Ping the Pitiless is a one-time character from the episode The Right Duck.


Ping the Pitiless is the ruler of the planet mars, but is feared to all his subjects, and known to be cruel tyrant as he once locked up his own mother, and even threw a innocent martian to the hole he thought the Jewel had a crack on it, which later revealed to be just a strand of hair, even apologize.

When he saw the space probe landed in his castle, taking all of his stuff, and seeing Launchpad and Doofus out of the probe he had them thrown in jail. Later while on his throne, Ping was shown to be excited when he learned that Launchpad and Doofus are on the rocket set to destroy earth, only to have his moment ruin when the Probe escape it cell and captured Ping.

After the plan to blow up earth failed, it's was revealed that Mars has a new king, the chimp that was sent to help Launchpad and Doofus and also revealed that Ping is not only trapped in the Probe but the Probe is now program to travel to Pluto, Which Ping said he hate dogs and tried to find a away out, It unknown if Ping lived on Pluto or he find away out of the probe.


  • When Ping said he hate dog when the recording of the probe said Pluto, It's a reference to Pluto, the beloved dog of Mickey Mouse.
  • His name is a play on the Flash Gordon antagonist Ming the Merciless.