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The Wooden Ship is a map leading to treasure. It was first seen in the pilot, Don't Give Up the Ship.


Don't Give Up the Ship

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck find the Wooden Ship on Scrooge McDuck's museum. They try to take it in order to gift it to Donald Duck, but they are stopped by Scrooge himself.

Later, El Capitán frees the Beagle Boys from jail to help him obtain the ship. They steal it, and the nephews are blamed for its disappearance, since they had shown interest in it earlier and Scrooge did not see the Beagle Boys in time. Later in their hideout, the Beagle Boys hesitate to hand it over, demanding to know what's so special about it. El Capitán finally admits that it leads to a treasure, but the nephews arrive having worked out where their hideout is and take it back, hearing everything.

They lead them to Scrooge's candy factory, where a struggle breaks out, though not before the nephews explain why the ship was so important. When Big Time Beagle captures Huey, Scrooge agrees to hand over the ship in exchange for his nephew. When Big Time releases Huey and takes the ship, Scrooge hurries them away while Dewey and Louie tip over a vat of chocolate onto them. The ship sticks to the chocolate, and Scrooge pulls it away, leaving an indention.

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