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Violet Apollonia Sabrewing is a character that first appeared in the second season of the DuckTales 2017 episode, "Friendship Hates Magic!". She is voiced by Libe Barer.


During the events of Magica's shadow crisis, Violet, who has been researching magic, was attacked by rampant shadows. After the shadows returned to their bodies with Magica's defeat, Violet became fascinated with a world beyond textbooks. She then picked up Magica's amulet and took it.

Friendship Hates Magic!

At the beginning of the episode, she is seen reading a book about the Shadow Realm, Webby asks her if she can review the book with her at McDuck Manor, to which Violet agrees. Violet plays along with Webby's desire for a "normal" slumber party but eventually convinced Webby to use Demogorgon runes. A mishap involving an intangible Lena reveals to Webby that Violet possessed Magica's amulet, and the two eventually use it to try and save Lena. After the two are sucked into the shadow realm themselves, Violet helps Lena to save Webby from the Tulpas, then inadvertently helps to bring Lena back into the physical world.

Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!

While Scrooge searches the manor, sensing something is wrong, he briefly sees Lena, Webby, and Violet fighting a Warewolf.

A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!

Violet attends a sleepover at the manor alongside Webby, Lena, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. After all six of them are drawn into Lena's dream, Violet is the first to deduce what happened and how to traverse the dream. Her own dream is simply a purple-tinted library; she admits her dream is only to read more. In the battle against a transformed Lena, Violet wields a book that shoots purple lasers, and she aids in pulling Lena away from Magica.


Violet appears as one of the allies recruited to fight the Moonlanders, wielding a magical mace.

Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!

At the Junior Woodchuck graduation ceremony, Violet arrives late alongside her fathers and Lena (the latter considering Violet her sister by this point). With both Violet and Huey qualifying for the title of Senior Woodchuck, the two take part in a competition to earn it. Violet quickly gains the upper hand and consistently stays ahead of Huey for most of the race. Just before the final trail marker, she gives up a guaranteed victory to save Huey from falling into lava. She later reveals that she attempted to become a Senior Woodchuck three times before to Huey. Despite Violet offering to see whether they could both win the title, Huey concedes that Violet was the better Woodchuck and allows her to take the win.

The Phantom and the Sorceress!

Violet Lena and Webby work with Magica to stop the phantom blot.

The Split Sword of Swanstantine!

While having a sleepover with Webby, Lena and Violet hop on the plane with no one noticing them, and travel to Istanbird to work with Scrooge, the triplets, and Webby to retrieve a sword known as the Sword of Swanstantine.

How Santa Stole Christmas!

The Last Adventure!


Violet typically speaks in a very proper, intellectual manner. This includes using a person's full given name, if they have one, rather than nicknames: she usually addresses/refers to Webby as Webbigail and Huey as Hubert.

Physical Appearance

Violet is a violet hummingbird with a dark purple beak, freckles, and talons, purplish-black hair with the tip being curly and the end being in a bun with a dark green band, blue eye shadow, a long-sleeved green shirt with light blue accents, black pants, and a tail with white ends.


Webby Vanderquack

Violet and Webby first meet each other at the Duckburg Public Library in "Friendship Hates Magic!" when Violet was using a book Webby had been meaning to read. After noticing how much the two have in common about their fascination on paranormal history, they quickly form a good bond with Webby offering Violet a sleepover at her home McDuck Manor. Their relationship begins to get rocky when Webby grows suspicious of Violet after discovering Magica De Spell's amulet in her backpack, but they soon make up after Webby is assured through Violet's backstory that she's not working for Magica. They later accidentally get sucked into the Shadow Realm by Lena Sabrewing during a seance, but luckily Violet manages to save Webby from shadow creatures dubbed "Tulpas" and they both escape from the shadow realm safely.

Ty and Indy Sabrewing

Violet's fathers can be seen at the graduation ceremony in "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!" when Violet had returned as a Senior Junior Woodchuck after completing the challenges. Violet's fathers are seen to be very supportive of Violet's accomplishment of becoming a Senior Junior Woodchuck.

Lena Sabrewing

Lena is Violet's best friend who eventually became her older adoptive sister. Though their relationship had rough patches in the beginning (since Lena was distrustful of her interactions with Webby), they grow closer and accept each other as friends and family. By Season 3, Lena is more supportive and caring towards her little sister.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck

Huey Duck:

Violet and Huey competed against each other to become a senior woodchuck and Huey lets Violet win the competition. They are good friends.

Dewey Duck:

Violet and Dewey don't interact with each other that much and they are good friends.

Louie Duck:

Violet and Louie tried to get one of the pieces from the split sword of swanstantine from Rockerduck and are impressed by each by how they managed to succeed. They are good friends other than that.

Powers and skills

  • Intelligence: She has a keen intellect, possibly due to her love of reading and her being a Junior Woodchuck.
  • Magic: As a result of her encounter with Magica's amulet, she started studying the paranormal and as a result started practicing Magic, although she is still at a basic level due to her not having much experience with Magic. By the events of "Moonvasion!", Violet seems to have mastered enough magic to create a mace made of magic.


Season 2

Season 3


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  • Violet Sabrewing is a type of hummingbird native to southern Mexico and Central America.
  • It was meant to be mentioned in "A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill" that Violet allowed Lena to stay at her residence, but this was cut for time. It would come to fruition in "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!".
  • In "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!," it is revealed that Violet has a subscription to the spice of the month club. Which helps her tolerate spice.
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