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Picture books based on DuckTales 1987 were published primary during the show's original run, with an additional book released in 1997.

Golden Books

Published by Western Publishing.

Cover Title
Release date ISBN
The Hunt for the Giant Pearl.jpg "The Hunt for the Giant Pearl"
(A Little Golden Book)
1987 ISBN 978-0-307-60909-0
The Secret City Under the Sea.jpg "The Secret City Under the Sea"
(A Little Golden Book)
1988 ISBN 978-0-307-01021-6
Silver Dollars for Uncle Scrooge.png "Silver Dollars for Uncle Scrooge"
(A Golden Tell-A-Tale Book)
1988 ISBN 978-0-307-07055-5
The Great Lost Treasure Hunt.jpg "The Great Lost Treasure Hunt"
(A Golden Look-Look Book)
1989 ISBN 978-0-307-12565-1
Dinosaur Valley.jpg "Dinosaur Valley"
(A Golden Little Look-Look Book)
1990 ISBN 978-0-307-11643-7
Down the Drain.jpg "Down the Drain"
(A Golden Look-Look Book)
1990 ISBN 978-0-307-11726-7
Journey to Magic Island.jpg "Journey to Magic Island"
(A Golden Little Look-Look Book)
1990 ISBN 978-0-307-11754-0
Scrooge McDuck and the Big Surprise.jpg "Scrooge McDuck and the Big Surprise"
(A Golden Easy Reader)
1990 ISBN 978-0-307-11597-3

Disney's Wonderful World of Reading

Published by Random House (1989) and Grolier (1997).

Cover Title Release date ISBN
Webby Saves the Day.jpg "Webby Saves the Day" 1989 ISBN 978-0-679-80193-1
Christmas at the North Pole.jpg "Christmas at the North Pole" 1997 ISBN 978-0-7172-8805-2

Episode Adaptations

Published by Mallard Press.

Cover Title Release date ISBN
Armstrong the Robot and Earthquack.jpg "Armstrong the Robot and Earthquack" 1990 ISBN 978-0-7924-5234-8
Back to the Klondike and Superdoo!.jpg "Back to the Klondike and Superdoo!" 1990 ISBN 978-0-7924-5237-9
Dinosaur Ducks and Jungle Duck.jpg "Dinosaur Ducks and Jungle Duck" 1990 ISBN 978-0-7924-5238-6
Masters of the Genie and Send in the Clones.jpg "Masters of the Genie and Send in the Clones" 1990 ISBN 978-0-7924-5235-5
Sphinx for the Memories and Sir Gyro Gearloose.jpg "Sphinx for the Memories and Sir Gyro Gearloose" 1990 ISBN 978-0-7924-5239-3
Sweet Duck of Youth and Double-O-Duck.jpg "Sweet Duck of Youth and Double-O-Duck" 1990 ISBN 978-0-7924-5236-2

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