Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark.

Goldie O'Gilt is a female duck who originated in the comics as Scrooge McDuck's old flame from his Gold Rush days.


Originally created by Carl Barks as a character in the comic Back to the Klondike, Goldie was shown to be a music hall singer in Dawson. Where in the 1987 show she appear in the episode with the same name of her original stories and as well was presented the same way. Don Rosa also used her in several stories, including his The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck series and his comic Last Sled to Dawson (Uncle Scrooge Adventures #5). Here, it is implied that Scrooge and Goldie fell in love with each other, but never revealed their feelings of affection to one another and eventually drifted apart as Scrooge traveled across the world and acquired his fortune while Goldie remained in Dawson. In Last Sled to Dawson, Goldie owns a hotel in Dawson.


Goldie is a greedy and manipulative wealthy business woman and Scrooge's ex business partner and girlfriend. She is an ambitious woman who loves adventure but loves treasure even more, that she will trick and use others to get it. Goldie is known for being underhanded, crafty and beautiful, she uses her sly and flirtatious ways to get others to trust her and give her what she wants. Although she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, as she is very hard working and can hold her own in a fight. Intelligent, determined and strong, Goldie has faced many exotic, dangerous and magical situation without a scratch, typically because she has magical or cursed artefacts to protect her from certain harms.

Goldie isn't entirely stone cold in her ways, as she developed a sincere fondness for Louie despite swindling him like she does everyone, evident by how she added a picture of Louie into her wallet, right next to a picture of Scrooge.


  • Master Swindler: Goldie specializes in swindling others, a skill she uses to manipulate people and take all the gold for herself, and is perceptive enough to see through others' attempts at duplicity.
  • Boat Driving: Goldie knows how to drive a boat. After stealing the liquid gold from the golden lake of the Clondike, she made her escape by boat.
  • Beautiful Voice: Goldie sang a song to distract Rockerduck while Scrooge snuck away to take back giant golden bolder.

With the Eye of the Demogorgon

  • Fire Immunity: Due to wearing the Eye of the Demogorgon, Goldie is granted the powers of fire and lava immunity, however she only retains these powers when wearing the amulet.


"Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark, Scroogey."

"I'm Goldie O'Gilt."


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DuckTales - The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains! EXCLUSIVE CLIP

DuckTales - The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains! EXCLUSIVE CLIP


  • The creators of the series have indicated that Goldie and Scrooge have a sort of rivalry, not unlike that of Batman and Catwoman.
  • The inspiration of her character was from Kathleen "Klondike Kate" Rockwell.
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