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Sabaf (voiced by Bassem Youssef) is the latest in a line of deceitful guards of the mummified body of Toth-Ra in the DuckTales episode "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!"


One of Sabaf's ancestors was the original guard of Toth-Ra, assigned to prepare for the pharaoh's return. When Toth-Ra never awoke, the guard and his descendants initiated an elaborate deception of the followers of Toth-Ra, impersonating the pharaoh in order to benefit from the tributes of his followers to him. This continued to the time of Sabaf, whose plump figure was indicative of his easy living. He later caught Webby and Louie after they inadvertently ended up inside Toth-Ra's tomb.

Webby and Louie succeeded in escaping Sabaf and then discovering his deception, just before Scrooge and the rest of their party led a revolt of Toth-Ra's followers. Using Sabaf's own system for working Toth-Ra's body like a puppet, Louie turned the followers against him. Despite this, he later exited the pyramid after Toth-Ra briefly came to life, and was seen in line at a food truck with the rest of the followers.


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  • Sabaf appears to be a Falcon or similar bird.
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