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Aw, phooey!

–Donald Duck's catchphrase

Donald Fauntleroy Duck is one of the nine main protagonists of DuckTales 2017. He was originally casted as a recurring character in DuckTales 1987. He is the nephew of Scrooge McDuck, uncle of Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, and the older twin brother of Della Duck.


Donald Duck is a fiery, devoted, independent and caring duck, who has taken responsibility for his sister's kids as their guardian. Giving them love and protection as if they were his children, doing anything to protect them from danger.

Donald is extremely overprotective of his nephews, to the point where he feels uncomfortable leaving them alone. Before his nephews met Scrooge McDuck, Donald never let them venture far, keeping a close eye on them as they tend to sneak away; as seen in the comic "The Chilling Secret of the Lighthouse!".

Yet once when he realized how capable they were during their first adventure with their great-uncle Scrooge McDuck in the pilot episode, Donald gives them the freedom to have adventures with Scrooge, although originally on birthdays or federal holidays until his houseboat exploded because of Dewey.

Donald has altruism and compassion for his family as well as other people, often answering requests to lend a hand. Even if either party may have treated him poorly in the past. Such as when he allowed Flintheart Glomgold's henchmen access to the submarine while Atlantis was falling apart. He does the same thing in The House of the Lucky Gander! where he tries to help his cousin Gladstone, even though he despises Gladstone's smug luck and lax behaviour.

Donald is honest, straight-forward, aggressive, short-tempered, as when something is unfair or has angered him, he is the one to express his opinion on it in the loudest way possible. He doesn't hold back to express his fury and love, often resorting to temper tantrums as an outlet. This has gotten him into trouble, as his anger almost always leads to a chaotic rampage of quacking and a chain of comedic destruction. However, this can be used against his enemies. This is well displayed in Daytrip of Doom!, where Donald single-handedly took on two of the Beagle Boys (one being the significantly larger Bouncer) out of sheer rage for the kidnappers ransoming his boys.

He can also be quite stubborn, holding a high value to his independence and his desires. In the Daytrip of Doom!, Donald's attitude towards Mrs. Beakley in regards to her house rules is dismissive, to say the least, as he openly opposes her for any form of assistance. This self-proclaimed competition is immediately ignored, however, after finding the ransom note tied to a brick.

Although mostly well-meaning, Donald can prove to be unpredictable, as well as a "financial risk," as put by Huey in Who is Gizmoduck?! His explosive temper can be set off in moments of frustration, impatience, and typically when nothing goes his way.

This is likely due to his outstandingly terrible luck. In The House of the Lucky Gander! it was stated by Louie that Donald was "the unluckiest duck in the world." Donald's luck has been shown to extend to various levels of unfortunate circumstances, including physical injury, property damage, vocal misunderstandings, misplaced respect from others, unintended massive responsibilities, and a bittersweet lack of previous interests.

Even though his misfortunes set him up for failure, Louie states the best thing about Donald is that he never gives up. Persistent, devoted and stubborn, Donald's misadventures make him a survivor, a quality his nephews' respect. Webby even went as far as describing him as a daring hero in Woo-oo!.

Through all of Donald's emotional tendency of affection, protectiveness, and fury, Donald has shown to be insecure, as nothing comes easy for him. The opinion of others can sometimes drag him into being depressed. This is well shown in The House of the Lucky Gander!, where Donald's bad luck brings him down while his cousin Gladstone's good luck gives him everything, causing Donald to feel like a loser. Donald is discouraged further when his nephews favor Gladstone and Scrooge more than him, making him feeling hurt and belittled. This, however, has been known to change throughout the series. As seen in The Shadow War!, when asked by Webby to say one nice thing about a relative, the nephews prefer to only say nice things about Donald since after hearing about the story of what happened to their mother, they begin to appreciate how devoted he is to his family. As well as the reasoning as to why Donald has always been so overprotective of them in their lives. This cheers Donald up very much, knowing his nephews meant every word and allowing him to feel achieved as a guardian to them for all these years. And when Donald's confidence shows, he shows signs of great leadership and initiative, as seen in The Shadow War! when Donald takes charge of saving Scrooge.

Despite his negative traits, Donald's positivity, loyalty, and perseverance shine when he gives his all for the ones he loves.


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Physical Appearance

Donald Duck is a white anthropomorphic duck with a yellow-ochre bill, legs, and feet. He usually wears a sleek black sailor shirt that has four golden buttons and white accents with a white sailor cap that has black accents to match. He originally used to wear a blue sailor uniform, but it can be seen being worn by Donald in some episodes. As shown in "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!", Donald's cap is an accordion.

