If it's not in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, then it's not a thing.


Hubert "Huey" Duck is one of the nine main protagonists of the 2017 DuckTales series. He is the son of Della Duck and is the oldest of Donald Duck's nephews.


The oldest of the triplets (by three seconds), he is often called upon to be "The Brains." He LOVES being a triplet, is the consummate Junior Woodchuck, and often finds himself scrambling to find logical solutions to the completely illogical. Ever the explorer, Huey is always eager to test his mettle and may one day earn his Adventurer's Merit Badge.


Huey is a small white preteen duck with a red polo shirt and red cap on his head.


Huey is a smart "by the book" guy (specifically the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook). Huey is an intelligent, analytical, and precarious boy scout. Huey is the most responsible out of the triplets but he still can be wild with them. Huey also comes off as "nerdy" as he is shown to enjoy science; in discovery, books, modern inventions and more. His own brother, Louie. has called him nerdy yet he is proud of it, shown in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!" and in later episodes such as "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!".

Huey is a down to earth and loves being a junior woodchuck. Huey is a duck of logic and rational explanation as shown in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!". He chooses to believe in logic and science than mythology. He loves to find a logical solution in an illogical situation. While Huey can be considerate, he has his moments of being conceited. Huey takes great pride in his intelligence, organization skills, and his Junior Woodchucks trained skills; which lead him to believe that he is usually correct and or the best about most things which show in "McMystery at McDuck McManor!", "Terror of the Terra-firmians!", and "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!" and when anyone doubts his intellect he gets easily offended, this is seen demonstrated in "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!".

Huey is also very inquisitive with things he doesn't know too much about and yearns to know more. This is shown in "The Spear of Selene!", once he meets Zeus he is very excited and wishes to learn more about his powers.

Huey is a brave and compassionate person (duck). He is always there to help others, especially his family. This is well shown in "Storkules in Duckburg!" when him and Webby help save everyone at Funsos Fun Zone from the harpies. He also shows a lot of love and appreciation for others; for example, his uncle, Donald.

Huey loves to reach his goals with well-structured checklists because he likes to be in control of the situation. In general, Huey loves checklists as shown in "Storkules in Duckburg!".

Although, while Huey can be level-head, he becomes unstable when things don't go the way he planned, usually responding with anger and/or anxiety. His anger as show in "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!", when Dewey had gotten the internship over himself (This was also shown in The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! where Huey snapped at Scrooge for being too stubborn to turn around) and his anxiety as shown in "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!", when one of his uniform stripes came loose, and he thought he was losing his skills. It was also shown in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!" when Huey is afraid of when something bad happening.

Yet, Huey can bring himself back to being calm and rational, to figure out the problem given to him. Intelligent, confident, brave, kind and talented, Huey will take charge in any adventure no matter how dangerous or ridiculous it gets.

Skills and Abilities

He possesses multiple skills and knowledge that was taught to him as both a junior woodchuck. Huey is the second most capable of the kids, second only to Webby.

  • Intellect: Huey is an analytical thinker, which he uses with great pride to construct plans whenever there is trouble or just for fun. Huey knows how to change his voice and to pick a lock with anything, as seen in the comic issue #1.
  • Junior Woodchuck Knowledge:
  • Robotics:
  • Cartography: An expert in cartography, Huey uses techniques and arts that guide him towards the elaboration of geographical coordinates. Presented in 30 Things With Huey.
  • Geology: Huey proved to know at some point the origin, history, life and structure of the Earth in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!".
  • Skills with Ties:
  • Camping:
  • Necronomicon Book: Huey is a connoisseur of several books and in numerous natural and supernatural including readings such as books like the Necronomicon.
  • Trap Builder:
  • Seam:
  • Unison Voice: Ability to speak at the same time. The triplets do this - albeit unintentionally in "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!".
  • Fourth Wall Awareness: In "Quack Pack!", Huey is the first to realize that he and his family are in a TV show, starting with when he notices his Guidebook is empty. It then progresses with him hearing the audience laughing and background music, noticing the lights fading, seeing a commercial for Pep, realizing his book is just a prop, that the walls of the study room have no pipes, cables, or insulation, and ultimately, he convinces Scrooge, Louie, and Della to look at the fourth wall, seeing the audience. He also complains about being in a transition scene.
  • Musical Intuition: It is revealed throughout the series that Huey is musically talented/gifted in general.
    • Various Instruments: While helping Dewey and Louie with their search to inadvertently learn more about their mother (Della Duck) in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!", he plays three notes (B-natural, A-natural, and G-natural) on a single harp string. Huey also admits that he participated in the Junior Woodchuck Philharmonic Orchestra at some point.
    • Singing: In "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!", Huey is shown to have a beautiful voice while singing part of an opera as a distraction to allow Webby to uncover who Gandra really is.
    • Music-Related Memory:



