Nightmare on Bear Mountain! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


Donald is cleaning his houseboat when a loud outburst is overheard. It proves to be Dewey talking to Mrs. Beakley over Scrooge's suspicious absence, which Dewey likens to his own mother's departure from his life. Remembering Scrooge's previous anti-family sentiments, Beakley decides to investigate, and after questioning Launchpad learns that he dropped Scrooge off at Bear Mountain. The two soon persuade him to fly him there in the Sunchaser, where they are confronted by an irate Scrooge who tries to get them to leave.

However, before Scrooge can convince the group to leave, the sun begins to set, and Scrooge hurries the group into his castle-like residence. The reason for his fear-and his isolation-is revealed to be Somnambulo, an old enemy of Scrooge's who has returned to settle a 100-year old grudge by taking Scrooge's family. Having had no family when he made the deal previously, Scrooge is determined to protect what he now has; unfortunately for his plans, they are equally determined to protect him. They challenge Somnambulo's sleepwalking minions, but when Scrooge offers himself up to Somnambulo, he declares their debt settled. Feeling that Scrooge has become a better man, Somnambulo departs peacefully; Scrooge and his friends and family are relieved, but are then attacked by one of the local bears.





Trade paperback IDW reprint


  • The story's title is an homage to "Christmas on Bear Mountain" by Carl Barks, the 1947 comic story in which the character of Scrooge McDuck was first introduced.
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