Skills and Abilities

"You never had the common sense to give up before, why start now?"

–Louie to Donald

Despite Donald's bad luck his impressive abilities are found in his bravery, determination and will to fight when he has to this usually is brought when he is protecting his family.
  • Experienced adventurer: Donald has and continues to travel numerous globetrotting adventures along side his family ever since he was a kid. As seen during stories like "The Frightful Family Fishing Trip!", Donald is proven to have gained tactful experience over the years as an adventurer, ranging from puzzle solving to taking down villains as he continuously learned from both Scrooge and his past mistakes.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combat: Donald has shown to have competent fight skills when alongside his family for an adventure, and is proven to be the most dangerous fighter of the family when angered. [2] He is also fast and strong as shown in episodes like The Shadow War!, The House of the Lucky Gander!, The Most Dangerous Game...Night!, What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!, Quack Pack!, Louie's Eleven! and Daytrip of Doom!.
  • Leadership: When he's confident and determined, Donald shows signs of great leadership and intuition as shown in The Shadow War! to the point that it even shocks and impresses Beakley enough to follow his lead.
  • Superhuman Leaping: The House of the Lucky Gander!
  • Navigation:
  • Dynamic Speed and Strength: During times when Donald gets angry, his abilities switch into high-gear. He becomes stronger, faster, and way more determined when his family (more specifically his nephews) are in danger, and with his compromise and he becomes bolder in saving those who are important to him. He displays this when he was single-handedly pounding Bouncer and Burger Beagle in Daytrip of Doom! to save his nephews, impressing even Bentina Beakley before she joined in the fight. This is also shown when he fought Lunaris in What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?! after the alien threatened to kill his kids and his anger allowed him to move so fast he caught Lunaris off-guard, fighting on par with the Moonlander (something which even Scrooge couldn't do on his own) for a short time and delivered strong and powerful blows to the alien that he was initially struggling against.
  • Resilience: Due to Donald's bad luck, he can often get injured in the mishap but stand back up. This is shown on many occasions but the most impressive was in What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?! where he endured the rocket trip back to Earth even though it was unstable and he was unprepared.
  • Carpentry: After numerous occasions of Donald's houseboat getting destroyed, he is shown to have somewhat of a carpentry skill due to the numerous times he's managed to return his boat back to its original state.
  • Guitar: Although he lacks in vocals among his peers (excluding Daisy), he is shown to have experience with playing the guitar after having done a few performances with his Three Caballeros group, as well as playing it in front of his girlfriend Daisy.



Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is Donald's uncle through his youngest sister, Hortense McDuck. He used to live with Scrooge inside McDuck Manor at least by his pre-teens, where they spent a lot of time together when he was younger, going on many adventures with Scrooge and his sister Della. After Della's disappearance into space on a rocket Scrooge built, Donald and Scrooge had a falling out due to Donald blaming Scrooge for the disappearance of Della, even though Scrooge spent half of his fortune attempting to bring her back. This lasted for ten years until the beginning of the series, when Donald asked Scrooge to babysit his nephews, due to almost being late for a job interview. Donald was skeptical and nervous to leave his nephews with Scrooge at first and later had his fears confirmed when he learned of Scrooge including the boys on his expedition to Atlantis. However, he eventually realized that Scrooge could also teach the boys how to survive tough situations while admitting he was overprotective. Due to an explosion on Donald's boat caused by Dewey for keeping the engine running, Scrooge agreed to let them move into McDuck Manor.

At times, Donald and Scrooge have shown to still care for one another deep down, as seen in The Most Dangerous Game...Night! when Donald and Scrooge share a brief hug over winning but try to shrug it off as nothing with a handshake soon after. Scrooge then admits he considers Donald a moocher that lives in his pool and eats his food, even though he's assisted him on a few profitable adventures. He and Scrooge mostly have a love-hate relationship, for example in The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! when he consistently hesitated to give Donald money to impress his friends but also refused to lose Donald after learning he wanted to bring the band back together. Also in The 87 Cent Solution! when the fake funeral was being held for Scrooge, Donald was the only one who wasn't told about the setup, leading him to believe he was dead. He can be seen mourning in front of the casket, running out in tears and even fainting at the sight of Scrooge still being alive, showing how much he truly still cares about his uncle's well-being.

