The Frightful Family Fishing Trip! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


After the Sunchaser crashes into the pool containing his boat following the family's latest adventure, Donald takes Scrooge to task. As he and Scrooge argue over what family time is supposed to be-Donald arguing for peaceful shared experiences and Scrooge for more adventures ones-Mrs. Beakley intervenes and orders the pair to go on a trip together. Donald insists that they go fishing at Tranquility Lake, an outing from which Scrooge instructs a disappointed Launchpad to pick him up. The outing proves as disappointing to Scrooge as it is pleasant to Donald, but the two are in for an unwelcome surprise.

As it turns out, Ma Beagle and several of the Beagle Boys are also on the island camping, and set out to retrieve the deed to Duckburg from Scrooge. Cut off from their means of escape, the two Ducks fall back on their many adventures together, setting a gauntlet of booby traps. The ATV-riding Beagles prove to be no match for their handiwork, and the pair are able to row their canoe out to meet Launchpad. As the Sunchaser flies off, however, Ma Beagle is anything but discouraged, vowing that she and her boys will continue their efforts to capture Scrooge.





Trade paperback IDW reprint

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