The episode commences with a shot of McDuck Manor. Louie is sulking in his room after being grounded for almost destroying time and space.
Louie OK, being grounded forever isn't so bad. I've got my phone, my phone is also a TV, which is nice.
He turns the phone on only to find Della on the screen.
Della (video) Hi, Louie! You're super grounded, so I blocked your phone signal and replaced all your videos with this lecture on ethics!
Louie Way ahead of you! (grabs Huey's Waddle pad) Thank you, Huey.
Della (video) Nice try. The dictionary defines grounding as...
Louie Oh, man. (throws pad away)
Scrooge Hurry up, kids! Adventure calls, and I've got a bet to win!
Louie peeks through the window. Outside the manor, everyone is getting ready to go on an adventure.
Louie Well, at least I can skip out on another insanely dangerous adventure- wait. Hobo bindles? Cans of beans? A CAREFREE ATTITUDE!? They are NOT!
Huey Uncle Scrooge, your bet with Glomgold is over in two days. You clearly have more money than he does. Doesn't this seem, I dunno, mean?
Scrooge I didn't come this far by not hunting for treasure, so to guarantee my victory we are going after the Hobo King's Ruby Bindle.
Dewey We're going where there's Cherry Pep springs and the conman sings?
Scrooge Where the gold geyser spews cash just for youse!
Della Where all of your laziest, schemiest dreams come true!
Louie You're heading to Big Rock Candy Mountain!? Oh, I am going.
Della No, you are still grounded.
Louie What?! No, WHAT?!
Scrooge Err, come on kids, let's finish packing.
Louie Big Rock Candy Mountain is the laziest quest of all time! It's my dream.
Della Your last "dream" made you take treasure from the past, which almost destroyed time, space, and your family! Now, to your room! You can come out when you learn that no good ever came from cockamamie schemes.
Cut to one Flintheart Glomgold pulling one such scheme, by using a slingshot to fling himself into the Beagle's junkyard.
Glomgold Ready... Aim... GLOMGO!
He fires, hitting the junkyard sign, the fence, then falling to the ground on the otherside of the gate. The Beagle Boys move to grab him. When Glomgold wakes up, he's being held upside down, causing him to scream. Ma Beagle pushes her way through the Beagles.
Ma Flintheart, ya trespassin'. Get him out of here.
Glomgold WAIT! I'm not here to rob you, I'm here to recruit you!
Ma The Beagle Boys ain't for sale.
Glomgold I'm not looking for a henchman, I'm looking for a "family".
Ma What? (Big Time and Burger grunt in confusion)
Glomgold Because family is the greatest scheme of all! (laughs)
(Cue Glomgold's "Theme Song Takeover" in place of the normal intro.)
Glomgold I finally figured out why I keep losing to Scrooge!
Ma You're a moron? Your plans are terrible? He's smarter and stronger and craftier and...
Glomgold WRONG! It's his family. (holds up photo of Scrooge's family minus Della and Donald) He's got a whole team who work harder and cheaper because they, I don't know, love him? Blech! So, I'll get together a team- No, a "family" capable of wiping out Scrooge and his whole brood! Why together, we should able to take them down in two days tops! Right now... I need nephews, and a Beakley.
Big Time Please, Ma? Let us keep him.
Burger (unintelligible noises)
Bouncer Burger's right. We could use a strong male figure in our lives.
Glomgold walks up to the group. Ma turns and hits him with her bag, sending him flying.
Ma Two days, huh? This ain't about family. (smacks him) This is about your stupid bet with Scrooge, ain't it?
Glomgold nods
Ma You dug your own grave, Glomgold. It's time you laid in it.
Glomgold No, please! I cannae! I cannae!
Ma Spit it out!
Glomgold I CANNAE BEAT SCROOGE MCDUCK, ALRIGHT?! I'm gonna lose everything. I've spent my whole life trying to best him, but I cannae! None of us can!
Ma and the Classics look shocked
Glomgold On our own. But, if we work together to destroy him and his family before the bet is over, it all goes to us. Everything Scrooge owns, including...
