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Toth-Ra (voiced by Bassem Youssef) is an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh bird introduced in the DuckTales reboot episode "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!"


Centuries ago, Toth-Ra had a massive pyramid built as his tomb and had his followers take up residence, with a guard being charged with watching over him until he awoke from slumber. However, when Toth-Ra never awoke, the guard and his descendants made use of his mummified body to manipulate the followers of Toth-Ra down through the ages. This later came to an end with the arrival of Scrooge McDuck's party, who discovered the deception of the most recent generation of the guard's family. Unfortunately, they also learned of a spell cast upon Toth-Ra's tomb that brought him back to life and infused him with power once he crossed over a mystic seal. After attacking Scrooge's party and his own followers, he was eventually defeated by being wrapped in a giant tortilla and carried back across the seal to his throne.


When reanimated by the magic of his pyramid, Toth-Ra possessed great strength, laser vision, and the ability to communicate with loyal scarab beetles.


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