Fight! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


The nephews are holding a yard sale in front of McDuck Manor, with the contents of Scrooge's broom closet serving as their merchandise. While Louie practices his flashy salesmanship, Dewey comes across an ancient samurai helmet. His brothers are all for selling it, but Dewey wants to keep the artifact. When he and Louie fight over it, the helmet's magical properties are activated and it lands on Dewey's head and begins speaking.

The voice refers to itself as Roninth of the Twin Samurai; Huey quickly consults his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook for information. As it turns out, Roninth and his twin brother were rivals who competed for their mother's affections. After their father died in war, their mother sold her works of art, and invaders destroyed their property, the two began a terrible blood feud. Roninth's helmet later became infused with his hatred, and anyone who wears it will be forced into a duel with their sibling, with the loser being condemned to eternity as a statue.

A second helmet appears atop Louie's head, and both he and Dewey are soon clad in armor and forced to fight one another. Dewey emerges victorious, but as he's about to strike the finishing blow Huey intervenes. The triplets then explain to Roninth that there are three of them, which breaks the curse as the fight is meant to take place between two siblings only. One of their customers expresses interest in buying the helmet, which the brothers are all too happy to part with. However, Huey makes a point of checking whether the man has any brothers of his own first.




Trade paperback IDW reprint

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