Ma ... the deed to Duckburg.
Glomgold Which I could share with my "family".
Ma and the Classics laugh evilly
Ma (addressing Beagle crowd) Attention, boys! We're getting Duckburg back thanks to your new Pa! (The Beagle crowd cheers)
Glomgold (whispering) I only need three...
Ma Never mind! (Most of the Beagles groan)
Back at the manor, Louie watches the Sunchaser fly off into the distance.
Louie Bye, family! I'm very sad I'm missing my dream vacation and definitely not gonna scheme my way to Big Rock Candy Mountain before you! (laughs) Yeah, right...
He opens the door to find a DT-87 drone hovering in front of him.
Della (DT-87) Hi, sweetie! I thought you might try to warm your way out of being grounded so I had Gyro program the DT-87 to babysit you AND to stop you from scheming. Hopefully, it doesn't turn evil. Love you!
Louie Wow, DT! New screen looks great. Listen, I wanna know what the rules are so I can follow them. What is considered a scheme? Is it different from a "plan", or a "plot", and where do you come down on "ruses"?
(DT-87 beeps)
Louie Exactly! We need clarification, so I'll just pop over to Big Rock Candy Mountain to ask my mom for a clear definition. Yep, just so we're on the same page, you know.
Louie What?!
DT-87 SCHEME DETECTED. (fires electric bolts at Louie, incinerating his bindle)
Louie Oh, come on, that was a playful deception at best!
(At Waddle.)
Beaks I dunnoooooooo, G-gle.
Glomgold What don't you know? We team up to take down Scrooge and his family. The drawings are very clear. (holds up drawings, which are not clear at all)
Beaks Yeah, I don't take down, I build. My rep. Check it! My own online currency, B-B-B-B-BeaksCoin! (shows it on screen) It is worth more than every dollar in the world, combined.
Big Time grabs Beaks by his clothes.
Big Time Tell us where it is!
Beaks It's in the Cloud?
Bouncer looks out the window and sees a cloud. He picks up Burger and throws him through the window.
Ma This is a waste of time. Let's roll.
Glomgold (to Ma) But we need him to fight Gyro's technological doohickery.
Ma (to Glomgold) Then, manipulate him. Works like a charm on my kids. (out loud) Beaks isn't a real threat anyway.
Beaks I'm sorry, what?
Glomgold Oh, right, fine, er... Yes! What kind of "weak, non-threatening hack" would rely on "technology" to defeat Scrooge? (He and Ma give Beaks a smug grin.)
Beaks Ex-cuse you?! Technology is the jam! (falls off desk, quickly standing up.) I can wipe out your past, your future, your entire existence with a swipe of my finger! Because I am the future - and yes, "broseph" and "brosephine", I am Scrooge's downfall! I am Mark Beaks!
He laughs while making finger pistols and shooting them, making "pew" noises as he does.
Beaks I'm in.
Glomgold Welcome to the family. (He takes out the family photo and pastes a Mark Beaks head over Gyro's.)
Burger falls into the bushes outside the building, causing everyone to look.
Back at McDuck Manor, DT-87 is standing guard outside Louie's room.
Louie zzz... Snoring... zzz... no need to check...
DT-87 deactivates the lasers in front of Louie's room and goes to check on him, finding a dummy hidden in his bed.
Louie Definitely snoring...
DT-87 chases after another Louie and throws open the curtain where he's hiding, only to discover another fake.
"Louie" (tape recording) Fine, you caught me. Look, I feel terrible. I deserve to stay here in the dark to think about my actions.
DT-87 narrows its eyes and smashes the tape recorder. The real Louie crawls out of bed behind the first dummy.
Louie Yes! Classic double-dummy fakeout!
He climbs out of the window with a bindle, but stops when DT-87 floats up in front of him.
Louie (deep voice) Um, I am also a fake- (gets zapped)
Meanwhile, Glomgold's hot air balloon is being fired upon by the Iron Vulture, Don Karnage's battleship. One cannonball goes through the basket right next to Beaks.
