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"Louie's Eleven!" is the fifth episode of Season 3 of DuckTales (2017).


Louie plans a break-in at a high-class party hosted by Duckburg’s most popular taste-maker, Emma Glamour, so The Three Caballeros can play as Donald tries to get past the party’s no-nonsense planner, Daisy Duck.


The Three Caballeros begin a performance, as Donald tries to sing first but Panchito cuts him off and sings instead. José then interrupts Panchito's singing, which then ultimately leads to all three of them getting into a fight and breaking apart their stage. When Scrooge questions the three of them about why they're in his bathroom in the first place, they all talk about their hopes for him to fund them for the world tour they're continuing to pursue. Unfortunately, this only leaves Scrooge even further agitated and gets Duckworth to kick them out. As the three continue to contemplate about a proper sponsor, Louie approaches them with an offer, leaving Panchito and José excited, but with Donald conflicted.

The four then meet at the triplet's room within the mansion, as Louie introduces them to Emma Glamour's It-list website, with Dewey bumping in from his bunk bed and explains how her list can make anyone instantly popular. He also shows the Caballeros his favorite hair style and band, which he claims to have discovered because of Glamour's website. After a failed yo-yo attempt by Dewey, José begins worrying about how they can get on the It-list and if they can. Louie and Dewey then continue to explain that Glamour will be appearing at an exclusive party held at the Duckburg Museum, where she will be revealing the people who made it on her It-list.

Louie and the Caballeros soon believe that if Louie can get them into the party before she posts the list online, Glamour could have a chance to see their performance with the high hope that she'll allow them on her list. Even so, Donald still wonders how they'll get in, but Louie introduces them to have an elaborate scheme set up for the break-in he dubs Louie's Eleven. He then shows his eleven part scheme to get into the party and get The Caballeros to perform. But before he goes through the plan with them, he convinces the Caballeros to sign a legally binding contract which would give Louie half the earnings for when they get famous.

Donald is hesitant at first, but Panchito and José immediately agree to it, leaving Donald now reluctantly going along with it as well. Louie then explains that all eleven members have an important role in the break-in, with the first member Louie acting as the leader, the fifth member Dewey acting as the specialist, and the second member Donald, third member José, and fourth member Panchito all acting as the talent. However, due to the party being invite-only, the sixth member Huey acts as the forger by creating a perfectly forged invitation that will get them into the party. Later they visit the seventh member Gyro, acting as the tech guru, who gives the crew earpieces to communicate with one another during the party, even though they have a chance of exploding if worn for too long.

While looking into the layout of the museum through the front window, Donald catches his eye on a female duck bossing people around with the party preparations. Louie explains that her name is Daisy Duck, Glamour's personal assistant who is giving the setup orders to keep the party organized. After a close call with flower types between Daisy and Emma Glamour herself, Louie says they have to go through Daisy in order to get to Glamour. As the gang gets ready to crash the party while waiting in line to enter, Dewey and Louie suddenly spot Falcon Graves literally throwing someone believed to be a party crasher out.

Surprised that Graves is working security for the party, Dewey recalls the last time he saw Graves, having cost him millions and throwing him off a building. Dewey knows Graves will catch on and kick them out, so in order to get in unrecognized, Louie has Dewey change his clothes and put an electric helmet from a previous incident on to disguise him and his voice. He then gives his uncle and friends sunglasses with their hats now switched, as they approach Falcon who momentarily deems them as suspicious, but soon allows them into the party after Daisy calls from afar to keep the line going.

After getting in and some brief arguments between the group, Louie orders everyone to put on the earpieces and split up to begin the plan. After a failed attempt on Panchito's end to finesse the guard into letting him on stage, Louie reminds him that none of them will be able to gain access to the stage unless they have Daisy's stage pass that is clipped to her purse. Although Dewey thinks he can distract her with his yo-yo tricks, Louie instead has the eighth member Jane, acting as the inside woman and an acquaintance of his from Funso's Fun Zone, spill water on Daisy's coat in order for her get away from Glamour.

Once Daisy leaves the room to clean up the stain, Donald proceeds to follow her from behind to retrieve the stage pass. With Daisy gone, Louie assumes Glamour to be unguarded so he can charm his way into exciting her for the Three Caballeros' performance, only to discover Falcon Graves now standing by her side. In order to now distract Graves as well, Louie has Dewey Struggle with a Harpy on top of the roof, who is revealed to be the ninth member acting as the distraction. Once Dewey manages to shove the Harpy into the ventilation system, its echos distract Graves enough for him to leave and investigate.

