Toad Liu Hai (voiced by B.D. Wong) is a frog-like demon introduced in "The House of the Lucky Gander!"


Toad Liu Hai is an ancient Chinese sorcerer that feeds on people's luck (described in the show as a "luck vampire"). He runs a magical casino called House of the Lucky Fortune in Macaw, which he uses to lure in victims to try their luck. He keeps Gladstone Gander, the world's luckiest duck, as his prisoner because his infinite luck is an unlimited buffet for him.

He is defeated when Scrooge McDuck tricks him into replacing Gladstone with Donald Duck. Donald's extreme bad luck quickly drains Liu Hai of his magical energy and makes banishes him to another dimension.


  • Master Sorcerer: Toad Liu Hai is an extremely powerful sorcerer who is well versed in many forms of magic, particularly luck-based magic.
    • Magic: As a sorcerer, he is well versed in many forms of magic, but his main strength is in luck based magic, with him requiring good luck to maintain his powers.
      • Tychokinesis: Toad Liu Hai has the ability to manipulate a persons luck, changing their luck in a way to benefit him, like he did with Donald Duck.
      • Teleportation: Toad Liu Hai is able to teleport himself and others to different locations.
      • Flight: Toad Liu Hai is able to float in the air and sustain continuous flight.

Former Powers

  • Luck Empowerment: If he has enough good luck, like the supernatural amounts possessed by Gladstone, he is virtually omnipotent.
    • Limited Reality Warping: While he is at full power, Toad Liu Hai is able to manipulate the fabric of reality. However, this seemed to be limited to inside his casino.
      • Size Manipulation: In his empowered form, he can change his size, and grow to gigantic proportions.
      • Object Creation: Inside his realm, he can create any object he wants using his magic.
        • Object Dissipation: He can also cause any object he has created to disappear.


Season 1


  • Toad Liu Hai is the first known character to die on the show.
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