Della Duck

Della is Donald's twin sister who isn't currently around, he does her the favour of being her children's guardian. Not much is said about Donald and Della's relationship, but based on Donald's behavior in The Spear of Selene!, it's shown that Donald is very sensitive about her disappearance. Last Christmas! Donald was going through a punk rock phase, and try to become mature and independent in the process, but, he ends up leaving Della behind upsetting her. Yet he sees that later and is genuinely sorry about it that he apologize for and promises to stick together from then on.

Before the events of Woo-oo!, Donald and Della were very close, as they travelled the world and went on adventures with their uncle Scrooge. Their relationship, however, had ended on a sour note for more than 10 years, as explained in The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!, when Donald was seen yelling at Della in a flashback about the risks of the outer space expedition she was intending on achieving. Della later mentions "the only person I managed to bunk with was my brother, and we fought constantly".

It is unknown whether or not they had another conversation before Della stole the Spear of Selene. At the end of The Golden Spear!, Donald is the first of the family to realize that Della is still alive when he spots the Spear of Selene landing on Earth for the first time in ages. He falls steps short of reuniting with her when his bad luck activates the Spear of Selene and he flies away in her place.

During Moonvasion!, the twins reunite after Della, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby accidentally find Donald stranded on a deserted island. When Donald and Della approach each other they immediately become furious with one another, Donald with Della for not getting his message and Della with Donald for his long absence. But after angrily admitting and realizing how much they've missed each the twins reconcile with a tearful hug which they haven't had in years and was overdue a long time ago.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are Donald's nephews and as well as being their uncle, Donald is also their guardian. Even though they can troublesome Donald loves them unconditionally as if they were his kids, and ten years with them has brought him to the point where Donald has become an overprotective father-figure to the triplets. In the events of Woo-oo! his protectiveness had gone to a ridiculous extent, and as seen in photographs Donald helps Dewey take his first steps while being surrounded by pillows, and when Donald is shown to have Huey wear football fatigues just to be the water boy. Yet even if he goes overboard his parental nature is in the right place. As shown time and time again that he will risk his own life to rescue his nephews.

Gladstone Gander

Donald and Gladstone are cousins, and as they grew up they spent a lot of time together. However, even though he's family, Donald always had a strong dislike and even envy of Gladstone's luck. During their time growing up together, whenever something good happened to Gladstone, something bad happened to Donald; this irritated Donald making him feel insignificant. Yet despite their stark difference in fortune, he would still help him out because Donald is always there for the family. This is shown in The House of the Lucky Gander!.

Fethry Duck

Fethry is Donald's paternal cousin who believes himself to be Donald's favorite cousin, but it is never confirmed by Donald himself. As explained in The Depths of Cousin Fethry!, Donald's adventures with Fethry often end up being pointlessly dangerous and a big waste of time, with Donald emphasizing on all the explosions that occurred during then. Nevertheless, Fethry has also assisted Donald in some of his problems including rescuing him from a deserted island with the help of his sea friend Mitzy, as well as transporting him and their family back to Duckburg to assist in the battle against the Moonlanders.

Webby Vanderquack

Very few interactions are shown between Donald and Webby, but Webby is known to be a fan of Donald and similar to Scrooge, idolizes him as one of the greatest adventurers of all time. As seen in The House of the Lucky Gander!, when he won, she hugged him. Then, in The Shadow War! when Donald said "Get away from my kids" as he was fighting off Magica's shadow army, there may be an implication that Donald has accepted her as his honorary niece (although he has not given her to call him Uncle Donald yet, as Scrooge did). Like his nephews, he also wants to protect Webby, for example in The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! when she was tied up by a plant tentacle he rescued Webby along with his nephews. And in The Golden Spear!, in the near end she gave him a goodbye hug when they send him to the vacation. In Quack Pack!, he said her name for the first time (but with normal voice). In Escape from the ImpossiBin!, when he saw Webby in trouble, he went as far as putting his foot down to Beakley.


Mrs. Beakley

Donald Duck knew Mrs. Beakley when he was younger during his "better" time with his Uncle Scrooge. At the end of Woo-oo! when Beakley talked to her granddaughter Webby and allowed her to continue to go on adventures with Scrooge, her influence lead to Donald giving his nephews more freedom and permission to continue to go on adventures with Scrooge. However, in Daytrip of Doom! Donald and Beakley got into a fight over house rules, with Beakley getting into an argument with Donald about breaking fire laws and using up the water bill. This, in turn, caused Donald to order multiple generators for his boat, with Beakley remarking "He is going to kill himself." They finally worked together when Donald showed her the ransom note left by the Beagle Boys. When they go up against the Beagle Boys, Beakley was impressed with how tough Donald was and by the end of the episode, Donald and Beakley were talking and appeared to be getting along better than before.