Beaks Why are we here!?
Glomgold We need a pilot! (points to Launchpad on the photo)
Ma You could have just hired one!
Glomgold With that kind of small thinking, we'll never beat Scrooge!
Behind the balloon, the beak of the Iron Vulture begins to open. Burger tries to warn the group, but the balloon is brought in and subsequently deflated. Big Time flees from a sword-wielding pirate, Mark Beaks is curled up in a corner whimpering, and Don Karnage and Glomgold are dueling with a sword and cane.
Don Karnage So, you seek the assistance of the charismatic corsair, the resplendent privateer, the...
Glomgold Ugh, can we move this along? We're kind of on a deadline. Join us and we'll give you the vengeance that you claim!
Don Karnage subdues Glomgold and then, holds him at sword point.
Don Karnage Everyone, take five!
Everyone stops fighting. Bouncer punches one of Don Karnage's crew members away.
Don Karnage I will join you, but I, Don Karnage, must be the one to strike our foe down.
Glomgold No way! I've got dibs on destroying Scrooge! It's my whole thing!
Don Karnage Scrooge? No, no, no, no. I want Dewey Duck.
Ma Uh, which one's Dewey?
Don Karnage The blue one. The one who dared steal the spotlight from Don Kar...!
Glomgold Sure, fine. Whatever.
Don Karnage Can I also sing... as well?
All in unison No!
Don Karnage But I can destroy Dewey Duck?
Glomgold Yes.
Glomgold and Don Karnage laugh maniacally.
Glomgold Now we're ready. Family, set a course for McDuck Manor! The moment of reckoning is at hand!
Don Karnage Wait, who is that under your thumb?
Glomgold The whole world will be under my thumb when I- oh. (removes thumb from photo) Ach, I forgot to get a Webby.
Big Time But we need a Webby! We can't take on Scrooge without a freakishly strong wild card!
Beaks Ooh, you know who might be fun? (shows Glomgold his phone)
Glomgold No. Absolutely not.
Bouncer She is Scrooge's greatest enemy...
Glomgold (gasps) How dare you! We don't need her! As head of this family, what I say goes!
Ma Family vote. All in favour?
Everyone else raises their hand.
Glomgold Fine, let's go get Magica DeSpell.
Glomgold What?! But that was my scheme! I got the family together! I was gonna steal their money from them after I won! I... (The other villains approach Glomgold in anger from behind.) ...can explain.
Magica Let me get this straight. You stole all of our fortunes and lost it all to a child?!
Big Time I wish I never had a new pa!
Big Time runs away crying. Ma Beagle strikes Glomgold with her handbag.
Ma You scarred him for life! (continues hitting him with her handbag.) That's my job!
Burger tries to punch a dazed Glomgold, accidentally punching Bouncer and breaking his fingers at the same time as he yelps in pain. Glomgold is then confronted by Don Karnage.
Don Karnage How could you betray us after such a dramatic speech about family?!
Don Karnage and Glomgold duel again until Glomgold disarms Don Karnage with his cane, Glomgold backs up as he approaches Mark Beaks using his phone.
Mark Face Punch app! (He ends up punching himself instead, falling over.) Ow, ow, ow, selfie mode.
Magica You've made a powerful enemy! I have enough hate in my heart for two Scottish billionaires!
Scrooge, Della, and the kids watch as Magica beats up Glomgold off-screen.
The villains corner Glomgold on the edge of the cliff as Glomgold adds a new beard until he jumps, falls into the ocean while screaming, and swims away.
Glomgold Curse you, everyone!
The other villains take back their fortunes, board the Iron Vulture, and leave. Louie watches them leave until he finds himself confronted by his mother approaching him, arms crossed, and then glaring down at him.
Louie Mom, I know I messed up before, but seeing all the angles is what I'm good at.
Della (With a smile on her face, she picks up Louie and hugs him.) Okay, but you need to take care to not hurt the ones you love. And I'll be here to help you see the angles you can't.
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