Hortense McDuck  was the mother of Donald and Della Duck.



Pilot (127)

The conspiracy board with Hortense's picture.

Hortense's image appears on Webby's conspiracy board as part of her research on the McDuck family tree, connected to that of her brother Scrooge and her husband Quackmore

Behind the scenes

Hortense was created by Don Rosa and based on Carl Barks' personal notes. She was not present in the original DuckTales but appears in the reboot series.


  • Hortense first appeared in Rosa's comic book serial "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" and related works. There, she had a habit of being aggressive, although she was also a feisty, passionate, outspoken and witty woman who was always there for her loved one and acted out if someone said or did something disrespectful.
  • Both Hortense and Quackmore were renowned for their fiery tempers, and started to fall in love after getting into a screaming match.
  • Hortense's age is unclear in DuckTales. Her brother Scrooge is nearly 150 years old, whereas her children Donald and Della are under 40. However, her parents are immortal, so it is possible that she's many decades younger than Scrooge.
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