Dewey & Louie Duck

Huey is very close to his brothers. Despite their differences they love to hang out with each other as brothers, as well as friends. They all share a mischievous and adventurous spirit. Though they can be very competitive and argue alot, they are still very close and he is protective of his brothers. Both of them are supportive of him.

  • DEWEY DUCK: Dewey is Huey's immediate younger triplet brother (by 3 seconds). Despite their occasional competitive nature with each other, Dewey often worries about Huey ultimately losing his sanity and/or temper. This is seen in various episodes ("The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!"; "The Depths of Cousin Fethry!").
  • LOUIE DUCK: Louie is Huey's youngest triplet brother (by 6 seconds). Of his brothers, Huey is seen hanging out with Louie the most. During "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!", they both team up against the rest of their family members once Scrooge ecstatically annouces Game Night. Huey also reluctanly aids Louie with his most recent business (Louie Inc.). Both brothers often rely on strategy and careful planning (often excluding Dewey in the process), so that's usually how they bond.

Donald Duck

Donald is Huey's uncle and guardian, and despite his shortcomings, he loves him a lot. Huey is the closest nephew to Donald as he is very supportive and kind to him. Even when everyone else thought little of him in "The House of the Lucky Gander!" Huey stood up for Donald to say that he thinks Donald is cool. Huey has shown to take great influence from Donald to be responsible, hard-working, and a caring person. 

However, Huey's not afraid to to talk back to him when things get out of hand. In "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!", he encouraged Donald to play the part of a successful businessman in order to impress his best friends (Jose and Panchito) but immediately regretted his decision once Donald took his lies too far. 

Della Duck

Della is Huey's biological mother. Huey helped the investigation of Della's disappearance.

Eventually, meeting in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!", Huey first asks questions to his mother about her survival on the Moon and both share their Junior Woodchuck knowledge as both are members.

In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" they are seen bonding over Legends of Legend Quest, a game that they both enjoy playing.

Scrooge McDuck

Huey adores his great uncle Scrooge, he especially respects his great uncle for his intelligence which is shown in the pilot, "Woo-oo!". Yet, even with his respect for him, Huey isn't afraid to talk back to him, like in "The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!" when Scrooge was taking a dangerous risk to make it to the top of a mountain.


Webby Vanderquack

Huey and Webby have a brother-sister like dynamic. They are both very intelligent for their age and always prepare and resourceful in their adventures. Huey is always comforting, understanding, honest and brotherly to her; which shows in "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!" Huey wanted to let Webby feel included in their adventure and comforted Webby by promising her to never leave her behind again. Although in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!", they show to have a different outlook; Webby is very open-minded and whimsical, while Huey going by logic and with what he knows. This leads them to argue with each other. But they put their arguing aside and help each other.

Lena Sabrewing

Lena stepped up and suggested they look for Terra-firmians in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!" showing some belief and some doubt in Webby's claim. Lena and Huey may have shown some bonding as they spent so much time in the underground subway system, though Lena enjoys teasing Huey about his nerdy ways with the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book.

