros. Soon after, Donald and the others noticed Jose skydiving down from a plane, and Panchito stepping towards them with a guitar solo, with Scrooge whispering to Donald how much more impressive they seemed than him.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 7.30.54 PM

The secret handshake

Donald then approached them in celebration of their reunion, as they then shared a secret handshake together before greeting the rest of the family. When Jose and Panchito introduced themselves to the triplets, Jose recalled a time to Donald when he insisted he could juggle the eggs, and Panchito adding that he accidentally dropped one while doing so. When Scrooge questioned about the fees for the trip, Jose stated that he already took care of everyone's stay, having already had the experience as an international travel consultant. Panchito also added his status as a pop star who was always shrouded in fame for his singing talent.


Donald asking Huey and Scrooge for help

When the boys asked Panchito and Jose to tell them anything embarrassing about Donald, they revealed how Donald was always the cool one because of his status as a Globetrotting adventurer with his Uncle Scrooge. But when they asked Donald about his current work, Donald began to feel the pressure as he believed he had done nothing worthwhile with his life. When looking to Huey and Scrooge for help, Huey suggested that he plays the part of someone successful. Donald then approached Panchito and Jose by claiming he was a billionaire, with Huey adding how he intended to take over the family business so Scrooge could retire.

Wallet struggle

Wallet struggle

Although Scrooge disliked the idea, he was forced to go along with it as the role of a helpless old man, in fear that he would be forced to pay for the trip if Donald was caught lying. During Lunch, Donald intended to order something casual, but Huey instead suggested he orders something more cultural to keep up with the act. After lunch and inconspicuous whistling between Donald, Panchito, and Jose over the bill, Panchito suggested that Donald should pay because of his supposed rich status. This forced Donald to take Scrooge's wallet, but Scrooge was so hesitant on forking over his money that Huey had to step in from under the table and personally hand the wallet to Donald.

Donald's cap is an accordion

Donald playing the accordion

Later, Donald, Jose and Panchito took a stroll through the town while recalling many of their previous band concerts. Many of them included Donald getting concussions due to severe hits to the head because of his unbearable singing talent, but Donald claimed he had no memory of those events (implying he got amnesia). They all reminisced of how carefree and enjoyable their youth was, but also knew that they had all grown up and gained new responsibilities for their lives. In order to lighten the mood, the Caballeros decided to dance and create rhythms to a nearby radio song, where Donald played the accordion from what was originally thought to be just his sailor hat.

The Three Caballeros opening for Panchito Pistoles

Donald, Panchito and Jose planning to bring the band back together

Soon after, Donald announced abruptly to Huey and Scrooge that they planned to get the band back together, much to their surprise. Scrooge was furious at the news after Donald claimed he would be the one to pay for the tour and instruments, which caused the two of them to brawl over the wallet once more. Later, Huey attempted to reason with Donald by explaining to him the fees that would be involved with the tour, and how he had no money to pay for all of it. Nevertheless, Donald shrugged it off as he believed that considering Scrooge was rich, he could just pay him back at some point.

Thank you have a great day of course

The truth about the plant

But just then, Dewey, Louie and Webby ran towards the rest of the group and warned them that the writing on the fountain wasn't a legend, but a warning as it was revealed that Donald and the rest of the group were meant to be the real feast of the flower. Although Donald was reluctant at first, he eventually agreed to leave as he then went to go find Jose and Panchito while the others fled back to the plane. Once he found them, both Panchito and Jose were insistent on staying, believing the crowd outside was waiting to hear their performance.


Donald and the others admitting their lies

Due to Panchito and Jose's ongoing persistence in performing outside and for the tour, Donald was forced to admit that there wasn't going to be a tour. He also confessed that he lied about being a billionaire when in actuality he was broke, and he only lied to try and impress them. Although Panchito ridiculed Donald for lying to them, Jose then admitted he was also lying about being a travel consultant, but in actuality a flight attendant who cashed in all his airline points to pay for the trip. Panchito was then forced to admit that he was lying as well, as he wasn't actually a superstar but instead a small birthday party performer, who wanted the tour to help him relaunch his career.


The show must go on

But during their confessions, they noticed the commotion that was happening outside with the plant having captured the rest of the group. Although Donald initially planned to dive straight in to attack, Panchito and Jose instead suggested they go on with the performance using their signature song, but like the same way they did in a previous concert where they had to fight their way through the crowd. As they proceeded to sing the song, they continued to attack the plant while saving the rest of the group.

