The Hound of Castle McDuck are a minor DuckTales 1987 character, appearing in the episode "The Curse of Castle McDuck".


The Hound is a glowing dog owned by the ghastly hooded druids that take over Castle McDuck in from Scotland.

The Hound is a female dog-hound mix and has three puppies of her own for the Druids to train and attack people to keep them away from the castle at night during the Druids secret meetings.

The Druids were driven out of Scotland because the people of Scotland thought they were strange & because of rumors of their religion of using black magic got around a lot.

Scrooge said this about the hound,

"It was a great glowing beast that viciously attacked anyone who got near the castle."

And that's what it did for many years for the Druids.

It never got to be a normal dog in its life. Never got to play or be loved by the Druids,not once. Her poor puppies were never given a lot of freedom and were sometimes alone by themselves with no one to play with. But when Scrooge comes to castle Mcduck and feeds her hot dogs from his bag, when she corners him and his nephews, she finally understands the kindness that the Druids never gave her when she was a pup and turns on the 'masters' who were cruel to her and her puppies and did not follow a single order from her main master, the elder Druid. With the powder gone and her puppies free, the hound becomes a loving mother again and even takes a liking to scrooge after words with Huey saying "Looks like it was love at first scent!"


the hound begging

The hound is swift and cunning and uses the secrect tunnels to move around the castle.

The Druids don't feed the hound enough so it becomes mean and more vicious as it starves.

Another skill is the glowing flea powder that the Druids use to make the hound glow. Should it get wet, the powder comes off which is why the the hound avoids water.

The hound at first was mean and vicious but that was because the Druids never fed it enough.

When fed, the hound becomes nicer and less mean towards Scrooge and his nephews and seems to like scrooge at the end of show,licking him and nuzzling him out of thanks.

The hound is big with brown fur and a sand-color mane with a black collar around its neck.

It also has red glowing eyes but they become normal when its not glowing anymore from the powder.

It's frame and body is thin from the lack of food.


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