Meanwhile, as Daisy lets out some anger just before entering an elevator, Donald arrives in front of her to make it seem less suspicious of his eavesdropping as they both enter the elevator. Louie then reminds Donald that he needs to make sure he acquires Daisy's pass and get off before Daisy arrives at her floor. Once achieved, the tenth member Webby, acting as the tactician, can disable the elevator to ensure Daisy will stay out of the way for the remainder of the scheme. However, a miscommunication during Donald's attempts to get the pass leads Louie to assume he's already gotten it, causing Louie to give Webby the order to cut the elevator, and leaving both Daisy and Donald now trapped.

This causes both of them to start panicking, as they then accidentally tangle each other together with Daisy's purse string, causing both of them to further argue and Louie to disable his earpiece. With Donald now unable to communicate with Louie, he accidentally admits to Daisy of his band's plan to crash the party. Meanwhile, as Louie's about to make his way towards Glamour, Dewey returns and tries to convince him he can help, but Louie instead belittles him and believes sticking to the plan is the best option. Louie then approaches Glamour to intrigue her interest in the Caballeros, but Glamour in return insults him after seeing through his entire scheme, informing him that it happens every year and that nothing of what he's doing is new, original, or It.

Broken, Louie simply walks away from her feeling defeated. Meanwhile, as José and Panchito continue their attempts to get the guard to allow them onto the stage, the guard is suddenly knocked unconscious from behind as other party guests are abruptly tied up with rope. Soon afterward, Falcon Graves returns with the tied up Harpy he managed to capture, as he, Gabby McStabberson, and Hack and Slash Smashnikov are all revealed to be another heist crew crashing the party. As Graves makes his way towards Glamour, Louie and Dewey hide behind a nearby Dinosaur skeleton display, while Louie regrets not thinking about the possibility of another scheme other than his own occurring tonight.

When Louie brings up the scheme's name "Louie's Eleven" once more, Dewey realizes the eleventh member still has yet to reveal themselves. This encourages Louie to reactivate his earpiece and signal the eleventh member, who is revealed to be Manny acting as the muscle. Unfortunately, as Manny dashes towards Graves, Graves avoids the attack and instead throws him across the room while losing his Scrooge head in the process. With Manny now dealt with, Falcon Graves returns his attention to Glamour and orders her to give him her phone. Meanwhile in the elevator, Donald and Daisy finally manage to unwrap themselves from Daisy's purse, as Daisy is forced to remove her coat due to the spreading stain.

Daisy is then revealed to have been wearing a very stylish dress beneath her coat, as Donald compliments her while Daisy notes she made it herself. She then admits she was hoping to impress Glamour with her dress tonight so she could get the chance to be on her It-list, and that way she could pursue her hopes of becoming a real designer. She once again blames Donald for missing out on her big chance, but she also admits Glamour rarely ever listens to what she has to say. Donald believes he can relate to her struggles because no one ever listens to him either, since they never understand what he's saying, even though Daisy claims she can perfectly understand him.

Knowing they are bound to remain stuck in the elevator for a little while longer, Daisy allows Donald to sing her something to let the time go by. He sings her a song he made up known as "Hear My Voice," to which both of them dance along to with Donald's voice being heard in a different and more heartfelt way through Daisy. This encourages her to snap out of her slump and declare that Glamour will be hearing from both of them tonight. Daisy then manages to lower a roof compartment with a ladder attached to it, as both her and Donald escape from the elevator and make their way back to the party through the ventilation system.

However, as they look through an open air vent to view the party, they realize all the party guests are being held hostage by Falcon Graves and his crew. They then notice Glamour attempting to retrieve her phone back by Graves, who then announces he was hired to sell all her company's assets she had on her phone to the highest bidder. However, unbeknownst to Graves, the buyer is revealed to be another desired It-list maker Mark Beaks, who also happens to be Glamour's son. Meanwhile as Dewey looks to Louie for a plan, Louie regretfully states he's clueless on what to do, so Dewey instead decides to take matters into his own hand.