Curse these withered old limbs

Scrooge sorry but not sorry

Then during the last few lines, Donald's singing voice was so deafening, the plant rotted away as it then freed everyone else from its grasp. On the plane ride back home, Panchito suggested they should get the band back together for real, which Donald believed to be a great idea. However, Scrooge hated the idea and while still pretending to be a helpless old man, he grabbed Panchito's guitar and smashed it on the ground to ensure the idea wouldn't happen.

Wall of pectorals

Donald bumping into Storkules

During "Storkules in Duckburg," Donald saw the opportunity to make extra money by renting out the spare bedroom in his houseboat due to the boys moving to their own room in the Manor. After stealing one of Scrooge's chandeliers to make the room look more appealing, he accidentally ran into Storkules as he was on the boat. Although Donald demanded him to leave because his new roommate would be arriving soon, he was horrified to realize that Storkules himself was his new roommate after noticing his belongings on top of the boat.

Stokules on the boat

Donald realizing Storkules was his new roommate

When Donald asked Storkules why he was in Duckburg, Storkules stated that because of his idling hobbies, his father Zeus grew agitated with him and launched a hail of creatures known as Harpies on Maceduckia out of rage. As punishment for Storkules' childish acting, Zeus threw him out of Greece while ordering him to become more of a responsible adult. Because Storkules considered Donald to be the most responsible person he knew, he decided to come to Duckburg to learn more from him, much to Donald's displeasure.

Cohabitant Donald good morrow

Donald noticing the fire Storkules started

The next morning, Donald was awoken to the sounds of an explosion coming from the kitchen. When he went to check it out, he noticed flames around the kitchen counter as Storkules was attempting to put them out. Storkules explained that when he activated the stove, a large hissing sound came out of it (flames and smoke). Believing that a foe filled it with dangerous monsters, he pulled the Stove out from the wall and threw it outside the boat. Donald then decided to set some ground rules between him and Storkules by showing him a list of rules he had to follow as the role of a roommate. One of which Donald pointed out was paying the rent on time, but although Storkules assumed he could pay with his friendship, Donald blatantly wrote on the rules that friendship wasn't money.

Donald Sleeping

Louie sneaking into Donald's room

Donald suggested to Storkules that he finds himself a job, but while he was saying that they noticed a swarm of Harpies flying close to the Manor. Storkules went to keep them away from the Manor, while Donald shouted out to him about the rule of no pets on the boat either. Meanwhile, Louie, Webby and Huey hired Storkules to be the catcher for their new Harp-be-gone business, but Donald was not aware that the Harpies Storkules was catching were being stored in his own bedroom closet. However, one night after Louie realized his business was in danger because there were no more Harpies left to catch, he sneaked into Donald's room while he was sleeping with the idea of letting the captured Harpies roam free again.

Closet trouble

Donald about to open the closet

However, Storkules caught Louie just as he was about to let them out. After their minor conversation, Donald was eventually woken up while Storkules and Louie struggled to convince him to go back to sleep. But when Donald noticed the Harpies inside his closet, Louie attempted to shrug it off as a pet he wanted to keep, but he was not aware of Donald's no pets rule for the houseboat. This lead Donald to willingly opening the closet door, and thus letting the Harpies loose as they began swarming the manor. As angry as Donald was with Storkules, he still decided to deal with the Harpies situation himself.

Storkules saves Donald

Storkules saving Donald

Even so, when Storkules shouted to Donald that their friendship was the one thing he loved most, this lead the Harpies to stealing the boat and flying away with Donald still on board (considering Harpies prey on anything people love most). In order to save Donald, Storkules used his super jumping ability while taking Louie with him to jump onto the houseboat still in the air. Just as Donald was about to fall from the boat while barely hanging onto the rudder, Storkules was able to reach out and grab him right when he slipped. Instead of staying angry at Storkules, Donald hugged him as a way of thanking him for saving his life.

Returning to land

Donald, Louie and Storkules returning to the manor

Donald then assisted Louie in throwing all the Harp-be-gone merchandise he stored on the boat, as the merchandise attracted the Harpies which lead them to lower the boat back down to the mansion. While returning home, Storkules expressed how he wasn't noble enough to remain roommates with Donald. Although Donald wasn't intending to stay roommates with him either, he was willing to help Storkules find an apartment somewhere in Duckburg, much to Storkules' delight.


