This article consists of the rules of the wiki in all categories, such as when editing, commenting on articles and discussing.

We ask that all users follow these rules for keep this wiki clean. If you see anybody breaking, or feel something should be changed or please contact an Admin.

  • Please note that you will receive warnings before a block.

On Articles

Rule Discription Severity Consequence(s)
Spam and Vandalizm Creating random articles, adding innappropriate content articles. 4 Immediate full ban
Plagarism Copying work from any Wiki or website. 2 Admins are to warn a user if anybody has plagarized. If the user continues to plagarize admins are to consider temporarily or permanently ban the user.
Placing Fanwork in or as an article TBD 2 Admins will warn a user not to add any fanwork or create and fanwork article.


Rule Discription Severity Consequence(s)
Spam Saying random things, using excessive capital letters. Repeating comments on several articles. 2 Admins will warn the user, if the user ignores the warnings and continues to spam they will get a general ban. If the user creates a sock-puppet account they will be full banned.
Chat Trolling

Includes saying something that's meant to confuse or mislead someone.

2 Admins will delete such comment and warn the user. If they continue admins will temporarily ban the user.
General Rudeness Being rude to others, insulting. 1 Admins will warn the user. And such comments will be deleted.
Abusive Behavior/Harassment Continuing to bother other users after being told to stop. Including if they made a sock-puppet account if they were banned and made a new account to harass a user. 3 Admins will full ban a user.

In Discussions

For Discussions held at

Rule Discription Severity Consequence(s)
Posting off topic Discussions are for DuckTales related, any non DuckTales related discussion post will be deleted. 1 Users will be warned to delete the discussion post, if they they decline to do so admin will have to delete it and decide if the user will get banned or not.
Solicitating Upvotes Posts that the only intention on the user is to ask for upvotes. 1 User will be warned by an Admin.


Rule Discription Severity Consequence(s)
Sock puppetry Creating an account after such user was banned 2 User may or may not receive a warning, or they get banned. - Responding in others conversations Involves responding to other people's conversations in wall posts, 1 User will be warned


What is a "Full ban"?

A full ban is a permanent IP ban with no access to your message wall.

What is a "General Ban"?

A general ban is a temporal ban, usually a month, with access to your message wall. If you spam or add anything innapropriate in your wall, access will be taken away and you may get permanently banned or your ban may get extended.

Why do you warn users for asking for upvotes?

This came from FANDOM, we may not change the rule.

Recent Updates

  • August 21, 2019: Released
  • September 18, 2019: Corrected, added one.
  • November 27, 2019: New rule, more to follow.
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