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DuckTales is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, and based on Uncle Scrooge and other comic books created by Carl Barks. The show premiered on September 18, 1987, and lasted for a total of 100 episodes, with its finale airing on November 28, 1990.


Early DuckTales ad from 1987, prior to the show's final design.

An early idea for a DuckTales logo, dated 1985

The first productions of Walt Disney Company's Television Animation subsidiary were released in 1985 – The Wuzzles and Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Both series starred all-new characters, but ideas for a show based on the Ducks of the studio's animated shorts and comics were already tossed around.

Production on DuckTales began during the Summer of 1986. Unlike Disney's earlier cartoons, which aired on network television's Saturday morning schedule, Disney decided to have DuckTales premiere in syndication on weekday afternoons, which meant an initial order of 65 episodes (13 weeks á 5 days).

The idea was to build on the quality of some of the best Duck comics available - i.e. the ones created by Carl Barks, creator of Scrooge McDuck – while also giving them a modern flavor. Consequently, four of the five earliest episodes to be produced were based on stories by Barks, although with new characters added, most notably pilot Launchpad McQuack, a character originally pitched by creative duo Ken Koonce and David Wiemers, who would end up being the shows most frequent writers.

Introducing DuckTales

Brad Landreth was hired as art director, and key layout stylist Michael Peraza met up with Barks to share ideas and key layouts.

The ambition of the Disney shows were higher than for cartoons in general, and in order to afford higher quality, the animation production were outsourced – to TMS Entertainment in Japan and Wang Film Productions in Taiwan. Other studios and animators also tried out, including renowed Italian Disney comics creator Romano Scarpa.

Much of the show's basics was developed by Jymn Magon, who co-wrote some of the first season's pivotal episodes, including the 5-part serial The Treasure of the Golden Suns, which, although not the first produced, was written as a pilot and introduction to the show's setting and characters.


DuckTales Theme Song (HQ)

Alongside the scripts, animation, and characters, Mark Mueller's DuckTales Theme, as sung by Jeff Pescetto, has also been credited with increasing the show's popularity.

Each episode of the first season ended up costing $275.000, but the investment turned out successful; the show was aired in 93% of the United States, and ended up as the highest rated animated show in 1987.

Another 35 episodes followed, as well as a feature film, a big output of comics, and picture books and Read-Alongs. In addition it also spawned the highly successfull syndicated daily Disney Afternoon television block, and in 1990 it was one of several animated series to crossover in the "Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue" special. The show also enjoys many more references in other media.


The main characters of the first season

The show features the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The nephews, who were originally living with their uncle Donald Duck, are left in Scrooge's care when the former joins the navy. Though Scrooge is the richest duck in the world, he constantly tries to find ways to increase his wealth, and several episodes involve protecting his wealth from villains who want to rob Scrooge's famous Money Bin.

The Beagle Boys and their mother.

Prominent recurring antagonists in the show include the Beagle Boys and devious witch Magica De Spell, as well as Scrooge's arch-nemesis, Flintheart Glomgold. A few of the stories also surround Scrooge's "Number One Dime", Scrooge's original inspiration and most valued possession.

Although Scrooge and his nephews are the show's main stars, some episodes focused on other characters like daring pilot Launchpad McQuack, or genious inventor Gyro Gearloose, while Duckworth the Butler, nanny/housekeeper Mrs.Beakley and her lovable granddaughter Webby, and good-spirited neighbor kid Doofus round out the first season's central characters.

A second season family photo – the only time Bubba and Gizmoduck shared a scene.

The show's second season saw the addition of characters Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck and Bubba Duck, originally pitched as "Roboduck" and "Bubbaduck" by Tad Stones. Along with Bubba and Gizmoduck came stories that generally shifted away from the globetrotting plots of the first season, and revolved primarily in the contemporary setting of Duckburg. Episodes would feature either Bubba or Fenton but rarely both.

Cast and characters

The 1987 series does not separate main cast/characters from guest cast or supporting characters. The following list include cast to appear in at least two episodes. Every recurring character is also included.