Donald setting up decorations

On Christmas night in "Last Christmas," Donald was seen decorating the lawn and inflating snowmen while singing Christmas carols to himself. However, Scrooge then came outside and demanded Donald to take the decorations down. When Donald believed Scrooge's lawn to be the perfect spot for a winter wonderland, Scrooge reminded Donald that he had a pilot who couldn't tell the difference between Christmas lights and landing lights. As Donald then noticed a plane coming straight for him, he rushed to take all the decorations down, but tied himself up with the Christmas lights in the process.

Dewey alone

Dewey feeling down

Donald later barged into Dewey's room to get him into the Christmas spirit, but noticed he was trying to hide something under his pillow. When Donald snatched the item away, he realized it was the family photo of him, Della, Scrooge, and the triplets while they were still eggs. Knowing that Dewey was feeling down for spending another Christmas without his mother, Donald decided to let him be, while also feeling upset afterwards as well.

Last Christmas! 1

Everyone singing Christmas carols together

Later that night, Scrooge and Dewey returned from their time travel adventures and introduced Donald and the other Manor inhabitants to the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Dewey then approached Donald for a hug, with Donald saying welcome back to him, leaving Dewey to wonder if Donald remembered what happened the Christmas he ran into a younger version of him. The two then join the rest of the group in singing Christmas carols for the remainder of the night.

Donald mourning

Donald crying over Scrooge's supposed death

A while after in "The 87 Cent Solution," Donald was seen helping Gyro experiment on the security systems in the Money bin. In most of the footage, Donald was seen being knocked down by numerous booby traps Gyro had set up for burglar emergencies. Afterwards, Donald was seen crying on Scrooge's casket after he had supposedly died from "golden fever," while shouting how too young he was to have died and running away from sadness. But when he returned, he saw Scrooge alive and well, leading him to faint and for Louie to realize he forgot to tell Donald about the setup to get Glomgold to confess his time freezing scheme.

The Departure From Earth

Dead rising

Donald witnessing the dead rising

Later on in "The Golden Spear," years of adventure began to molt Donald's feathers to the point where they would fall off from stress. in order to prevent further damage, Donald decided to take is easy one afternoon and rest on a prescription hammock meant for stress relief. But as he was calmly reading a book, Huey and Webby interrupted Donald's rest because they wanted to ask him for his old VCR to watch a video of the Necronomicon set. Huey tried to lower Donald's worries by claiming that there was nothing supernatural happening with the video. But a few moments later, zombies began to rise from the ground just as Donald was getting comfortable again, forcing him to run off.

Sleep failure

Donald having trouble with sleeping

While the zombies were chasing Huey and Webby, Donald also struggled to defend them as he used a chainsaw to try killing the zombies, but their split limbs still continued to move on their own. Huey then used a reverse spell from his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook to send the dead back underground, but Donald lost most of his head feathers due to a zombie's arm still stuck to his head. Donald then began to get further paranoid over the adventurous distractions, as he made his way to his houseboat to rest better. However, he was once again interrupted after Dewey arrived with flying shoes, and Storkules appearing once again while explaining Dewey's journey in becoming messenger of the gods.

Oh no

Donald running into Storkules once again

Unfortunately Zeus was displeased with Dewey's new status, as he began reigning lighting around the houseboat while declaring war on Dewey himself. Dewey assured Donald that everything was going to be alright, but Donald was then struck with a bolt of lightning while collapsing into the pool, as more feathers continued to fall off him. As Donald was about to attack Zeus with Storkules using his hammock as a slingshot, Donald attempted to back out, but decided to go through with it once he realized Zeus was about to attack Dewey. Eventually the battle was won and Storkules decided to give him further words of bravery, but Donald ignored him and walked off with his hammock, believing everything was still fine.

Crazy Donald

Donald's stress increasing

Donald then decided to sneak into Scrooge's bedroom closet for some peace and quiet, only for Scrooge to come in and find not only Donald, But also Louie who was searching Scrooge's clothing for spare change, and a mysterious goat standing in between them. The goat then started to talk and clarified his form only acting as terrestrial, and that the laws of man didn't apply in the ethereal realm of Goatoom, a nether world of untold treasures. Much to Scrooge and Louie's excitement, they entered the portal to the realm, with Donald forcibly tagging along. Eventually they returned, but Donald's mental state had started to become increasingly agonizing to the point where he curled up in a ball from his constant inability to rest.