Panchito Pistoles & José Carioca

During "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!" Panchito and Jose are revealed to be Donald's best friends from college, with whom he made a band named The Three Caballeros. They reunite once more while Donald and his family are on a trip to Brazil to watch a legendary flower bloom. All three of them claim to be super rich and widely known for their careers, but they eventually admit to one another their low employments and status in the world. Nevertheless, the three are shown to be great friends as they work well together when defeating the blooming flower that came to life and attacked everyone while singing their signature song in the process. Even when returning home, they believe it would be a good idea to bring the band back together, but Donald's uncle Scrooge smashes Panchito's guitar (while claiming it to be because of turbulence) to ensure it wouldn't happen.


Daisy Duck

Donald and Daisy originally met each other during a heist set up by Louie gone wrong at Emma Glamour's It-list party. Due to a communication error, Donald and his fellow heist crew accidentally locked both him and Daisy inside an elevator together. While waiting for help, Donald and Daisy share some of their similarities about each other such has no one ever listening to what they have to say, which to Donald's surprise is when Daisy claims she can perfectly understand his voice. Donald is well known for his poor singing, but Unlike everyone else, Daisy hears Donald's voice through a different perspective, as she believes him to have a beautiful voice which she admits she can listen to all night. They fight well together, and they're both proven to have a similar ill-tempered attitude towards anything that doesn't work out their way. After the events of the heist, Donald started to get into a relationship with Daisy.



Jones used to be Donald's anger management counselor. A short time after Donald's nephews hatched, Donald wanted to try and be a good and responsible parent for them, so he decided to go to Jones to find a way to relieve his anger and sudden outbursts. Although Donald spent most of his time punching bean bags, Jones was able to teach him to form the anger he had inside him into a protective instinct. This allowed Donald to take his anger out at the most convenient times to protect his family, as the thought of someone or something intending to put harm on his family would send him into an infuriating rage. Nevertheless, Jones and Donald's relationship remains negative due to Donald's inability to pay the bills for Jones' time with him.


Penumbra and Donald first became acquainted with one another when Donald turned up as Lunaris' prisoner, after he had accidentally landed the Spear of Selene back on the moon in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!" Afterwards in "What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!," Penumbra and Donald form a temporary alliance to seek out a weakness that can disable the rockets being built for an invasion on Earth. Eventually they both manage to get to Lunaris' private hangar to look for blueprints for the rockets, but in the process discover that Lunaris had already been preparing for an invasion since before he announced it to the other Moonlanders. Unfortunately Penumbra was taken down by Lunaris soon after, leading Donald to forcefully escape from the Moon inside one of Lunaris' experimental rockets. They both reunite months later during "Moonvasion!" when Donald and his family were about to be killed by Lunaris' ship, but luckily Penumbra managed to disable it just in time using the Spear of Selene. Afterwards, they both return to McDuck Manor on Earth, where it's presumed their relationship is mutual after the Moonlanders and Duckburgians are seen making peace following the invasion.


Flintheart Glomgold

Glomgold first starts as Donald's employer while the nephews are under the care of Scrooge. Having been used to get to Atlantis, Glomgold tries to leave him to die when the old city begins to flood.


Lunaris and Donald start off as immediate enemies after Lunaris arrests Donald when he unexpectedly arrives on the Moon. With Donald imprisoned, Lunaris shows a crueler side to Donald by shutting his beak with a muzzle-like goldpiece and threatening to place him in the gold mines for being unruly. Later, when Lunaris announces his intentions to kill the nephews to weaken Scrooge's resolve, it only fuels Donald's rage to fight him. Donald then escapes on one of Lunaris' test rockets back to Earth, while Lunaris has no intention of stopping him because of his assumption that no one could survive the ride. Nevertheless, Donald and Lunaris encounter each other one last time to put an end to one another's plans. Lunaris almost gets the angle on Donald and his family during their spaceship battle, but Penumbra saves him and disables Lunaris' ship, putting an end to Lunaris' threats on Donald and his family.



Season 1 (48%)

Season 2 (42%)

Season 3 (45%)



Aw, Phooey!

–Donald Duck

"Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!"

–Webby Vanderquack about Donald Duck, Woo-oo!

"Like Uncle Donald says, family always helps family."

