Somnambulo is the main antagonist of the DuckTales 2017 comic ’’Nightmare on Bear Mountain!’’.


Roughly one hundred years prior to "Woo-oo!", Somnambulo had a prized relic stolen from him by Scrooge McDuck, whom he pursued in a murderous rage. However, during the ensuing struggle, Scrooge inadvertently saved Somnambulo's life from falling rocks. Grateful but still vengeful, Somnambulo cut a deal with Scrooge: in one hundred years' time, he would return to take Scrooge's family in payment. Being a self-centered man with no family at the time, Scrooge agreed to the terms, believing that Somnambulo would have nothing to take from him when their reckoning came.

However, in the intervening century, Scrooge was blessed with not only Donald and his great-nephews, but also friends like Mrs. Beakley and Launchpad McQuack who were as close to him as family. Seeking to protect them from Somnambulo, Scrooge attempted to isolate himself on Bear Mountain in preparation for Somnambulo's return. Somnambulo soon appeared, but several of Scrooge's family had found him and confronted Somnambulo's sleepwalking minions. Scrooge tried to satisfy Somnambulo by offering himself up to his old foe, but Somnambulo surprised him by recalling his minions and declaring peace. He then noted that Scrooge had become a better man since their last meeting, such as the world had need of, before disappearing.




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  • Somnambulo's name comes from the word somnambulism, which is a term for sleepwalking. A feminine form of the name, Somnambula, was notably used for the Emir of Somnambula in DuckTales 1987, as well as both a human witch and a Pegasus mare in separate generations of the My Little Pony franchise.
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