(Christmas Intro)
Donald Deck the lawn with tons of snowmen, fa-la-la-la-la,la-la-la-la!
Scrooge Hey! Get those inflatable abominations off my lawn!
Donald Waah! But you have the perfect yard for a winter wonderland!
Scrooge  I also have a pilot that can't tell the difference between Christmas lights and landing lights.
Donald gulps.
(The camera zooms in on Donald, Donald trys to remove the decorating. Scrooge closes the door and goes inside, following a crash.)
Webby Tinsel! Holly! Novelty Ornaments! Pure Christmas magic.
Huey I have some notes on your ornament distribution.
Webby Magic!
(Scrooge grumbles pushing past)
Louie Dear Santa. Look, I can explain! What...hey!
Mrs.Beakly Christmas Eve dinner will be served promptly at 8:15, followed by the annual screening of Christmas on Bear Mountain at 9:08, and I've reset the cryptid traps. Don't want another pesky sugar plum fairy infestation this year.

(Steps on a mouse Trap) Yow! Bah, Crass commercialism, empty sentiment and all the trappings of the holiday!

(Cut to the Moon with the wreckage of the Spear of Selene and Della's inside a pod, looking at her copy of the picture of herself, Donald and Scrooge with the three eggs.)
Della Merry Christmas, you guys. See you soon.
(Della nearly drops a tear but stops , reapplies her goggles and continues working with a blowtorch on a mysterious object.)
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