The Twisted Tale of the Two-Headed Horse! is a DuckTales 2017 comic book story.


Donald's peaceful laundry day is interrupted by the Sunchaser crash-landing (yet again) in the pool where he keeps his boat. After hearing about the hazards of Scrooge's latest adventure with the boys, Donald insists on accompanying them on future expeditions. Scrooge then informs him that, fortuitously, their next mission is actually finishing an old one that Donald and Scrooge went on with Della. Previously, they had visited Hades and discovered a seemingly worthless horse head statue, but Scrooge has since learned that it was half of the Two-Head Janus's Horse. To Donald's dismay, the Sunchaser sets course for Lake Averno, which is a means of entering Hades for the living.

The party - consisting of the boys, Donald, Scrooge, and Launchpad - soon run afoul of the Nine-Headed Hydra, whom Dewey manages to pacify with a joke. They then run into the guard dog Cerberus, whom Huey subdues with a soporific plant, which also knocks out Donald. Scrooge and Launchpad manage to retrieve the statue, and the party escapes as Hades begins erupting around them. Donald starts to argue with Scrooge about the boys going on adventures, but is then surprised to find that the boys credit him with their successes. The methods they used against the monsters came to them from Donald, who is happy to know his advice has taken root-especially since he wants no part of further adventures.





Trade paperback IDW reprint

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