Cruise announcement

Scrooge and the kids gifting Donald a month long cruise

Dewey, Webby and Huey then barged into the room asking Donald for assistance on their next adventures, but Donald instead ignored them all while taking his hammocking and leaving the room, claiming everything was not fine. He then returned to his houseboat and decided to throw the hammock away, realizing its ineffectiveness in stress relief. But just then, Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and Storkules entered the room and surprised Donald with a month long cruise in the Caribbean for him to finally relax. Although Donald was hesitant in leaving the kids behind, Huey assured him they had an entire family now to keep them safe. Scrooge then told him to have a relaxing time (especially since the cruise was non-refundable), and the kids gave him a farewell hug for safe travels.

Rocket relaunch

Donald unsuccessfully attempting to leave the Spear of Selene

However, that evening while Donald was waiting at the bus stop with his luggage, he noticed a rocket ship crashing to the ground and immediately recognized it as the Spear of Selene. When he ran over to crash site, he called for his sister Della numerous times as he then boarded the ship to look for her. But when he climbed back up to the cockpit, he accidentally landed his hand on a button which then initiated a relaunch sequence for the rocket. Donald desperately tried to exit the ship before the launch began, but to no avail as he and the ship were sent flying into the sky.


Donald captured by the Moonlanders

Immediately after in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck," Donald was still trapped within the Spear of Selene freaking out over his predicament, as he and the ship made its way into orbit. Eventually the rocket began to spiral out of control and it crash landed on the Moon. When Donald escaped from the rocket, he was luckily able to find a pack of Gyro's Oxy-Chew gum invention that allowed him to breathe in space. Suddenly, he was then approached by two aliens pointing weapons at him named Gibbous and Zenith, who were from a race known as the Moonlanders. Donald claimed to have come in peace, but neither Gibbous or Zenith could understand him. However, General Lunaris of the Moonlanders then approached Donald, as he ordered them to seize him.

What ever happened to Donald Duck (5)

Lunaris placing a strap on Donald to keep him from talking

Some time after the crash in "What Ever Happened to Donald Duck," Donald was held as both a captive and example of motivation for Lunaris during his speech to his fellow Moonlanders. He made them believe Donald was a supposed spy that was captured and admitted the Earth's plan to invade them. Lunaris then placed a golden strap on Donald's beak to keep him from telling the truth, much to Donald's annoyance as he attempted to slip it off using his feet. Meanwhile Lunaris placed a badge on soldier Penumbra and promoted her to captain, for supposedly first figuring out Earth's plans to invade through Donald and Della.

Jail cell

Donald stuck in the Tranquility prison

Donald was then transported to the Tranquility prison while witnessing the construction of golden rocket ships, designed similarly to the Spear of Selene through Della's rocket manual. While inside his cell and the guard gone, Donald attempted to break out of the prison by bashing his head into the rock wall, causing minor cracks. But as Lunaris and Penumbra were making their way towards Donald's cell, he attempted to cover it up with a nearby poster. However, Lunaris decided to order Penumbra to instead transport Donald over to the gold mines for labor duty, where hopefully it would break Donald's spirit of any attempts to escape. Once Lunaris left and Penumbra opening the cell, Donald attempted to maneuver his way around her, but to no avail.

Fake aiming

Donald and Penumbra making their way towards Lunaris' private hangar

Eventually Penumbra pinned Donald to the wall and admitted her acquaintance relationship with his sister, as well as her awareness of Lunaris' lies. Knowing that neither of them want the invasion to happen, Penumbra believed that considering Donald is of the same family who built the rocket ship, he has a good chance of finding a certain weakness to the ships that could deactivate them for good. Although Donald had no idea how to find it, Penumbra mistook his shaking head as an Earth yes. They then began walking over to Lunaris' private hangar to find the rocket ship's blueprints, but were noticed by Gibbous and Zenith along the route.

Bug problem

Donald and the Moon bug

As a cover story, Penumbra stated she was merely sparring with Donald as practice for the invasion, much to Gibbous and Zenith's delight as they also took turns punching Donald. As they continued making their way down the hall, Penumbra ordered Donald to take the small tunnel system over to the hangar in order to avoid being further spotted by other soldiers, as she claimed she would meet him there. As Donald made his way through the tunnels, he was forced to crawl away from a Moon bug approaching him. While doing so, he accidentally dropped through a hole which brought him into the Soldier's barracks as they were all sleeping.