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera

In "Who is Gizmoduck?!", Huey first met Fenton in his superhero form (Gizmoduck) after he saved him from being ambushed during a bank robbery. Eager to find out more about his savior, Huey asked Gizmoduck a ton of questions, especially about how he built his armor. Sadly, the former lost faith in his new idol after spotting the Waddle logo printed on Gizmoduck's chest armor. However, his faith was officially restored when Mark Beaks (wearing the Gizmoduck suit) was seen attacking the public during his speech, finally realizing that Fenton was Gizmoduck all along. Soon afterwards, they developed a close friendship. By Season 2, Huey and Fenton are already best friends. They often discuss ideas on how to improve Gizmoduck's armor and share their love for science and technology. Both are also very supportive and open towards each other.

In "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!", Huey was willing to reschedule his time with him during his battle against Dr. Atmos Fear, keeping in mind that Fenton must've been exhausted from saving the city on a daily basis, but Fenton insisted that he needed a break and begged him not to reschedule. Afterwards, Huey temporarily became his wingman (alongside Webby) and encouraged him to go out on a date with Gandra Dee, despite the latter constantly being in denial. Once Huey (and Webby) discover the shocking truth that Gandra actually worked for Mark Beaks and was using Fenton the entire time, he feels angry and betrayed, telling off Gandra while saving the kids from Mark's wrath.

In "Astro B.O.Y.D.!", Fenton reassured Huey that he could easily fix B.O.Y.D. with help from Gyro Gearloose (who initially invented B.O.Y.D.). However, after travelling to Tokyolk (Japan), Fenton took Gyro's warnings more seriously and alerted Huey to stay away for his own safety, but the latter refused to do so until B.O.Y.D. started glitching in front of them.

Violet Sabrewing

Huey and Violet appear to have a good relationship. In "A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!", they agreed on a lot of things (such as, the subject of waking up the sleepwalker) and Huey found Violet's dream world being a quiet library to be "awesome". They can be seen together a lot during all group shots, impling that they enjoy each other's company. In "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!", they competed against one another over who would become Senior Junior Woodchuck. Huey grew insecure over Violet seemingly proving to be a better Woodchuck than him. This leaded him to abandoning her when she needed his help, but he regretted it almost immediately. Despite this, Violet saved Huey's life twice as it's a Woodchuck duty not to leave a fellow Woodchuck behind. Feeling guilty, Huey realized he didn't deserve any of his badges and failed his Woodchuck oath. Even so, Violet confessed that she's also failed before at the challenge and showed Huey a failure badge she received (which Huey wasn't aware of existing) and recalled Junior Woodchuck rule seven "Work harder, make yourself better, and try again." Violet then proposed to Huey they both become Senior Woodchucks together, but he refused the offer because he believed she earned the position while he has yet to.

Gyro Gearloose


Huey first met B.O.Y.D. in "Astro B.O.Y.D.!" at the Junior Woodchuck overnight campout after getting insulted by Bully Beagle and the other campers for trying to show them how to make a s'more perfectly by the guidebook. After seeing him glitch and destroy the campsite, Huey took B.O.Y.D. to Gyro's lab to get him fixed. Gyro, revealed to be B.O.Y.D.'s creator freaked out when he saw his own creation after all these years and believed he was still dangerous. He and Fenton took the boys to Tokyolk to finish the job before he became a weapon and nearly destroyed the city. After this, B.O.Y.D. chose his own programming, had a new eye color, and started living a new life as a real boy with a new acronym, which he and Huey changed to "Be Only Yourself, Dude."


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  • Huey is the oldest of the triplets by 3 seconds.
  • He has an addiction to sugar, as seen in Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! and A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!
  • This reboot of Huey has kept the iconic look from the original with his red shirt and cap. Yet, this appearance has a short sleeve polo and the original had long sleeves.
    • Huey also keeps an iconic role from the original as a Junior Woodchuck, as he also carries around the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook everywhere he goes.
  • In the IDW comics story FIGHT! it's revealed Huey has multiple backup copies of his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook.
  • Huey is the only one of the triplets to have his original first full name Hubert, in this version. The others are Dewford (originally Deuteronomy) and Llewellyn (originally Louis).
  • Huey's mother was originally going to name him Jet.
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