Pixiu is an ancient dragon who seeks out gold.


Pixiu is a ruthless dragon whose only interest is seeking out gold, regardless of who gets hurt in the process.


Pixiu is a Chinese syled golden dragon with orange accents.



Pilot (261)

When the gong that was imprisoning him is struck three times by mistake, Pixiu is awoken and freed from his stony prison. He makes a hasty exit from the McDuck Manor garage. The duck grabs onto his tail and struggles to keep a grip as Pixiu aims for his Money Bin. Eventually, Pixiu is able to lose Scrooge, and the dragon uses his jaws to break open the bin. But before he can get to the gold, Scrooge returns and uses the Medusa Gauntlet to return Pixiu to stone. The stone Pixiu falls down to the bin's gold, breaking on impact.


Season 1


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