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Wiki-wordmark.png Hi, I'm a sysop for the DuckTales Wiki!
Feel free to use my Message Wall to ask questions or bring up any issues. I'll be glad to help!

Hi, I'm FTVAOfficial. Some of my favorite shows include both the original and rebooted DuckTales (well, mostly the original for too many reasons that even I don't know of.) My favorite characters from the series go in order: Donald, Scrooge, the kids, and Launchpad. Characters that I either dislike or feel "meh" about include Della, Mark Beaks, Lena, and others. I also like to work a lot and modify some things on the wiki. That's why you might see me so many times on the recent edits (don't worry, it's not spam).

Things I've Contributed To

  • Image files
  • Physical appearance descriptions
  • Some pages by fixing quote and infobox issues
  • Improving character and 1987 articles
  • Adding articles to categories
  • Developing code and scripts for this wiki


I am currently practicing in the field in animation and coding. I used my knowledge of coding scripts for use on this wiki. I also long a successful career with animating.

Additional Info

What I'm Currently Doing

  • I am currently creating SVG files for characters, logos, and more. If there's one you'd like me to do, whether it be a character, logo, or anything, just let me know and I'd be happy to do it!
    • (Depending on how complex or large the file is, or what day of the year it may be, please allow me around 5 minutes to 2 hours to complete the file.)