Fergus McDuck (voiced by Graham McTavish) is a member of Clan McDuck.

He the son of Dingus McDuck; husband of Downy McDuck; father of Scrooge, Hortense, and Matilda McDuck; father-in-law to Quackmore Duck; grandfather of Donald and Della Duck; and great-grandfather to Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck.

He and his wife live at Castle McDuck, which - due to magic druid stones - has turned magic and granted them immortality. However, it has also closed off the castle from the rest of the world, except for once every five years, when it becomes accessible from the rest of the world.



Fergus' image is visible in various locations throughout McDuck Manor, usually alongside that of his wife Downy.

The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!

Fergus and Downy greet Scrooge, the boys, and Webby when they arrive at Castle McDuck, though Fergus and Scrooge's reunion is cold.


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From Webby's board

On Webby’s board, in "Woo-oo!", there is a note saying "Scotty McDuck → Alternate Timeline????". This is a reference to personal notes made by Carl Barks, naming Scrooge's father "Old 'Scotty' McDuck".

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