Valley of the Golden Suns

The Valley of the Golden Suns is an ancient city that appeared in the final chapter of the DuckTales pilot episode, "The Treasure of the Golden Suns". The valley was known to hold a vast amount of treasure which was considered only a legend. The Valley of the Golden Suns was hidden inside in a mountain located in the jungles of Wakka-Wakka. Everything, from the giant discs to the overgrown temple, was made out of pure gold. Inside the temple at the center of the valley held three rooms containing different types of gold: gold dust, gold coins and gold bricks. Also beneath the temple existed a lake of molten gold.

As the riches in the valley were so great, many who searched for it would fall victim to their own greed as the whole valley was booby trapped. If one opened all three doors to the three rooms, they would set off a trap that would destroy the entire valley. The first phase of the trap would seal all doors, the floor would then collapse, the walls would close in, and then finally the huge discs that went around the valley would reflect the sun and cause a beam of light that could melt the temple. The remnants of the valley now lay buried under a mountain of dirt, shortly after its discovery by Scrooge McDuck.

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