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"Storkules in Duckburg!" is the fifth episode of the second season of DuckTales.


Louie recruits Storkules for his professional monster extermination business, while Storkules faces his greatest challenge: being Donald's roommate.[1]


Louie approaches Scrooge hoping for a donation to help start up his business, Louie Inc. However, his motivation of making money lacks direction, with Scrooge advising him to find a problem that he can solve. Meanwhile, Donald is cleaning his boat when Storkules appears with a number of his belongings. To Donald's horror, the Greek god announces his intentions to move into the spare room on Donald's Houseboat, which Donald has recently made available for rent.

Upon being interrogated, Storkules admits that his lackadaisical attitude infuriated his father Zeus to the point of him unleashing Harpies on Maceduckia. Zeus has also kicked Storkules out and advised him to become a responsible adult, to which end Storkules has sought out Donald to help him learn. Donald reluctantly agrees to let Storkules have the room, but is quick to establish some ground rules for him to follow, including the need to pay rent. Soon after, a swarm of creatures known as Harpies come to attack Storkules after following him all the way from Greece. Elsewhere, Louie recruits Webby and Huey to help him with his business, but still struggles to find a service they can offer.

As they are discussing their business intentions at Funso's Fun Zone, and spending the majority of the company's budget on skee ball, the Harpy's arrive and begin attacking the arcade. Huey and Webby attempt to thwart their attack on the building, until Storkules arrives and captures some of them, while the rest of the Harpy's flee. The mascot of Funso's thanks Storkules for his deed and asks how he can repay him. Storkules originally passes by the offer, until Louie holds up a bill to the mascot, and hires Storkules for his new idea of a business, Harp-be-gone.

The group then decide to expand the awareness of the business by creating a commercial, with Storkules playing as a child, Huey and Webby as the parents, and Louie as the businessman to explain the company's offer. Webby then suggests they capture the Harpy's and try to convince them to create a better and positive role on society, but Louie disagrees, claiming that the problem can't be the solution. Huey also attempts to research more about the Harpies with his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, and learns that its instincts are to steal the things their prey love most. Immediately after that was said, a Harpy swoops right in front of Huey and steals his junior woodchuck guidebook, but luckily Storkules chases after the Harpy and returns the book to Huey.

Time goes on and the Harp-be-gone business becomes a success, having gone all around the city and saving many of Duckburg's citizens from the Harpies including Officer Cabrera, Mark Beaks, and Emily Quackfaster. As the number of Harpies being captured began to increase, Storkules had to store the majority of them inside Donald's bedroom closet on his boat for the time being. The crew of Harp-be-gone then go on an interview show of Dewey's Dewey Dew-Night!, with Louie explaining their next intention of the company to be merchandise including pop-up books, talon grabber arms, and masks. Dewey then asks when the majority of all the Harpies are likely to be gone, with Storkules pointing out that just recently they had captured the last of the Harpies loose within the city. This angers Louie after realizing that with all the Harpies gone, there would be no more business potential to proceed with.

Webby suggests they use the Harpies for something helpful, as she had been training them after they were captured. Huey, on the other hand, suggested that everyone gets paid and can call it a day, only for him to realize that Louie spent all the money they had made on the merchandise, leaving everyone in disappointment. This lead Louie to become desperate, and snuck into Donald's houseboat in an attempt to free the Harpies so his business would stay active. However, Storkules catches Louie in the act and confronts him while making sure they don't wake up Donald. Louie attempts to lie to Storkules by claiming he was checking to make sure the Harpies were still inside the closet, but is then guilt-tripped by Storkules and admits he was about to let the Harpies go.

Soon after, Donald was awoken and asked to know why they were in his room and what was inside the closet. Louie claimed it was just a pet he found and brought home, only for Donald to be angered by recalling that one of the houseboat rules was no pets. This leads Donald to willingly opening the closet door, and thus releasing all the Harpies onto McDuck Manor. Later, as Donald attempts to handle the situation himself, Storkules accidentally says out loud that their friendship is the one thing he loves most, leading the Harpies to steal the houseboat and fly it away with Donald still aboard.

Louie and Storkules then bring themselves to the sky on top of Donald's houseboat using Storkules' high jump ability, where they try to figure out a way to bring the boat and themselves down from the sky. Just as Donald was about to fall from the boat, Storkules grabbed him in the nick of time and carried him back aboard, to which Donald thanked him for. Louie then discovered the Harpies' attraction to the falling merchandise on the boat, and was saddened to drop the remaining merchandise of his business in order for the Harpies to bring them down safely. Storkules, however, still regretted causing danger to Donald, believing he was not worthy to continue being his roommate. But Donald replied by saying he would help him find an apartment, to which Storkules thanked him for.

Scrooge then returns to McDuck Manor, with Louie asking him where he had been this whole time. Scrooge explained about having a business opportunity in Cape Suzette after Louie encouraged him to start a Lemonade business. Unfortunately, Scrooge believed the business would be a failure as he and his business partners couldn't figure out a cost-effective way to transport the lemons from Cape Suzette to a juicery in Taiwan. But after a minor scuffle between Webby and the Harpies, Louie comes up with an idea to use the Harpies to help. Scrooge and Louie later have an interview with Roxanne Featherly about their new lemonade business, explaining how the Harpies assist in the juicing process of the lemons, and are also rewarded with the lemonade itself. When asked by Roxanne how they keep the Harpies from stealing the lemonade, one of the Harpies is then seen stealing Louie's lemonade cup, with Louie soon after claiming they were still working on that problem.



  • Main Cast Absences: Launchpad and Mrs. Beakley
  • The Harpies in this episode somewhat resemble those from the classic DuckTales episode "The Golden Fleecing", but with birdlike faces rather than human-looking ones.
  • The sequence in which Storkules swings Louie around in his hand before launching them both into the air is a parody of Marvel Comics' Thor Odinson and his magical hammer, Mjolnir.
  • The way Webby hits Louie near the end of the episode is a reference to the Hulk of Marvel Comics looking a lot like Hulk hitting Thor in the movie The Avengers.
  • This is the second appearance of Storkules.
  • The title references the 1969 movie Hercules in New York, Arnold Schwarzenegger's film debut.
  • A broken guitar can be seen inside Donald's houseboat under his hammock, likely as a reference to the previous episode The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! when Scrooge smashed Panchito's guitar, in order to make sure the idea of Donald bringing the three caballeros band back together wouldn't happen.
  • Storkules was originally meant to remain as a roommate of Donald on the houseboat, but the idea was scrapped due to the lack of tension it would cause during later episodes, along with overshadowing the character Launchpad later as well[2] [3] [4]


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