Voice actor Episode
Recurring characters
Alan Young  97 Scrooge McDuck
Russi Taylor  92 Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck
Webby Vanderquack
Mrs. Quackenbush1
Chuck McCann  56 Duckworth
Burger Beagle
Bouncer Beagle
The Mayor of Duckburg
Lord Battmountain
The Chief of Police2
Walter Cronduck3
Terry McGovern  56 Launchpad McQuack
Babyface Beagle
Screamin' Sky McFly
Frank Welker  56 Bigtime Beagle
Baggy Beagle
Bubba Duck
Farley Foghorn
Megabyte Beagle
Walter Cronduck3
Vacation Van Honk4
Hal Smith  46 Gyro Gearloose
Flintheart Glomgold
John D. Rockefeather
The Chief of Police2
Joan Gerber  44 Mrs. Beakley
Webra Walters
Glittering Goldie
Lady de Lardo
Gloria Swansong
Buffy Parvenu
Mrs. Featherby5
Mrs. Quackenbush1
Hamilton Camp  23 Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck
Grand Kishki of Macaroon
June Foray  21 Ma Beagle
Magica De Spell
Mrs. Featherby5
Peter Cullen  18 Admiral Grimitz
Bankjob Beagle
The Chief of Police2
Brian Cummings  15 Doofus Drake
Bugle Beagle
The Chief of Police2
Tress MacNeille  11 Oprah Webfeet
Mrs. Featherby5
Mrs. Quackenbush1
Kathleen Freeman  10 M'ma Crackshell
Will Ryan  9 one-time characters only
Tony Anselmo  8 Donald Duck
Mr. Wimpleman6
Susan Blu  7 Mrs. Featherby5
Mrs. Quackenbush1
Miriam Flynn  7 Gandra Dee
Alan Oppenheimer  6 Walter Cronduck3
Jim Cummings  5 El Capitán
Howard Morris  4 Dr. Von Swine
Rob Paulsen  4 Gladstone Gander
Corey Burton  3 Mr. Wimpleman6
Linda Gary  3 one-time characters only
Richard Libertini  3 Dijon
Jack Angel  2 one-time characters only
William Callaway  2 one-time characters only
Victoria Carroll  2 one-time characters only
Gino Conforti  2 Benzino Gassolini
Barry Dennen  2 Vacation Van Honk4
Richard Erdman  2 one-time characters only
Pat Fraley  2 one-time characters only
Dick Gautier  2 one-time characters only
Ed Gilbert  2 one-time characters only
Don Hills  2 The Feather Federal Savings Manager
Arte Johnson  2 one-time characters only
Ken Mars  2 one-time characters only
Haunani Minn  2 one-time characters only
Pat Musick  2 one-time characters only
Patty Parris  2 one-time characters only
Peter Renaday  2 one-time characters only

Notably, several minor recurring characters are voiced by different actors throughout the series:
1 Mrs. Quackenbush – voiced by Joan Gerber, Russi Taylor, Susan Blu, and Tress MacNeille.
2 The Chief(s) of Police – voiced by Peter Cullen, Hal Smith, Chuck McCann, and Brian Cummings.
3 Walter Cronduck – voiced by Alan Oppenheimer, Chuck McCann, and Frank Welker.
4 Vacation Van Honk – voiced by Frank Welker and Barry Dennen.
5 Mrs. Featherby – voiced by Tress MacNeille, Joan Gerber, Susan Blu, and June Foray.
6 Mr. Wimpleman – voiced by Tony Anselmo and Corey Burton.

Recurring characters Tootsie, Lil Bulb, Quacky McSlant, and Gloria Snootley are non-speaking.

Voice actors to appear in one single episode of the show include Charles Adler, René Auberjonois, Billy Barty, Richard Beals, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger, Steve Bulen, Roger C. Carmel, Mary Jo Catlett, Philip Clarke, Jerry Dexter, George DiCenzo, Phil Hartman, Johnny Haymer, Aron Kincaid, Bernie Kopell, Maurice LaMarche, Marilyn Lightstone, Danny Mann, Pat McCormick, Jim McGeorge, Allan Melvin, Don Messick, Michael Mish, Larry Moss, Nicholas Omana, Brock Peters, Charles Pierce, Georgette Rampone, Clive Revill, Robert Ridgely, Neil Ross, Joe Ruskin, Michael Rye, Ronnie Schell, Avery Schreiber, Steve Susskind, Mark Taylor, B.J. Ward, Christopher Weeks, Stanley Wojno, Jr., JoAnne Worley and Keone Young.


Main article: List of episodes (DuckTales 1987)

Home video releases

Main article: DuckTales (1987) videography

During the 1980s and 1990s, several VHS cassettes with episodes of the show was released, both in and outside the US.

During the 2000s the complete series has been released in a line of four DVD sets (Region 1).


Main article: DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

A feature film, Treasure of the Lost Lamp, was released in cinemas in 1990, between season 3 and season 4. Plans to produce more movies were scrapped, due to it underperforming.


Main article: DuckTales (1987) comics

Comics featuring the DuckTales characters werer produced during the 1980s and 1990s, in the US as well as in Brazil and several European countries. In 2011 it enjoyed a short-lived revival, through American publisher Boom! Studios.


Main article: DuckTales (1987) games

Videogames based on the DuckTales series has been released for several consoles.

Picture Books

Main article: DuckTales (1987) picture books

Picture books were published primary during the show's original run, 1987-1990, with an additional book released in 1997.

Read-Along Books

Main article: DuckTales (1987) Read-Along

In 1987, four DuckTales adaptions were published in the long running "Disney Read-Along" book/record series.


Main article: DuckTales (1987) merchandise

Additionally, various non-narrative merchandise associated with series have also been produced.


The series was originally intended for Donald Duck to be the show's main protagonist. However, developers felt that Donald was not an adventure character, rather a comic book and sitcom character. Additionally, an edict from Disney's then CEO, Michael Eisner, forbade the use of Donald Duck and other Golden Age characters. However, Donald was allowed to make guest appearances throughout the show. Shortly after DuckTales 1987 concluded, the edict was lifted, allowing for other Disney Afternoon shows to regularly use Golden Age characters.


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