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Kilmarnock228 has been a fan of the Disney Ducks for some years, though the original DuckTales had ended by the time he was old enough to know about it. However, he does have some fond memories of the series and other works such as Darkwing Duck, and is thus far enjoying DuckTales (2017) (for the most part).

Things I'd Have Liked to See in/From DuckTales 2017

  • As the creators are clearly setting up a shared TV universe, it'd be nice to get a new Darkwing, Goof Troop, TaleSpin, and maybe even a new Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Of course, what would be really nice is if they could incorporate a Mickey Mouse-based series of a similar nature, preferably involving Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The guys behind Cartoon Afternoon Podcast proposed an awesome idea about a detective series.

My DuckTales (2017)/Darkwing Duck Theory

A little something inspired by my own research into the Duck mythos and the Cartoon Afternoon Podcast:

  • As seen in Woo-oo!, there is a picture of Dirty Dingus with slips of paper near to it reading "Scrooge's Worst Nightmare" and "Friend of F.O.W.L.", the latter a clear reference to the villainous organization introduced in the original DuckTales and later featured to greater degree in Darkwing Duck. The Disney Dads-the hosts of the Cartoon Afternoon podcast-suggested that this may be an indication of ties between Dingus and the founding of the organization. I took it a step farther upon discovering that the High Command-F.O.W.L.'s silhouette only leadership-includes an anthropomorphic Duck. Given the fantastical nature of the universe, it struck me as highly probable that Dingus could in fact still be alive and leading F.O.W.L., which would be nightmarish to Scrooge both as a blight on his family name and since-in the classic comics-he and his grandfather supposedly had a good relationship. They also suggested that this F.O.W.L. tie could have led into Darkwing Duck's announced involvement in the series later in the first season.
  • Adding to the potential tension of matters, in the classic comics Dingus is noted to have married one Molly Mallard, whose maiden name is the same as the surname of Darkwing Duck's alter ego Drake Mallard. If the creators were to take advantage of this connection, then Scrooge (and Donald and the boys) and Darkwing would be second or third cousins, leading to possible bad family blood. Given the possible variations of generations, I'd imagine that Drake would be either Scrooge's second cousin, Donald's third cousin, or the nephews' fourth cousin. This would make Goslyn-assuming she exists in this continuity-the potential (adopted?) third cousin of Donald, fourth cousin of the nephews, or fifth cousin of the nephews' children (whenever they get around to that).
    • Sadly, these ideas are looking unlikely given that Darkwing has been reimagined as a TV character within the DuckTales 2017 universe.
    • Okay, so Drake has been established as a "real" character, but he'd probably be more like Scrooge's tenth cousin given how long Scrooge has been alive in this continuity.