Mr. and Mrs. Drake
Mr. Drake (credited as Butler and voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) and Mrs. Drake (credited as Maid and Doofus’ Mom and voiced by Tara Platt) are the parents of Doofus Drake in DuckTales.


In "Day of the Only Child!", Mr. and Mrs. Drake are seen working for their tyrannical son. They later reveal to Louie that Doofus, after inheriting a fortune from his grandmother Francis, went mad with power and enslaved them.

In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!", the pair are forced to wait on the guests at Doofus' birthday party, and introduce Doofus when he makes his appearance. During the party, Doofus refers to his grandmother as "the only parent I've ever known"; his father questions the hurtful comment, only for his wife to allude to some known reason for their son's disdain for him. Mr. Drake is later knocked off of Doofus' treehouse, and takes the elevator to get back up, only to flee when B.O.Y.D. is unleashed on Louie by Doofus.

Later, Louie adjusts B.O.Y.D.'s programming so that he regards Mr. and Mrs. Drake as his parents, and the pair quickly embrace the kindly young android. Their newfound affection for B.O.Y.D. prompts the pair to stand up to an irate Doofus at long last. When B.O.Y.D. then acquires half the money Francis left to Doofus, Doofus' stranglehold on his family is broken, much to the relief of his parents.

In "Moonvasion!", Mr. and Mrs. Drake are seen being menaced by the Moonlanders along with Doofus and B.O.Y.D. In "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!", the two are present at a Junior Woodchucks meeting, with their sons taking part as members of the group.


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  • Mrs. Drake's classic series counterpart was mentioned by Doofus in the DuckTales episodes "Aqua Ducks" and "The Right Duck."
  • Mr. and Mrs. Drake's voice actors, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, are married in real life.
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