Bit of a snag

Donald alerting the Moonlander Soldiers

Donald carefully maneuvered his way around the room without waking anyone up, but the bug from earlier made its way into the room as well. This lead Donald to soothing all the soldiers the bug was crawling around in order to keep them asleep, but as soon as the bug crawled inside Donald, his shrieks alerted the entire room. Luckily Donald's spasms to the bug crawling around him also allowed him to defeat all the soldiers, as Penumbra then arrived in the room and was impressed at Donald's ability to handle himself. Donald and Penumbra then made their way towards the hangar, and as Donald was about to lean on the wall, it was revealed that Lunaris had a secret war room hidden with their holographic technology.

Schemes uncovered

Donald and Penumbra searching through Lunaris' invasion plans

Penumbra proceeded to analyze the computer's information, as the entire room then filled up with hologram screens containing photos of inhabitants from Earth, including Donald's entire family. Penumbra then realized that Lunaris had already been prepping an invasion since before Della arrived on the Moon, and that he observantly identified anyone or any place among Earth he deemed a threat to the invasion. They then stumble upon a control system used for a machine centered in the room, where it's revealed that Lunaris had already attempted to create rockets of his own, which Penumbra believes is why Lunaris wanted Della's manual in the first place.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 3.16.35 PM

Donald attempting to flee from Lunaris

Just then, a screen popped up of Roxanne Featherly giving a live news report, which allowed Penumbra to discover a transmission device. She then gave the device to Donald and ordered him to get to the highest point to warn Earth about the looming invasion, but was suddenly electrocuted by the badge Lunaris placed on her earlier, and fell to the ground unconscious. Lunaris then arrived as Donald continued to make his way on top of the machine to send the message. However, Lunaris stood in his way to stop him from making it to the top, forcing Donald to try and fight his way there against Lunaris.

Lunarispsycho (6)

Donald in his rage form against Lunaris

Unfortunately Donald's hits were futile, as Lunaris began to gloat by explaining how instead of attacking his smart, tough and sharp Uncle Scrooge first, he intended eliminate his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie first in order to break Scrooge's spirit. With Donald growing furious at the idea of Lunaris putting harm onto his nephews, he commenced into his rage form and put up a decent fight against Lunaris. However, Lunaris was still able to outmaneuver Donald, but also allowed Donald to swift by him with the transmission device to send a message to Earth.

Second departure

Donald initiating the launch sequence to Lunaris' test rocket

Donald decided to send the message to Scrooge by saying the invasion was going to be around a month from then, and that he'd be back home soon. Just as the message was sent, Lunaris snatched the device from Donald and broke it to prevent any further communication to Earth. In order to escape from the Moon, Donald slid down the machine and into one of Lunaris' test rockets, where he was forced to initiate launch to avoid Lunaris capturing him once again. However, during takeoff as Donald was entering the Earth's orbit, he began to feel immense pressure due to the increasing speed of the rocket, but motivated himself through his nephews' safety to stay strong during the ride. Meanwhile on Earth, Scrooge received Donald's message, but was unable to understand the warning due to poor reception. At which time, Donald's rocket was seen flying across Duckburg for a short time, unknown to Scrooge or anyone else.

Family Reunion


Donald and Della furious for not knowing where one another had been

A couple months later in "Moonvasion," it was revealed that Donald had survived the ride on the rocket, but had crash landed on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere with no communication or transportation to the outside world. In order to survive, Donald spent most of his time eating sand and drinking sea water, while also growing a beard and imagining himself a friend made out of watermelon he dubbed Melon. But one day, he discovered that the Sunchaser had also just crash landed onto the island, and upon further inspection he realized Webby, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Della were aboard the plane as he noticed them leaving the wreckage. Donald was most surprised to see Della among them after having been away from one another for over eleven years, but as they approached one another, they both grew furious and demanded to know where the other had been.


A long overdue reunion and hug

Della stated that if he was still home when she got back he would've known that she had been stuck on the Moon, while also adding that the Moon was currently invading Earth. Donald then claimed he was already aware of the invasion beforehand, which is why he sent a warning to them, but Della claimed they never received a warning. Dewey initially tried to break up the fight, but then tackled Donald to the ground after previously realizing he was supposed to be named Turbo by Della, but Donald instead decided to name him Dewey. Although the fighting between Della and Donald continued, eventually they both angrily stated how much they missed each other, and made up with a tearful hug.


