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I am an avid reader of the Disney comics involving Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and more from the duck/mouse universe. I have been reading these comics since I was very young and therefore has read a lot of Barks and Rosa Comics as well as several European stories.

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Favorite Episodes

Season 1:

Season 2:

  • The Ballad of Duke Baloney!: Never have been a big fan of Glomgold in the original series or comics and is therefore out of the four main duck universe villains (Magica, Rockerduck, Glomgold, Beagle Boys) one of my least favorite characters of the franchise. This episode however did the impossible; it made me a big fan of the 2017 version of Glomgold. The origin of this new Glomgold made me far more invested in him than I ever was with his comic counterpart. The comic version is a superior villain but 2017 Glomgold is the better character in my opinion. His amnesiac self was pretty fun as well even if it was a little predictable that he would gain his memories back. Fisher and Mann had great interactions with "Duke Baloney" so i would not mind seeing them again in the future. This episode also started on the mayor storylines this season which led to weird episodes such as the The 87 Cent Solution and hilariously entertaining ones such as Glomtales.
  • The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!: Great Donald-centric episode featuring the Three Caballeros. While I do not remember the movies which introduced Panchito and José very well, I do have fond memories of the Rosa comics which involved them. The Legend of The Three Caballeros also made me a bigger fan of these characters and this episode did not disappoint. Their chemistry with Donald was really good and they singing their theme song at the end sealed the deal that this was a great episode. Other than what concerned the Caballeros, the rest of the episode was great as well with one exception. The plant monster, Huey getting some spotlight, and Scrooge greedy side getting more focus was good while the whole subplot with Dewey, Louie, and Webby was ok at best.
  • Last Christmas!: One of my favorite Christmas episodes in a while. From the Frank Sinatra styled version of the opening theme to the closing credits created by "Mickey's Christmas Carol" Michael Peraza, this episode was really fun to watch. Doing something new with the ghosts of Christmas and having Russi Taylor playing young Donald (R.I.P Russi Taylor) was brilliantly done.
  • What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!
  • The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!: A very entertaining Scrooge/Goldie episode. The inclusion of Rockerduck, Jeeves, and a time traveling Gyro was a nice surprise.
  • The Golden Spear!
  • Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!
  • Friendship Hates Magic!
  • The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!
  • The Duck Knight Returns!
  • What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!
  • A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!
  • GlomTales!
  • Moonvasion!

Season 3:

Favorite Characters:

Episode Promo Posters

Here is a collection of the episode promo posters made by the crew of the 2017 series that I have found and collected:

Characters I want to see in Ducktales 2017