Go, Go Golden Years! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


In the Amazon Jungle, Scrooge is caught between mad scientist Dr. Quackmire Quantum and a group of headhunters with no sign of Donald arriving to pick him up. The two attacking parties end up severing the rope bridge Scrooge is on, and he falls into the chasm with the Golden Calf of Latte. His fall is broken by the rigging of a sailing ship, which proves to be crewed by pirates. Fortunately, the incompetent buccaneers sink their own ship attending to shoot down Scrooge just as Scrooge's own ship arrives.

Feeling weary from his exertions, Scrooge laments his growing age, with Donald commenting he can't expect to stop it. However, Dewey shows them a video of a scientist named Rip Van Wrinkle claiming to have discovered the key to both long life and youthful vigor. Immediately intrigued, Scrooge goes to visit the doctor, who reveals that the key to his research is the slow metabolism of turtles. Van Wrinkle demonstrates his process on Scrooge, only for the billionaire to find himself unable to move any faster than a tortoise.

Donald is immediately angered, and he and the nephews rush Scrooge home on a hand truck, perturbing some pedestrians along the way. Upon reaching McDuck Manor, they knock over the Calf of Latte, which breaks in half. They discover it contains super strength coffee beans, which they quickly brew to get Scrooge moving at normal speed again. Unfortunately, Scrooge is now so energized that the others can't keep up with him without a caffeine boost of their own.




Trade paperback IDW reprint

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