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Treasure of the Found Lamp! is the eighth[1] episode of the second season of DuckTales.


As the boys track a missing artifact across Duckburg, Scrooge and Webby stall the warrior looking for it with a phony quest.


A masked figure can be seen riding a motorcycle within the desert, and soon after comes across the ocean with a ship leaving for Duckburg. He then rides down onto the docks using his motorcycle, and jumps over to the departing ship while jamming two knives onto it in order to climb aboard. Day turns to night as the masked figure had been hiding on the ship through most of the trip, and makes his way stealthily over throughout the city of Duckburg towards McDuck Manor. As Huey is seen brushing his teeth for bed, the masked figure sneaks into Huey's room, only to notice the man standing behind him after realizing he had snuck in through the window. Huey then calls for his uncle Scrooge, claiming that someone had come to see him.

Huey, along with Dewey and Webby are then sitting in the living room with the man who calls himself Djinn, as they occupy him while Scrooge looks in the garage for what he requested. Djinn explains that he seeks the lamp of the first genie, which was a sacred relic of untold value that Djinn's family sworn to guard their entire life. He also threatened that if it was not given to him that very day, the consequences would be dire. Meanwhile, Scrooge, Louie and Mrs. Beakley had still been searching through the garage for the lamp, but still remaining unsuccessful. Bentina blamed Scrooge for not having locked it away for safe keeping, knowing that anyone could've gotten their hands on it, but Scrooge shrugged it off as he originally assumed it to be a cheap knockoff. As louie is searching through a bin of lamps, he accidentally opens up a lamp known as the Ferryman's flame, to which Scrooge closes in the nick of time, as the lamp lights a way to the land of the dead.

Louie then asks more about the description of the lamp in order to avoid anymore mix-ups with other supernatural artifacts, but then comes to realize he had accidentally sold it while he was holding a yard sale. Knowing the lamp was no longer in the Mansion, Scrooge attempted to minimize the blame on his perspective by explaining he had simply misplaced it, but also causes Djinn to begin tearing everything apart with his sword. In an attempt to throw him off, Louie explains to Djinn that the lamp was actually stolen, with Scrooge deciding to go along with the charade. They lied and stated that the lamp had actually been stolen by a Greek god, and may currently be on Ithaquack, but Djinn wouldn't be willing to follow along with the claim unless Scrooge came along the trip. As Scrooge, Webby and Djinn are preparing to leave on the Sunchaser, Scrooge explains the situation to the triplets, and gives them the responsibility of finding the lamp while he keeps Djinn distracted on Ithaquack so he doesn't destroy anything else in the Mansion.

Louie then began explaining his perspective of the events of the yard sale, and claimed that he had already gotten bored within the first twenty minutes, so he decided to ask Duckworth's ghost to carry on with the yard sale duties in his place. Knowing that they hadn't seen Duckworth for at least a week, Louie knew that the most likely place to find him would be by using the Ferryman's flame. Meanwhile on Ithaquack, Scrooge, Webby and Djinn enter the Greek temple and attempt to further distract him by luring him deeper in. As they enter a room, Charybdis comes out from the water in an attempt to scare Djinn with the words Webby told him to speak, as he and the moon goddess Selene also decided to assist in the charade. But much to Charybdis's surprise, Djinn had been fighting him off much harder than he anticipated.

Back at the mansion, the triplets open the Ferryman's flame, but were originally greeted by another undead monster named Francis, until Duckworth showed up and claimed that the triplets were with him. Francis then returned back to the land of the dead, but because of the triplets interrupting Duckworth's long overdue vacation, he turns into his Demonworth form and demands answers. They then asked him who he sold the lamp to, with Duckworth stating that a man decided to buy the lamp as it would go well with his new Persian rug, but didn't have any money until suddenly a twenty dollar had flown straight into his wallet. Knowing how lucky the man was for that to have happened, they decided to go to their cousin Gladstone Gander for more answers.

Back on Ithaquack, the fight between Charybdis and Djinn proceeded, but eventually Charybdis had no choice but to admit defeat. Knowing they still needed more to stall, Webby decided they had to make their way to a room known as Appendix B. Back in Duckburg, the triplets ask Gladstone for information on the whereabouts of the lamp. However, Gladstone claimed he wasn't sure either, as he was walking back from the mansion when he came across someone who offered to pay the lamp with sticky nickels. He originally rejected the offer so instead, he accepted trading it with a blimp instead, which then became Gladstone's new home and was where they were now standing. When they asked what person would make a trade like that, Gladstone believed it to be some rich kid who had come out of a giant treehouse, worryingly making the triplets realize that Doofus Drake had taken the lamp.