–Huey Duck, The House of the Lucky Gander!

"Come on, Uncle Donald. So you have to worst luck in the world, who cares? No matter how bad things get, like really, really bad, you keep going. It's kinda ridiculous. You never had the common sense to give up before; why start now?"

–Louie Duck, The House of the Lucky Gander!

I am the storm!

–Donald Duck, The Shadow War!

"Ducks Don't Back Down."

–Donald Duck, The Shadow War!

Let’s get quacking!

–Donald to Huey, Quack Pack!

Wow! Nice dress!

–Donald to Daisy, Louie's Eleven!

Wait. Boyfriend? Oh boy!

–Donald Duck, New Gods on the Block!

To adventure!

–Donald Duck, The Last Adventure!

Just like old times!

–Donald Duck, The Last Adventure!



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  • In the original series, Donald had a minor role because it was meant to revolve around his uncle and nephews. In the reboot of the series, he was given a bigger role.
    • Despite final changes, Donald was initially cast to be the protagonist. However, an edict from Disney forbade any Golden Age characters be cast as main.
  • Donald Duck has appeared in the most Disney comics (along with Huey, Dewey, and Louie).
    • Outside of Disney, Donald and his nephews are the 10th and 11th most published comic characters in the world respectively.
  • Donald's outfit color scheme is similar to the one in comics created by Don Rosa. His hat is also similar to one he originally had in the classic shorts.
  • In the pilot episode, "Woo-oo!", Donald's contemporary blue and yellow sailor shirt, including the red bowtie, briefly appear before being destroyed in Donald's efforts to prepare for a job interview. This outfit has been seen very few times since, for example, flashbacks as to what happened before Della's disappearance and the events of "Quack Pack!", not counting being seen in some pictures in some episodes. The blue sailor shirt later appears in "The Last Adventure!" as Della helps Donald packs for his bag adventure with Daisy. He later receives a black and white version of his sailor shirt and bowtie, a design calling back to the original Donald Duck comics, after being hired for a short time by Glomgold.
  • In "The Spear of Selene!" Donald and his family were revealed to have made friends with the Greek Gods Storkules and Selene before the series and before Della's disappearance.
  • In "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!" it's revealed that both Donald and Scrooge are experts at non-verbal communication due to thirty years of constantly trying to guess what Donald's saying.
  • In "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!" it's revealed that during Donald's college years, he used to enjoy spending his time with friends Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca. They also formed a band together known as The Three Caballeros, but most of the crowds disliked them due to their singing (particularly Donald's).
  • As seen in "Last Christmas!" and "The First Adventure!," Donald used to have an emo hairstyle when he was still a pre-teen, as well as an obsession with writing songs with his electric guitar.
  • Donald's confirmed birthday is June 9, the same day that The Wise Little Hen debuted (which Donald first appeared in animated format).
    • Though his first on-screen debut was in 1934 in The Wise Little Hen, according to Disney historian, Michael Crawford, he first appeared in a 1931 story-book as a friend of Mickey.
  • A recurring theme for Donald during Season 1 of this series is his inability to keep his boat together. In "Woo-oo!", his boat was destroyed due to Dewey keeping the engine running for too long. In Daytrip of Doom!, the boat suffered fire damage while setting up generators. In Jaw$!, the boathouse is further damaged by the confrontation with the money shark. In "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!", even with Donald's confidence in the boat being nearly repaired, explosions from the boat can easily be seen in the background. In "The Shadow War!", his boat is destroyed once again when Beakley failed to stop the shadow monsters from tearing the boat apart, with it sinking into the water soon after.
  • Donald and his sister Della are the first descendants of three major families; the Duck Family, Clan McDuck, and the Coot Family.
  • Donald and his sister Della's parents have never been seen in person nor through flashback throughout the entire series, making it unclear when the two went to live with Scrooge before the Spear of Selene incident.
  • Donald is one of three sensational six members to appear in DuckTales 2017, with the other two being Goofy and Daisy Duck.
  • In the series, Donald and Daisy never met prior until Season 3, meaning the series acts as if they're meeting for the first time.
  • Tony Anselmo, Donald's current voice actor for the series, is also the current voice for Donald in other media, excluding Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures, where he was voiced by Daniel Ross.
  • Donald's confirmed middle name is Fauntleroy.
  • Pre-teen Donald's shirt is a reference to the band Nirvana
  • Donald is the only other character, alongside Huey, to be present in every episode of This Duckburg Life, where he dictated the end credits.


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