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DuckTales episodes have been release on VHS, laserdiscs and DVD.

Dubbed and non-English editions and releases of "DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" are not included.


US releases

In the US, 11 VHS cassettes with DuckTales episodes (all from season 1) were released. In 1993, the first 10 of these where also released as five laserdisc editions, each comprising the features of two of the cassettes.

Cover VHS title Episodes Release date
Daredevil Ducks VHS.jpg "Daredevil Ducks" The Money Vanishes
Home Sweet Homer
May 31, 1988
Fearless Fortune Hunter VHS.jpg "Fearless Fortune Hunter" Earth Quack
Master of the Djinni
May 31, 1988
High-Flying Hero VHS.jpg "High-Flying Hero" Hero for Hire
Launchpad's Civil War
May 31, 1988
Masked Marauders VHS.jpg "Masked Marauders" Send in the Clones
Time Teasers
October 4, 1988
Duck to the Future VHS.jpg "Duck to the Future" Duck to the Future
Sir Gyro de Gearloose
May 9, 1989
Lost World Wanderers VHS.jpg "Lost World Wanderers" Dinosaur Ducks
The Curse of Castle McDuck
May 9, 1989
Accidental Adventurers VHS.jpg "Accidental Adventurers" Jungle Duck
Maid of the Myth
September 28, 1989
Seafaring Sailors VHS.jpg "Seafaring Sailors" Sphinx for the Memories
All Ducks on Deck
September 28, 1989
Raiders of the Lost Harp VHS.jpg "Raiders of the Lost Harp" Raiders of the Lost Harp
Pearl of Wisdom
August 14, 1990
Space Invaders VHS.jpg "Space Invaders" Where No Duck Has Gone Before
Micro Ducks from Outer Space
August 14, 1990
Monster Bash VHS.jpg "Monster Bash" Ducky Horror Picture Show
FrankenGoof (Goof Troop episode)
October 5, 1993

International releases

10 VHS cassettes containing DuckTales (season 1) episodes have been released in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cover VHS title Episodes Release date
1001 Arabian Ducks VHS.jpg "1001 Arabian Ducks" Master of the Djinni
Merit-Time Adventure
September 11, 1992
Earthquack VHS.jpg "Earthquack" Earth Quack
Back to the Klondike
September 11, 1992
High Sea Adventures VHS.jpg "High Sea Adventures" Maid of the Myth
Send in the Clones
September 11, 1992
Hotel Strangeduck VHS.jpg "Hotel Strangeduck" Hotel Strangeduck
September 11, 1992
The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan VHS.jpg "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
The Money Vanishes
September 11, 1992
Micro Ducks from Outer Space VHS.jpg "Micro Ducks from Outer Space" Micro Ducks from Outer Space
Scrooge's Pet
September 11, 1992
Fool of the Nile VHS.jpg "Fool of the Nile" Sphinx for the Memories
Top Duck
September 10, 1993
Jailhouse Duck VHS.jpg "Jailhouse Duck" Where No Duck Has Gone Before
Duckman of Aquatraz
Home Sweet Homer
September 10, 1993
Little Duckaroos VHS.jpg "Little Duckaroos" Ducks of the West
Magica's Shadow War
September 10, 1993
Runaway Robots VHS.jpg "Runaway Robots" Robot Robbers
Sweet Duck of Youth
September 10, 1993


Region 1

The first 75 episodes were released on Region 1 DVD in three sets 2005-2007. They where in original airing order, with the episode of the five-part pilot serial "The Treasure of the Golden Suns", which was included first in the second volume.

More than a decade later, a fourth volume was released thru the Disney Movie Club, completing the series.

None of the sets have any special features.

In addition to the set volumes, two episodes from Volume 4 (New Gizmo-Kids on the Block and Ducky Mountain High) were also included as a bonus feature in the DuckTales 2017 DVD release "Destination Adventure!" on June 5, 2018.

On January 20, 2019, Volume 1–3 was re–released together with "DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" in one 10-discs set.

Cover DVD title Episodes Release date
DuckTales Volume 1 DVD.jpg "DuckTales Volume 1" Episode 6-32 November 8, 2005
DuckTales Volume 2 DVD.jpg "DuckTales Volume 2" Episode 1-5 & 33-51 November 14, 2006
DuckTales Volume 3 DVD.jpg "DuckTales Volume 3" Episode 52-75 November 13, 2007
DuckTales Volume 4 DVD.jpg "DuckTales Volume 4" Episode 76-100 September 11, 2018
DuckTales The Classic Series DVD.jpg "DuckTales: The Classic Series" Episode 1-75 & film January 20, 2019

Region 2

Three 3-disc Region 2 sets were released in 2007 and 2012. While the second and third is identical to "Volume 2" and "Volume 3" of Region 1, the first only includes 20 of the 27 episodes featured on the Region 1 "Volume 1".

The sets do not include any special features, besides foreign language tracks.

Aditionally, the 10 VHS cassettes released on the international market, as listed above, has also been released as Region 2 DVDs.

Cover DVD title Episodes Release date
DuckTales 1st DVD.jpg "DuckTales: 1st Collection" Episode 6-25 February 12, 2007
DuckTales 2nd DVD.jpg "DuckTales: 2nd Collection" Episode 1-5 & 33-51 November 12, 2012
DuckTales 3rd DVD.jpg "DuckTales: 3rd Collection" Episode 52-75 November 12, 2012

Region 4

A Region 4 verson of "DuckTales: 1st Collection" was released in 2011. The three individual discs were also sold separately, hence the title "DuckTales: Volumes 1-3".

Cover DVD title Episodes Release date
DuckTales Reg 4 DVD.png "DuckTales: Volumes 1-3" Episode 6-25 2011

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