Donald, Della, Melon and the kids joining in on a group hug

However, Della and the others had begun to get a little freaked out after witnessing Donald mimic his voice through Melon. Melon then went on to explain Donald's disappearance by stating his escape from the Moon with the assistance of Penumbra, along with his hard lifestyle while on the island. Although Donald believed his family had been searching for him for months, in actuality they believed he had been taking an extended stay on the cruise he was suppose to go on. Even so, Donald knew the best option was to go back to Duckburg and help Scrooge, learning how big of a threat Lunaris really is from the time he spent on the Moon fighting him.


Della kicking Melon into the ocean out of anger

Della on the other hand disagreed, believing the best idea was to stay as far away from the Moonlanders as possible in order to keep each other safe. Later, Della attempted to convince everyone that they should just stay and live on the island, but everyone else took into consideration of the danger themselves and the Earth were in, while also adding that they may as well be living on the Moon. Although Della herself also began to lose it, once she realized it really was the Moon all over again, she kicked Melon far into the ocean out of anger, much to Donald's surprise.


Donald admitting he sang Della's lullaby to the boys every night

While Della was alone and upset at herself in the plane wreckage, Louie tried to cheer her up by recalling an old song he knew when he was little. Della then realized the song was the same lullaby she used to sing to them before they hatched, as Donald approached them and added that he used to sing that song to the triplets every night when they were young. This motivated Della enough to face the unknown together as a family, but she was still unsure how to get back to Duckburg. Just then, Della and Donald's cousins Fethry and Gladstone arrived on the island as they were riding on top of Fethry's friend Mitzy.


Donald and the others departing on Mitzy back to Duckburg

Gladstone explained that just before the invasion happened, a gust of wind luckily blew his Gladyear Blimp away from the city and along the ocean, which allowed him to meet up with Fethry. He then states that he discovered a trail of melons around the ocean which lead them to the island Donald and the others were currently on, but Donald was appalled to see that the watermelon Gladstone was currently eating was his imaginary friend Melon. Nevertheless, everyone boarded Mitzy (with Donald now fully shaved) and made their way back to Duckburg to help stop the invasion.


Donald and the family arriving to disable the rocket ship

Back in Duckburg, Scrooge and his remaining allies were attempting to disable Lunaris' mothership in order to stop it from orbiting around the Moon fast enough that it would inevitably freeze the entire planet. Although Scrooge and the others weren't able to defeat Lunaris in a fight, Donald and the others arrived in the nick of time to help disable to ship. With the help of Launchpad who had slingshotted into the ship, Mitzy was able to break apart one of the legs keeping the ship stable, forcing Lunaris to flee with the ship back into space.


Della and the kids signalling Scrooge to back off his accusations towards Donald

Once the ship was out of sight, Donald climbed down from Mitzy to greet Scrooge. However, Scrooge was initially angry at Donald for not giving him his assistance during the invasion, believing he had been loathing around on the vacation cruise the entire time he was gone. Just as Donald was about to lose his temper with Scrooge, the hand and face gestures Della and the kids were giving behind Donald's back were a signal to Scrooge saying that it wasn't the case. Just then, Lunaris turned his ship back around to head for Earth, while announcing that if the Earth won't live in fear of the Moon, then they'll die in fear of it.


The family preparing to stop Lunaris

In order to stop Lunaris from destroying the Earth, a small group consisting of Donald, Della, Scrooge, Webby, Huey, Dewey, and Louie boarded a nearby unguarded invasion ship and made their way into space to destroy Lunaris' mothership once and for all. Once they approached the mothership and began taking fire from Lunaris, Scrooge acted as the commander of the ship, Dewey and Louie fired the lasers while Huey and Webby aimed, and Donald and Della continued to fight over which one would take control over the ship's movement. Although Donald believed to be the better pilot because of his sailing skills, Della proved otherwise and was favored to be the better controller because of her piloting skills.


