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The Gilded Man of Eldorado is a character appearing in the DuckTales 2017 episode, "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!".


The Gilded Man is an ancient robot. Years ago before the series, the Gilded Man was created to protect El Dorado the city of gold. But it blew a fuse and went on a wild frenzy, killing many El Dorado civilians leaving the city stained blood-red. A young Della Duck snuck inside the robot monster and smashed away at its gear, causing to it give a cry to rebuild and attain vengeance on Della and her family.

After its defeat, it was stored away in Scrooge's garage. He is accidentally awakened and threatens to destroy both the McDuck Manor and its inhabitants, but are eventually stopped by Della Duck in cooperation with her sons, who use its loud-pitched noise weakness. The robot, this time, crumbled away and almost crushed Della and Louie before silencing quite dead.


Season 2


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  • The Gilded Man first debuted in the Donald Duck comic of the same name resembling an Indian guarding the treasure.
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