Back on Ithaquack, Webby explained to Djinn that a riddle known as the impossible riddle of the minotaur was a way to find the lamp, and could only be answered by the purest of hearts. When Djinn enters the chamber, he comes across the minotaur standing atop a miniature sized display of the islands, when really it was just Selene and Scrooge in disguise. They then explained the riddle:

I'm more powerful than the gods, more evil than the demons. The poor have me, the rich need me. If you eat me, you shall die. What am I?

Scrooge had initially thought that it would take a fair amount of time for Djinn to answer, only for him to give the correct answer Scrooge a few seconds later which was nothing. Knowing he was beat, Scrooge had no choice but to come up with further stalling questions. However, all of the riddles Scrooge had been given by Selene with her joke book had been solved by Djinn sooner than they imagined, and had no choice but to let him proceed through the chamber with the wall slowly opening. Back in Duckburg, Louie had conflicted feelings about proceeding with the search for the lamp, and suggested that they just find Djinn a replacement lamp. Huey backfired by saying that he not only monologued about the importance of the lamp, but wouldn't even blink while he was with them, leading them to realize how serious he was taking the situation. Even so, Louie resisted with all his might on going back to Doofus Drake's mansion, and was even carried by Huey and Dewey due to the previous experience he had when he last went.

The triplets then witnessed Doofus using an instrument known as a theramin, while assumingly forcing his parents to dance along with the tune. Once the song was over, the triplets then asked Doofus if he knew anything about the lamp as he was roller skating, but Doofus remembered it being his syrup boat. He claims he needed it for one of his special pancake breakfasts, but once it ran out he threw it in the trash and instead to decided to use his father's hands as a syrup holder from that point on. Knowing that by then the lamp had to have recently been thrown away, they decided to make their way over to the city junkyard. The triplets then phoned Scrooge about the current whereabouts of the lamp, with Scrooge creating a plan for what he wanted Selene to tell Djinn once he entered the final room.

As the wall had finally opened, Selene rushed back to her podium through a secret entrance with Djinn demanding the lamp from her. Selene congratulated Djinn on completing the riddles, but also informed him (through Scrooge's words) that a nefarious person known as Ma Beagle had stolen the lamp and returned to Duckburg with it. Both Scrooge's group and the triplets reunited with one another at the junkyard, with Scrooge believing it would be best to search around the area without alerting any of the Beagle Boys, who had been using the junkyard as a home. Nevertheless, Djinn called out to all the Beagle Boys within the junkyard and demanded the whereabouts of the lamp.

Eventually Ma Beagle had come out of her shack demanding to know what all the commotion was about. When Djinn accused her of stealing the lamp of the first genie, this motivated Ma to try and find the lamp herself with the hope of being granted three wishes. But after realizing that Ma Beagle didn't have it and that the lamp was thrown away, Djinn demanded to know what the entire quest he had been on all day was for, only to realize himself that Scrooge had casted it away and everything up until then was a charade. Nevertheless, the group fought together against the Beagle Boys while searching around the junkyard for the lamp. Eventually, Huey discovered the lamp on top of a tower made of tires. This then lead to a race for the lamp between Scrooge and Ma Beagle, but after a minor scuffle for the lamp, Ma was able to throw Scrooge off the tire tower and retrieve the lamp. But to Ma's surprise as she was wiping the side of the lamp hoping for a genie to come out, nothing was.

Djinn laughed at Ma after realizing she thought there would be an actual living genie within the lamp. After Scrooge and the kids realized that all the trouble they went through was for something that wasn't even the slightest bit powerful or dangerous, they demanded to know what it was all for. Djinn claimed that he wanted the lamp as it had not only been a family heirloom for centuries, but that he also wanted it as a gift for himself as it was also his birthday. He then explains the story of the lamp, with one of his ancestors having discovered the lamp at a bazaar she was visiting. Once she rubbed it, a genie did appear in front of her, but instead of asking for wishes, she befriended the genie instead which eventually lead them to fall in love with one another. When the time finally came of her needing to make a wish, she decided to wish for the genie's freedom so they could remain together as a husband and wife. Soon after and just as Ma Beagle was about to destroy the lamp, Djinn shot an arrow through the handle of the lamp with a string attached to it and snatched it out of her hand, while warning the other Beagle Boys to back off.

The next day, everyone is present in the dining hall to celebrate Djinn's birthday as Beakley had baked a cake for the party. When asked by Scrooge what he plans to do now, Djinn replied saying he would find a new quest and hopefully let the lamp act as a whole new legend to share with his future descendants. This encourages Scrooge to take the kids on a trip to the museum with some of his artifacts discovered over the years. The scene ends as Scrooge is explaining to the kids about one of his prized artifacts known as the candy-striped ruby.



  • This is the first episode to air between Mon-Fri.
  • The title is a reference to DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. The lamp is featured and Scrooge mentions Collie Baba.
  • The scene between Scrooge McDuck and Ma Beagle, is reminiscent to the original series intro, only it is with Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold.


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