Donald and Della unable to find an angle out of Lunaris' surprise attack

Although the size difference was not in their favor, the group managed to put up a sufficient amount of damage on Lunaris' blasters for the first couple strikes on his ship. Della then flew the ship towards the back of the mothership's rocket engine, hoping to place the final blow on disabling the ship's power supply. However, this turned out to be another trap by Lunaris, as he then activated hidden lasers centered around the mothership's rocket engine. This forced Della to move in closer to the rocket engine, as every time she tried to move away from the ship, their rocket would only get further damaged. With no angle out and their weapons disabled, Lunaris increased the power on the mothership's engine to place enough heat on the group's rocket that could soon cause it to explode.


Della introducing Donald to Penumbra again

But just as Lunaris was about to proclaim victory over the family, he received an alert that another ship was headed straight for the rocket engine. It was then revealed that Penumbra had taken the original Spear of Selene from the Moon, as she then flew it into the mothership's engine, causing it to explode. Luckily Penumbra survived the explosion, as she then flew straight into the glass screen of the group's ship, where Della wanted to introduce her to her family (including Donald whom she already met), but realized she had to let her into the ship before she slipped away into space.


Everyone celebrating together after the victory over Lunaris

With Lunaris' ship now disabled, Goddess of the Moon Selene informed him of his new role as the Earth's newest Moon (much to his dismay), while her brother Storkules proceeded to move the Earth back into orbit. Meanwhile, Donald and the others crash landed their invasion rocket back into Earth right in front of McDuck Manor. The Moonlanders then made peace with all the inhabitants of Duckburg after realizing their leader's true intentions, as Donald and the rest of the family witnessed the citizens being uncuffed and acting civil with the other Moonlanders. When Donald and Della are asked by Louie what they should do now, Della then hugged Donald and the kids while claiming she wasn't sure, but whatever it was they would do it together. Donald then joined in with everyone else on the group shot standing along side Della, unaware he and everyone else were being watched by another looming threat.



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"Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!" -Webby VanderquackWoo-oo!

"Like Uncle Donald says, family always helps family." - Huey Duck

"So you have to worst luck in the world who cares, when things get bad like really really bad you keep going it's kinda ridiculous. You never had the common sense to give up before; why start now?" - Louie Duck

"I am the Storm." - Donald Duck

"Ducks Don't Back Down."- Donald Duck



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  • Donald Duck has appeared in the most Disney comics (along with Huey, Dewey, and Louie).
  • In the first episode of the 2017 series Woo-oo!, Donald's contemporary blue and yellow sailor shirt, including the red bowtie, briefly appear before being destroyed in Donald's efforts to prepare for a job interview. Donald later appears in photographs wearing the outfit, but it is never seen again for either the first or second season. Donald later receives a bowtieless black and white version of his sailor shirt, a design calling back to the original Donald Duck comics, after being hired for a short time by Glomgold.
  • In "The Spear of Selene!" Donald and his family were revealed to have made friends with the Greek Gods Storkules and Selene prior to the series and before Della's disappearance.
  • In "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!" it's revealed that both Donald and Scrooge are experts at non-verbal communication due to thirty years of constantly trying to guess what Donald's saying
  • In "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!" it's revealed that during Donald's college years, he used to enjoy spending his time with friends Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca. They also formed a band together known as The Three Caballeros, but the majority of the crowds disliked them due to their singing (particularly Donald's).
  • As seen in "Last Christmas!," Donald used to have an emo hairstyle when he was still a pre-teen, as well as an obsession to writing songs with his electric guitar.
  • Donald's confirmed birthday is June 9. Coincidentally, it was the same day that The Wise Little Hen debuted (which Donald originated from).
  • A recurring theme for Donald during this series is his inability to keep his boat together. In Woo-oo!, his boat was destroyed due to Dewey keeping the engine running for too long. In Daytrip of Doom!, the boat suffered fire damage while setting up generators. In Jaw$!, the boathouse is further damaged by he confrontation with the money shark. In The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!, even with Donald's confidence in the boat being nearly repaired, explosions from the boat can easily be seen in the background. In The Shadow War!, his boat is once more destroyed once Beakley failed to stop the shadow monsters from tearing the boat apart, and soon after causing it to sink into the water.
  • Donald and his sister Della are the first descendants of three major families; the Duck Family, Clan McDuck, and the Coot Family.
  • Donald and his sister Della's parents have never been seen in person nor through a flashback throughout the entire series, making it unknown as to when they went to live with Scrooge prior to the Spear of Selene incident.
  • Donald's voice actor for this series is also the current voice for Donald in other media.
  • Donald's confirmed middle name is Fauntleroy.
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