The Repeating Revenge of the Screaming Duck! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story, and the second of four prequel stories detailing the life of Donald and the nephews prior to the series' pilot.


At the Eagle's Pinky Toe Hotel in the Penguin Mountains, Donald allows the boys to traverse the halls-on GPS fitted luggage carts-while he attempts to get the hotel ready for its grand reopening. Quickly growing bored, the boys are surprised when they hear a scream and enter the room its coming from. A terrifying masked figure proves to be famous movie director Mallard Hitchcock, in the process of filming his latest masterpiece. However, his demanding nature has driven away his film crew, prompting the nephews to volunteer their services.

The boys and Hitchcock disrupt Donald at his housekeeping, and after Donald runs away screaming from the movie production, Hitchcock sees him as star material. The four then employ various means to terrify Donald, sending him racing all around the hotel in fright. Eventually they come clean with him, and Hitchcock decides that he wants to leave horror movies behind for real frights. He resolves to move to Transylvania and become a monster hunter, but Donald bundles the boys onto a sled and takes off into the snow outside.




  • Eagle's Pinky Toe Hotel, Penguin Mountains

Trade paperback IDW reprint

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