While Graves and Beaks now begin to fight over the phone, the lights suddenly shut off with a stage light now centered on Dewey. Although his performance isn't perfect, Beaks, Glamour, Graves and his heist crew manage to remain distracted from it as Louie makes his way over to untie the hostages. At the same time, Donald and Daisy ambush Graves by dropping straight below through the vent, causing Graves to lose control of the phone and for Dewey to catch it. Once the lights are back on, all the hostages are freed and José and Panchito manage to fend off Hack and Slash, while Webby disarms Gabby by throwing her off guard and kicking her down a flight of stairs with the same chair Glamour was sitting in earlier.

Meanwhile as Donald and Daisy continue to battle against Graves, Donald is hit with a fatal blow and now unable to get back up. This infuriates Daisy, as she proceeds to let her rage out on Graves, allowing her to hit him to the ground and soon after smashing his head in with a nearby vase. Although Graves is now out cold, Glamour still decides to accuse Daisy of ruining the party, but Donald steps in and angrily states Daisy has actually saved her party now. Glamour is briefly angered, but once she sees Daisy now standing up to her, she is instead impressed with both of them, and even allows Daisy to be on her It-list after looking at her dress.

Afterwards with Graves and his crew now taken away from the party by Officer Cabrera, the Three Caballeros manage to perform their music on the main stage and the party resumes. Louie then admits to Dewey that his scheme didn't go as perfect as he imagined, but Dewey was still proud of him for having accomplished getting them into the party in the first place. Louie then offers Dewey to bring him in on future schemes, leaving Dewey to cry tears of joy. Donald then begins to sing the song he sung to Daisy in the elevator once more, as most people other than Dewey, Louie, and Daisy cover their ears from the singing.

Dewey then notes how it's unfortunate the Three Caballeros didn't manage to make the It-list due to Donald's poor singing voice, but Daisy begs to differ, believing she could listen to him all night.


Toks Olagundoye voices Jane but is uncredited.


  • Main Cast Absences: Della, Launchpad, and Mrs. Beakley.
  • This episode parodies Ocean’s Eleven which is a remake of the 1960 heist film Ocean's 11.
  • This is the first episode title to include one of the triplets' names.
  • This episode features the first appearance of Daisy Duck in DuckTales. Ironically, she never appeared in the original series at all, not counting the comics.
  • This episode has similar themes and plot points to early versions of The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!.[1]
  • The people involved in "Louie's Eleven" and their roles are:
    1. Louie - The Brains (devises the whole plan)
    2. Panchito - The Talent(?) (the entire plan revolves around getting the Three Caballeros into the "it list")
    3. Donald - The Talent(?) (same as Panchito; he also has an additional role of getting the stage pass from Daisy)
    4. José - The Talent(?) (same as Panchito and Donald)
    5. Dewey - The Specialist... (does the "special job", which turns out to be putting a harpy into the vents as a diversion)
    6. Huey - The "Forger" (forges an invitation so the group can get into the party)
    7. Gyro - Tech Guru (his invention lets them discreetly communicate to each other even when they're apart)
    8. Jane - The Inside Woman (spills water on Daisy, so Donald can snatch her stage pass alone)
    9. Harpy - The Diversion (Dewey puts a harpy into the vents to distract Falcon Graves)
    10. Webby - The Tactician (cuts the power off the elevator Donald and Daisy are in)
    11. Manny - The Muscle (their last resort; he was going to beat up Falcon in case the plan goes awry, but this fails)
  • One of the statues that appears at the Galla resembles a ballet hippo (possibly Hyacinth Hippo), which is a reference to the Fantasia film short in which Daisy appears.
  • This episode references a cut joke in Jaw$! about Gyro being called a kid inventor and having a genetically modified robot baby. The reference was in Gyro's section of Louie's board.[2]
  • When Falcon Graves is reviewing who has authorization to enter the building and is having trouble remembering where he's seen Dewey before, he grants access and says, "Welcome to the party, pal." Later, Donald announced his and Daisy's arrival with "Yippee Ki-Yay, Mr. Falcon". Both are references to lines said by officer John McClane in the first Die Hard movie.
  • Dewey's picture on the board features a phrase labelled as "License to Chill"; a joke reference to both James Bond's "license to kill" and the James Bond movie, Licence to Kill.
  • Mark Beaks' real name is revealed by his mother to be in fact, Marcus.
  • Daisy's hair and wardrobe in this episode are based on her wardrobe from the 1954 Disney classic short, Donald's Diary.
  • Donald’s song "Hear My Voice", was sung by Dominic Lewis who serves as DuckTales' composer.
  • Goof: When Daisy and Donald are in the vent, Daisy has her shoes on, but in the next scene she's webbed-foot.


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