The Stone of Truth! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


Webby and the boys are playing around McDuck Manor when the doorbell rings. It proves to be Sirius Axeldent, who claims to be an insurance assessor her to see Scrooge; unfortunately, Scrooge is away on an adventure. Worried that the assessor may deem Scrooge's assets uninsurable due to his dangerous lifestyle, the kids decide to try and bluff Axeldent in the absence of any of the adults. Webby soon takes over the tour, but while showing Axeldent around the mansion unknowingly has the Stone of Truth slipped into her collar.

Under the stone's influence, Webby shows Axeldent some of the most valuable items in the mansion, though his search for the Number One Dime is frustrated. Dewey stumbles across the pair, and a startled Axeldent inadvertently releases the Serpent of Solomon. The ghostly apparition quickly detects falsehood in Axeldent and attacks him, but the kids work together to save him. Axeldent then returns to his employer, Flintheart Glomgold, and quits, having had enough of trying to find out Scrooge's secrets.




Trade paperback IDW reprint

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